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1 White House Finalizes Pacific Ocean Protections for Humpback Whale
2 Japan Leaves IWC to Resume Commercial Whaling
3 Japan will resume commercial whaling and leave the IWC. Get the facts.
4 Here's what happened at the 2018 International Whaling Commission Meeting
5 What’s it like to be a whale counter? California staffers brave fog, cold and kelp flies
6 Critically endangered blue whale washes up in Walvis Bay
7 25th anniversary: A milestone year for Imagine Cruises
8 Japan Leaves International Whaling Commission: What Next?
9 WATCH | Rare blue whale found dead at Walvis Bay after suspected ship strike
10 Why Japan's exit from international whaling treaty may actually benefit whales
11 'Minke whales for dinner': Norway's controversial whale hunt is still on
12 Entangled Baby Whale Spotted Near Malibu Heads North: Report
13 Save the whales, again
14 Commercial whaling season begins in Japan's coastal waters
15 Call for International Whaling Commission to Stop Japan's Proposal
16 International Criticism Fades A Year Since Japan’s Withdrawal from the Whaling Commission
17 As Japanese Boats Set Sail for Whaling Season, a Look at Tokyos Trysts With the Controversial Practice
18 Japan considers quitting International Whaling Commission
19 Japan to Resume Whaling Next Year, Defying International Whaling Commission
20 The Impact of Japan's Split From the International Whaling Commission
21 Japan whale hunting: 'By-catch' rule highlighted after minke death
22 IWC Governance
23 How should the world respond as Japan resumes commercial whaling after 30 years?
24 IWC-67 Amends Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Schedule, Reaffirms Moratorium on Commercial Whaling | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
25 Japanese commercial whaling to resume in July
26 Japan to resume commercial whaling one day after leaving the IWC
27 481 and counting: Norway's whaling catch hits four-year high
28 Under fire, Japan joins whalers Iceland and Norway
29 The biggest little whales
30 Commercial whaling may be over in Iceland
31 'Real and imminent' extinction risk to whales
32 Japan sets whaling catch limit for 2021 at 383, same as 2020
33 Why Iceland is set to resume whaling despite international opposition
34 The new international whaling resolution will do little to stop Japan killing whales
35 A brief history of commercial whaling and Greenpeace
36 International Whaling Commission debates the fate of world's remaining whales
37 Norway Continues Whale Slaughter with 2021 Hunting Quota
38 A whale of a dilemma for the ‘model nation’
39 Which countries have continued to hunt whales?
40 IWC passes Brazil project to protect whales
41 Japan to Withdraw From International Whaling Commission
42 Of whales and men
43 Japan Scales Back its Whaling Program
44 200 Years Ago, People Discovered Antarctica. The Slaughter Began Soon After.
45 Japan's bid to restart commercial whale hunting rejected at IWC
46 Wanted Alive
47 Japan wants to catch whales. But who will eat them?
48 'Take a stand': World leaders join international outrage over whale killing
49 Explained: What’s behind Japan’s support of whaling?
50 Pro-whaling nations block South Atlantic whale sanctuary
51 Norway's 2020 Whaling Season is Deadliest in Years
52 Besides Japan, Other Countries Continue to Hunt Whales
53 Local Notes
54 Petition: Demand Norway Phase Out Whaling
55 Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling
56 Iceland didn't hunt any whales in 2019 – and public appetite for whale meat is fading
57 Humpback whales may have bounced back from near-extinction, but it's too soon to declare them safe
58 Japan's Departure From International Whaling Commission Ends Antarctic Whaling
59 Whale hunt, climate lawsuits and chaos-theory pioneer
60 Iceland To Stop Killing Whales In 2020, Choosing To Watch Them Instead
61 What Have We Done to the Whale?
62 School Today Why is whaling controversial?
63 Inside the hunt
64 Japan should join the overwhelming majority of the world and stop whaling altogether
65 Putting CITES to the test: Japan's controversial whale hunts
66 Whales, dolphins, and porpoises
67 Urgent call by global experts for our most vulnerable whales, dolphins and porpoises worldwide
68 To fight climate change, save the whales, some scientists say
69 A necessary harvest: it's time to allow Japan to kill whales
70 Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling after 30 Years
71 'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories'
72 Norway's 2020 whaling season deadliest in years
73 INTERVIEW | LDP’s Kiyoshi Ejima: Demand for Whale Meat Should Increase
74 Scientists Discover A New Population of Blue Whales in the Indian Ocean
75 Demand for whale meat in Norway rising after years of decline
76 Opinion | ‘Japan Is Committed to the Conservation of Whales’
77 Australia Unhappy About Japan's Return to Whaling
78 Japan's Scientific Whaling Ruse Is Over – Foreign Policy
79 International Whaling Commission demands action on rare New Zealand Maui dolphin
80 MoEFCC okays Maharashtra’s proposal to study distribution, population of Arabian Sea humpback whales
81 Why Japan withdrew from the IWC
82 Japan to resume commercial whaling next month after 30 years
83 Japan plans to catch some 383 large whales this season
84 Norway Releases 2021 Hunting Quota for Over 1200 Minke Whales
85 Sea Shanties and the Whale Oil Myth
86 Sidney Holt obituary
87 New population of blue whales discovered in the western Indian ocean
88 Japan to restart commercial whaling on July 1 after three-decade hiatus
89 Whales are cut up by Japanese fishing crew after the country resumed whaling
90 'Insult to every voter': Australia criticised as Japan attempts to resume commercial whaling
91 Japan Goes Rogue and Resumes Commercial Whaling
92 East Antarctic Expedition Scientists Focus on Predators of Krill—A Critical Food Web Component
93 Why do some countries still hunt whales?
94 Iceland won't be killing any whales this year
95 Japan says it's time to allow sustainable whaling
96 Siberian archaeology reveals how paleo-Eskimos survived and hunted whales
97 Scientists Eavesdrop on New Population of Blue Whales Singing in the Indian Ocean
98 Talks on Whaling Reductions Fail
99 Dolphin "drive-hunting" starts in western Japan whaling town
100 NGOs call for whaling moratorium to become permanent as IWC meets