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1 Invention can help prevent deaths caused by blood clots
2 Academy Fellows elected to the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
3 Elizabeth E. Gardiner – The Conversation
4 My path to a PhD in Immunology
5 As You See It! Calendar
6 10 NC Black history lessons you likely weren’t taught in school (but should have been)
7 Up to 50% of university students unhappy with online learning, regulator finds
8 NINJ1 mediates plasma membrane rupture during lytic cell death
9 Howard Florey
10 ANU and UC step up to help in coronavirus response
11 As You See It! Photo Competition
12 $8 million Snow Fellowship brings cancer pioneer to ANU
13 Scientists sound alarm over a lack of research funding
14 GeoVax Appoints Mark J. Newman, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer
15 How this Canberra scientist could change the way we tackle infectious diseases
16 ANU study suggests 1 in 380 Australians have been exposed to COVID-19
17 Dr Richard Buchta Appointed as Director of Beroni Group
18 COVID has left Australia's biomedical research sector gasping for air
19 Australia has a 'golden opportunity' to become global medical research leader post-coronavirus, Health Minister says
20 Professor Whyte turns 100 with a Zoom party
21 New approach to stress out cancer cells is effective in ovarian cancer
22 60,000 more people may have had COVID-19 than detected: study
23 Have you ever noticed these seven hidden architectural gems on campus?
24 Antibody study suggests at least 70,000 Australian coronavirus cases may have gone undetected
25 UoH scholar selected for Future Research Talent Award 2020
26 Hydroxychloroquine Trial Revived by WHO as Doubt Cast on Lancet, NEJM Studies
27 Why Australia's Failed COVID Vaccine Is an Example of Science at Its 'Best'
28 TNF deficiency dysregulates inflammatory cytokine production, leading to lung pathology and death during respiratory poxvirus infection
29 Foreign interference fears prompt guidelines for Australian universities
30 Study finds Australia could have had thousands of undetected virus cases in July
31 Small Inhibitor May Boost Effectiveness of PARP Inhibitors in Some...
32 Australia may miss out on several COVID vaccines if it can't make mRNA ones locally
33 Snow family launches new medical foundation to foster world's best researchers
34 Frances Shannon – The Conversation
35 Behind the scenes of science
36 SARS-CoV-2 Drug Discovery: Targeting Viral Ion Channels
37 Coronavirus could've affected thousands more Australians unknowingly, study suggests
38 New placement for one of Earth's largest mass extinction events
39 Decades-old drug in two Australian trials related to Covid-19 but experts urge caution
40 Surgeon makes the cut as new Dean
41 Hydroxychloroquine: Australian government waives regulatory requirements for drug
42 Uncovering the two 'faces' of the Earth
43 Curtin Alzheimer's research project awarded NHMRC funding
44 Heather Paral was one of Canberra's original stylemakers
45 Remdesivir: five Australian hospitals to receive experimental coronavirus drug
46 Coronavirus: Who gets tested, and why?
47 Remixed mantle suggests early start of plate tectonics
48 Future Research Talent Awards
49 Study finds oldest children in school-grade outperform youngest in NAPLAN
50 Curtin University research shows why scratchies create gambling-related problems for kids
51 Gene therapy developed at ANU could help save eyesight
52 Poo testing could help find traces of the coronavirus days before people show symptoms
53 Snow family invests $50m in new assets: medical researchers
54 Australian scientists discover how to fight Bacillus cereus bacteria
55 Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science
56 Die another day: How the immune system keeps 'traitor cells' in lockdown
57 New blood test could save millions from blindness: researchers
58 'Gene drive' passes first test in mammals, speeding up inheritance in mice
59 No Time to Celebrate: Progressive Politics in the Pandemic's Wake
60 Study prompts re-think of lifting with a straight back
61 Lisa Sedger – The Conversation
62 objectiveFIELD™, a Ground Breaking, FDA 510(k) Cleared Objective Perimeter Announced by Konan Medical USA
63 RNA: How cells master the art of reading life's recipes
64 Study finds scratchies and lotto tickets can lead to problem gambling
65 Cuts to university funding will cost the country billions, study claims
66 Coronavirus vaccine trial: Oxford scientists shoot for one million doses by September
67 Sir John Eccles, Victoria's Nobel Prize-winning scientist who was marginalised in his search for the soul
68 ANU discovery could stop allergic reactions and deadly anaphylaxis
69 Curtin cements place among world's top varsities
70 Australia avoids 'risky business' of coronavirus vaccine sweepstakes
71 Blocking immune system pathway may stop COVID-19 infection, prevent severe organ damage
72 Scientists isolate genes that delay Alzheimer's: Scientists have identified a network of nine genes that play a key role in the onset of Alzheimer's Disease
73 New cell found in the immune system could control life-threatening allergies
74 Dr. John Curtin Elected 43rd President of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
75 Coronavirus treatment’s surprise approval gets a mixed reaction: Here’s why
76 'Revolutionary': a new hope for treating autoimmune disease
77 Lesley Russell – The Conversation
78 Award winners
79 Causes of blindness and vision impairment in 2020 and trends over 30 years, and prevalence of avoidable blindness in relation to VISION 2020: the Right to Sight: an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study
80 A portrait of Sir John Eccles
81 ANU turns to Azure to power genomics research
82 Coronavirus testing explained: how does it work and how quickly can you get a response in Australia?
83 September 1: ON THIS DAY in 1939, Quit war on Poland or face Gt. Britain, London warns Reich
84 Absence of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in a person with a homozygous point mutation in MR1
85 In a little apartment in O'Connor lives a true trailblazer for women
86 NYU Langone Medical Center’s Dr. John P. Curtin Elected President of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
87 Physiology Pioneer's Nobel Prize Sells for Nearly $800000
88 The cell discovery that could stop allergies
89 Trump, US election 2020: Joe Biden's 'emotional' last trip to Australia
90 Frank Fenner dies at 95; microbiologist led the eradication of smallpox
91 Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
92 Canberra Professor Carola Vinuesa, from the ANU, takes out two major health science awards.
93 HIV drug fails to beat coronavirus in trial
94 What is toxic positivity? | The Lighthouse
95 Will the pandemic permanently alter scientific publishing?
96 New study shows dexamphetamine misuse among WA teens ‘common’
97 Running blindfolded in Canberra Times Fun Run for a good cause
98 New Details About The Infamous 'CRISPR Babies' Experiment Have Just Been Revealed
99 Genetic key to lupus shows potential of personalized medicine
100 The NHMRC program grant overhaul: will it change the medical research landscape in Australia?