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Result Content Idea Research
1 Bio-based fertilisers: A potential move towards the circular economy?
2 Exploring supply chain efficiency and sustainability | News
3 National Experts Collaborate to Examine Food, Law and COVID-19
4 Family Farm Action Alliance Releases Pivotal Agricultural Consolidation Report in Partnership with Open Markets Institute
5 The Brief: Impact-first climate investing, Bain Capital doubles down on impact, sustainability SPACs, mapping air quality, mobilizing for racial justice
6 Identifying local solutions in the Barotse floodplain for sustainable agricultural development
7 Filipino student takes home int'l award for sustainable invention —
8 Nice to have known you? Newly discovered langurs are facing extinction
9 Digital agriculture paves the road to agricultural sustainability
10 Climate change is bringing back long-lost forms of food poisoning
11 Revisiting child and adolescent health in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals
12 Earth911 Reader: Sustainability, Recycling, & Science Information, Summarized for You
13 Farm Hands on the Potomac: Buller leaves USDA, Woodward leaves Capitol Hill
14 America’s Forgotten Marine Highway Network That Could Green Global Freight Transport
15 Golden ticket: Researchers examine what consumers desire in chocolate products
16 Express 'thanksgiving time' every day | Lifestyles |
17 2019-20 Awards and Honors | NC State News
18 Summerside entrepreneur making her mark in gourmet canned seafood market
19 How social science is continuing to change and improve marine ecosystem conservation and management: Part I
20 Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers
21 Sustainable palm oil? How environmental protection and poverty reduction can be reconciled
22 Breaking News | Material that makes energy from rotting veg wins James Dyson sustainability prize
23 Are small farms more performant than larger ones in developing countries?
24 Comparisons of organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers
25 Global agricultural economic water scarcity
26 Viewpoint: Farm to Fork failure—How Europe's 'obsession' with organics undermines the global sustainable farming movement
27 Trends in consolidation of US agriculture with 35 years of data: Data show a steady shift to fewer and larger farming operations across crops, dairy, and livestock
28 China's green plan displaces villagers, forces inequity | Cornell Chronicle
29 A big-picture look at Montreal's sustainable agriculture efforts
30 New research sheds light on the reluctance of farmers to adopt new technologies
31 Soil microbes could promote better farm outputs
32 Research From Environmental Defense Fund and Farm Journal's Trust in Food Initiative Shows Demand for Agriculture Sustainability Products
33 Intensification for redesigned and sustainable agricultural systems
34 Rotary Zambia Project promotes economic stability, nutrition and water sources
35 Changes in farming urgent to rescue biodiversity
36 Report provides new framework for understanding climate risks, impacts to US agriculture
37 Coffee, cocoa and vanilla: An opportunity for more trees in tropical agricultural landscapes
38 Small farmers sink or swim in globalization's tsunami
39 Agriculture
40 Biochar helps hold water, saves money: Rice study shows sandy soils benefit most by retaining water, cutting irrigation needs
41 Accelerating global agricultural productivity growth is critical
42 Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human source of sulfur in the environment
43 Plant protein discovery could reduce need for fertilizer
44 Equinor promotes more women in top management overhaul
45 GLG Life Tech Corporation Reports 2020 Third Quarter Financial Results
46 Agricultural conservation schemes not enough to protect Britain's rarest butterflies
47 Climate change could increase rice yields
48 Satellite imaging to map groundwater use in California's central valley: Satellite data reveal variability in intensity of groundwater use for different crops, a boon for irrigation policymaking across the state
49 Identifying the common ground for sustainable agriculture in Europe
50 Feeding the world without wrecking the planet is possible
51 Agricultural pesticides can affect prawns and oysters
52 Opinion: Sustainable development must account for pandemic risk
53 The future is knocking: Global food production to be transformed using new technology
54 Nitrogen pollution policies around the world lag behind scientific knowledge
55 Curbing land clearing for food production is vital to reverse biodiversity declines
56 Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas obituary | Register
57 Returning land to nature with high-yield farming
58 Viewpoint: There's nothing wrong with organic farming, but it's not the 'pinnacle of sustainability'
59 'Broken Rice' Paper by Bruce and Faculty Members in Food Science Named Editor's Pick
60 Opinion: Envisioning a biodiversity science for sustaining human well-being
61 Cornell unites science and policy to end hunger | Cornell Chronicle
62 The healthiness and sustainability of national and global food based dietary guidelines: modelling study
63 Ceres2030 offers path to ending world hunger within decade
64 COVID-19 and the future of food systems at the UNFCCC
65 COVID-19 as a global challenge: towards an inclusive and sustainable future
66 Bee neighborly -- sharing bees helps more farmers
67 Exploring the sustainability of the Indian sugar industry
68 LIVE: World Food Day | | UN News
69 This Essay Collection is a Roadmap Toward A Healthier Post-COVID Food System
70 Some of America's favorite produce crops may need to get a move on by 2045: Study finds warmer California temperatures by mid-century will be too hot for some crops, just right for others
71 EPA, USDA partner on fertilizer challenge | Crops |
72 Game-changing technologies to transform food systems
73 Natural pest control saving billions
74 A very small number of crops are dominating globally: That's bad news for sustainable agriculture
75 New strategy to protect wine grapes from smoke-taint: A common agricultural spray may be the key to preventing smoky flavor
76 How to Tell if a ‘Sustainable’ Business Is ‘Greenwashing’
77 Breaking News | Made-in-Nigeria products rejected in global market because of packaging – NEPC
78 "Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Food Consumption Behaviors Go Together" – Food Tank
79 Conservation agriculture key to better income, environment protection: Study
80 Producing leather-like materials from fungi: Biofabrication includes upcycling of low-cost agricultural and forestry by-products
81 Space to grow, or grow in space -- how vertical farms could be ready to take-off
82 Dietary changes could produce big offsets to carbon emissions
83 The Effects of COVID-19 Will Ripple through Food Systems
84 Alarming long-term effects of insecticides weaken ant colonies
85 Rethinking chemistry for a circular economy
86 More than 60% of Myanmar's mangroves has been deforested in the last 20 years
87 South Florida Community, UF/IFAS TREC Celebrate 90 Years of Milestones for Agricultural Sustainability
88 Beyond the Pandemic: Harnessing the Digital Revolution to Set Food Systems on a Better Course
89 Returning to farming's roots in the battle against the 'billion-dollar beetle'
90 Harvesting vegetation on riparian buffers barely reduces water-quality benefits
91 Move over, sustainable travel. Regenerative travel has arrived.
92 Syngenta Group acquires Valagro
93 Focus on food security and sustainability
94 Decline in US bird biodiversity related to neonicotinoids, study shows
95 Reduce insecticide spraying by using ant pheromones to catch crop pests
96 Single-crop farming is leaving wildlife with no room to turn
97 Agroecology must be based in reality, not romanticism, panelists agree
98 Global Growth of Organic Farmland Further Advances UN Sustainable Development Goals
99 How to harness the power of biosolids to make hydrogen: Biosolids are the driving force behind a sustainable new method for producing hydrogen from wastewater
100 Food Science Doctoral Student Singh Second in National Oral Presentation Contest