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1 Irish Republican Army (IRA): History Of Aims, Attacks & Existence
2 The Legacy of Bobby Sands and the 1981 Hunger Strike
3 EXPLAINER: What is behind the latest unrest in N Ireland?
4 Ireland's Sinn Fein 'sorry' for 1979 IRA murder of UK royal Louis Mountbatten
5 The Ghosts of Northern Ireland’s Troubles Are Back. What’s Going On?
6 Sinn Fein leader says 'sorry' about assassination of Prince Philip's uncle in 1979
7 Dissident republicans suspected for NIreland police attack
8 Ireland urges Britain against prosecution ban for N.Ireland army veterans
9 Belfast Tinderbox: Why Loyalists Are in the Streets This Spring
10 Every Gardner Art Heist Theory, From Mobsters To The Irish Republican Army
11 Why the hope for peace is waning in Northern Ireland
12 The Partition Of Ireland: History, Facts, Causes & Aftermath
13 Timeline: 100 years of Northern Ireland
14 A special unit of Northern Irish cops say they saved Gerry Adams from assassination
15 Memories of Our Fathers in the Irish War of Independence
16 CAPTAIN FRANK HURLEY (1891-1921) 3rd West Cork Brigade Irish Republican Army
17 Case against British veterans collapses in death of IRA leader
18 Trial of ex-soldiers over 1972 killing of Official IRA member collapses
19 Northern Ireland at 100: a timeline of its founding
20 Cyber Activities of the Irish Republican Army
21 Two British army veterans go on trial for shooting IRA man 50 years ago
22 As Brexit Talks Falter, the Risk of Violence in Ireland Is Still Alive
23 Today in History
24 Five jailed over roles in IRA 'inquiry' lose Supreme Court appeal
25 Today in History: May 5, 2021
26 Potential contenders for new Northern Ireland first minister
27 Today in History: May 5
28 Why I Planted the Brighton Bomb for the IRA and What Came Next
29 The Irish Republican Army man who joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary
30 Tik Tok teens in their thousands have begun glorifying the Provisional IRA
31 Today in History: Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica in 1494 | Valley Life |
32 UK police arrest man over IRA bombings of pubs in 1974
33 How The Troubles put an end to Scotland’s trophy hopes 40 years ago
34 Lord Mountbatten’s assassination and its impact on IRA’s push for independence
35 Ireland's National Conflict Is About Imperialism as Well as Sectarianism
36 ICE deports former Irish Republican Army terrorist caught in Massachusetts
37 Northern Ireland is marking its centenary, rattled and alone
38 The “Other ArmaLite:” The story behind the favourite arm of the Irish Republican Army
39 Horror at the 9/11 attacks contributed to peace in Northern Ireland
40 The IRA Assassination of Lord Mountbatten: Facts and Fallout
41 Northern Ireland united … in condemnation of Sinn Féin over IRA funeral
42 Looking Back -- May 5, 2021
43 A short history of the many groups who've claimed to be the IRA
45 A look at the Irish War of Independence
46 Inside the Weird World of Pro-IRA TikTok
47 Irish state papers: IRA 'wanted to exclude Sinn Féin from talks'
48 N. Irish politician defends himself after criticism for ‘Catholic IRA’ comment
49 What was the IRA?
50 Ten People Charged in New IRA Investigation
51 Anger in Northern Ireland after Sinn Féin escape censure over lockdown-breaking IRA funeral
52 People are talking up the prospects of a united Ireland. It’s easier said than done.
53 Former politician charged with murdering David Byrne during the Regency Hotel shooting
54 A Movement for Civil Rights Underpinned Republicanism in Northern Ireland
55 Irish lawmaker says sorry for praising IRA killings
56 Irish senator slams Sinn Fein for selling IRA memorabilia on their website
57 The Cranberries Turned Down $1 Million to Work on 'Zombie'
58 In troubled Northern Ireland
59 The Provisional IRA: How 1969 sparked deadly campaign
60 Former IRA bomber deported out of Boston arrested in Ireland
61 Martin McGuinness, IRA leader turned peacemaker, dies at 66
62 Ten people charged in New IRA investigation: Northern Ireland police
63 Brexit and Biden Rekindle Hopes for a United Ireland
64 Shelved plan to salute 1996 bomber lays bare Irish fault lines
65 New I.R.A. Apologizes for Killing of Journalist in Northern Ireland
66 Irish Republican Army Leader Dies Of Cancer
67 PSNI says New IRA continues to pose a danger following fresh arrests
68 Ireland Is on the Ballot in Pennsylvania
69 Ex political wing of IRA shocks Irish elections and political system
70 Irish nationalist Gerry Adams was unlawfully imprisoned by U.K. in '70, court rules
71 British newspaper attempts IRA smear against President-elect Biden
72 The Troubles go from H-block to TikTok
73 Northern Ireland police appeal for calm after violent unrest
74 Who are the New IRA and what have they done?
75 If you liked this Netflix true crime top ten title, here are other shows to explore
76 Stakeknife: unmasking the infamous IRA mole
77 Is This an IRA Fighter Defending Her Fiancé?
78 Minneapolis, and America, brace for Chauvin verdict as jury deliberates, Mondale dies and a historical apology
79 Last Man Standing
80 Northern Ireland's Lessons for American Policing
81 British army to aid Northern Ireland’s coronavirus fight despite tensions
82 Is the IRA Back?
83 Is Sinn Fein now a normal political party?
84 ICE grabs former Irish Republican Army terrorist in Massachusetts
85 Brexit reality stokes fears for the peace in Northern Ireland
86 New IRA forges links with Hezbollah | News | The Sunday Times
87 May 4, 1981, Forty Years Ago: Trade at standstill
88 Ireland's two oldest rival parties get together
89 Storey funeral a reminder that IRA army council runs Sinn Féin
90 Scotland: High Court of Justiciary restores convictions of three men who wore IRA shirts to Celtic match
91 Des Dalton quits Republican Sinn Féin over criticism of dissident violence
92 Roy Greenslade and the IRA: I was his editor. His admission raises hard questions
93 Michael Collins’s importance in the War of Independence has been exaggerated
94 Criminal paramilitary groups threaten press freedom in Northern Ireland
95 Things ‘Stopped Changing’: Why Conflict Still Flares in Northern Ireland
96 The tale of Ireland’s ‘House Burning Mania’ of 1919-1923
97 Northern Ireland police arrest 9 linked to New IRA | Daily Sabah
98 W. Galen Weston, Who Transformed a Family Food Empire, Dies at 80
99 NIreland police say IRA dissidents planned Brexit truck bomb
100 The narcissism of small differences: What the IRA learnt about negotiation from the ANC