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1 World Conservation Congress postponed (again) due to Covid-19
2 Online Reptile Trade Is a Free-for-All That Threatens Thousands of Species
3 Biodiversity crucial for life on Earth, Polish president says at UN
4 New life to wildlife across the planet
5 Countries Pledge to Reverse Destruction of Nature After Missing Biodiversity Targets
6 Covid-19: Funding crisis threatens zoos' vital conservation work
7 'Portfolio' of marine reserves enhances fish populations
8 Artificial intelligence can help protect orchids and other species
9 40% of world’s plant species at risk of extinction
10 New "Principles of sustainable gamebird management" aim to boost Britain's biodiversity
11 Extinction Is Not Inevitable. These Species Were Saved.
12 Conservation Works: At Least 28 Birds and Mammals Have Been Saved from Extinction Since 1993
13 International union steps in to support San conservancies
14 Oklahoma City Zoo welcomes young male okapi to animal family
15 68% Of Animals Are Gone
16 The world missed a critical deadline to safeguard biodiversity, UN report says
17 Protect Indigenous People's rights to avoid a sixth extinction (commentary)
18 Up to 48 extinctions prevented by conservation action in recent decades
19 Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn
20 Georgina Mace, architect of the "red list" of threatened species, dies
21 Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts, study finds
22 Monitoring and reporting framework to protect World Heritage Sites from invasive species
23 Dow-DMCR-IUCN takes mangrove conservation to the next level in the fight against global warming and marine debris
24 558 Mammal species to go extinct by 2100 if conservation efforts not raised: Study
25 Polar Bear Attacks Military Helicopter in Canada: 'First Time Anybody Has Encountered This'
26 Conservationist group spots 15 babies of nearly-extinct Siamese crocodiles in SW Cambodia lake
27 Protecting Nature In A Pandemic
28 IVORY COAST: Creation of 5 marine protected areas, sites identified
29 EU and U.S. Leadership Is Needed to Protect Endangered Shortfin Mako Sharks
30 Jellyfish should become the next popular seafood, researchers say
31 Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Co-host Ministerial Online Roundtable Biodiversity Beyond 2020: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth
32 UO biologist calls for protection of Ecuadorian forest reserve
33 David Attenborough's rallying call to invest in the future of our planet
34 European hamster, North Atlantic right whale among latest species to become critically endangered
35 The importance of urban trees
36 World missing all targets to save nature, UN warns
37 A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth's climate
38 House resolution honoring the life and works of a German scientist filed
39 Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui Attends Ministerial Online Roundtable Biodiversity Beyond 2020: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth
40 Global Debate: 'Culture, Tourism and COVID-19: Recovery, Resiliency and Rejuvenation', 28 September 2020
41 Amazon losses help drive growing wildfires elsewhere in Brazil
42 MAURITIUS: The oil spill reinforces the extermination of the “Cardinal of Mauritius”.
43 VIDEO: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em 'Roos
44 Total Extends its Biodiversity Ambition to Coincide with the Preparation of the United Nations Plan for Biodiversity
45 Prince Georges to Keep Ancient Shark Tooth Fossil
46 OP-ED: Eco-tourism: An opportunity for Bangladesh
47 Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Coffee
48 Galapagos Giant Tortoises Released, Returned Home
49 Przewalski's horses owe their survival to conservation efforts in recent decades
50 Conflicts of Interest at Conservation Group IUCN: Investigation
51 Biodiversity and pandemics: Does conserving nature matter to corporates?
52 Rare albino camel is captured on camera at a nature reserve in China
53 Advocates for transforming global food systems named ahead of UN Food Systems Summit
54 Rare photographs show African cheetahs in snowstorm
55 Why is Africa lagging behind?
56 Our Oceans Are Too Hot
57 Another EDSA U-turn slot to close for busway project
58 Duterte urged to show sincerity in push for renewable energy sources
59 Rare Selangor mud snake rediscovered in Singapore after 106 years
60 Philippine Children’s Medical Center of the south being pushed in Congress
61 Tugade directs fare system operators to give commuters free cards
62 EMB, MGB find no toxic chemicals in dolomite sand from Manila Bay
63 5.3-magnitude quake strikes Surigao del Sur
64 Stark warning from Mauritius oil spill
65 In “Biodiversity Superyear,” Will IUCN Rise to the Occasion?
66 Why I made a new Irish Tree Alphabet
67 UNESCO online debate on Tourism and COVID-19,
68 Visitors to Dagupan City required to register online
69 Enhanced food security and soil biodiversity: A climate-positive approach
70 Cross-bred gaurs abandoned, left to starve after research
71 Madagascar's lemurs take a breather as tourism struggles
72 Rare bone-eating 'bearded vulture' spotted in Norfolk
73 Crested serpent eagle turned over to CENRO-Guimbal
74 Ecuador: 36 Galapagos turtles reintroduced to their natural environment
75 'Rigorous and accountable': IUCN launches global standards for nature-based climate projects
76 Iranian researcher selected member of IUCN Species Survival Commission
77 TECH4ALL: Powering Digital Inclusion with Technology
78 PM Khan Inaugurates 2 National Parks In Gilgit Baltistan
79 UAE- Razan Al Mubarak announced as candidate for President of International Union for Conservation of Nature
80 Three pangolin species closer to extinction: IUCN
81 IUCN to launch new €20m programme on ecosystem-based adaptation
82 Fewer than 20 extinctions a year: does the world need a single target for biodiversity?
83 Protect sport by taking care of biodiversity, says new IUCN guide supported by the IOC
84 IUCN Red List Update Signals Hope for Gorillas
85 6 million euros allocated to save animals impacted by coronavirus
86 Wildlife extinction accelerating at unprecedented rate
87 Hedgehogs and water voles face extinction in new Red List for British mammals
88 IUCN red list reveals wildlife destruction from treetop to ocean floor
89 How these threatened animals could bounce back
90 Pangolins Decline as Deadly Poaching Continues, Red List Experts Find
91 Red Lists: Gauging the force of nature in North Macedonia
92 Whitetip sharks declared critically endangered, but gain no protections in Pacific
93 ‘Time to finance nature’: Report shows protecting the planet leads to economic gain
94 IUCN and The Ocean Race join forces in unique partnership
95 Buzzfeed Exposes Global Conservation Group IUCN's Ties to Trophy Hunting
96 World Tourism Day: COVID -19 an opportunity to rethink Himalayan tourism
97 Nature needs us to act—now
98 A Way to Safeguard Biodiversity, Bolster Fisheries, and Protect Ocean Habitat
99 Eco Warriors: 6 leading activists, conservationists and scientists on what lies ahead
100 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) –