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1 Johns Hopkins health experts on how to safely navigate Thanksgiving gatherings, travel
2 WHO Says No to Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment
3 CDC Likely To Recommend Shortening Coronavirus Quarantine Period
4 Improving crisis standards of care: 4 lessons from New York City hospitals
5 Health Security: What is it?, Who are the major players? and Lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic
6 COVID-19 pandemic enters its most serious phase in U.S., even as vaccine prospects brighten
7 What does a safe classroom look like?
8 Curfews Will Do Almost Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID
9 Illinois contact tracing data helps guide state officials' decisions
10 As COVID-19 cases rise, will people heed health experts' advice to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings?
11 FDA authorizes new Covid-19 antibody test that quantifies specific levels of antibodies
12 Small Gatherings Spread the Virus, but Are They Causing the Surge?
13 Thanksgiving during the 1918 deadly Spanish flu was exuberant
14 How to avoid giving COVID-19 a seat at your Thanksgiving table: Expert tips and advice
15 Health officials make their final pleas for holiday caution as coronavirus cases spike
16 Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Looks Promising, But Big Hurdles Remain
17 US has more ventilators, but a shortage of critical care physicians to operate them
18 Will Covid-19 Curfews Work? Public Health Experts Unsure Of Potential Impact
19 Report from Johns Hopkins experts aims to help governors navigate the road to reopening
20 Thanksgiving Travelers Jam Airports Despite Soaring Covid Cases
21 The Logic of Pandemic Restrictions Is Falling Apart
22 VERIFY: Increased testing does not account for rise in COVID-19 cases on its own
23 Fact check: People will not have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to receive food stamps and rent assistance
24 Johns Hopkins health expert says enclosed outdoor dining isn’t ironclad for COVID-19 transmission
25 As U.S. Reaches 250000 Deaths From COVID-19, A Long Winter Is Coming
26 The U.S. Has Lots of Ventilators -- but Too Few Specialists to Mind Them
27 Massive U.S. contact tracing effort 'of critical importance'
28 Why making a lot of ventilators may not be enough to prevent COVID-19 deaths
29 US Adds 184,000 Coronavirus Cases In 1 Day, With No End In Sight | 90.1 FM WABE
30 Maryland hospitals hope to avoid nationwide surge of coronavirus cases but are planning for the worst
31 Health Security Expert Warns if U.S. Fought World War II Like It's Fighting COVID, It Would Have Lost
32 Editorial: Thanksgiving traditions pose perils in a pandemic
33 Dr. Inglesby: People should stay home for holiday, US in 'uncharted territory' with coronavirus pandemic
34 10 things you need to know today: November 23, 2020
35 An Antidepressant Might Help Prevent Severe COVID-19 | Health News
36 COVID-19 cases are surging. Is it possible to gather safely for the holidays?
37 Biden Adviser Didn't Propose Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine for Food Stamps
38 7 ways to fix this pandemic — and stop the next one
39 Health officials scramble to meet increased demand for coronavirus tests
40 This Thanksgiving, many opt for 'a plate at the door and some elbow bumps'
41 Hopkins alumni and faculty appointed to Biden's COVID-19 task force
42 Thanksgiving 1918 took place during a deadly pandemic. What can it teach us for Thanksgiving this year?
43 Experts say more funding, staffing needed to effectively roll out COVID-19 vaccine
44 Why Pfizer’s ultra-cold COVID-19 vaccine will not be at the local pharmacy any time soon
45 U.S. disease experts: Don't travel for Thanksgiving
46 College students hit the road after an eerie pandemic semester. Will the virus go home with them?
47 Covid Shot Success Hinges on School, Workplace Requirements
48 Here's the Johns Hopkins study President Trump referenced in his coronavirus news conference
49 How COVID Death Counts Become the Stuff of Conspiracy Theories
50 With inauguration 10 weeks away, Biden's pandemic plans face agonizing wait
51 Congress Isn't Passing Pandemic Relief, But They Are Passing The Coronavirus
52 Restaurants and gyms were spring 'superspreader' sites
53 US tops 10 million coronavirus cases
54 Is Florida a test case for coronavirus herd immunity? Experts warn it’s deadly
55 'Like watching a train wreck': Experts say America is behind on COVID-19 vaccine messaging, call for honest, straight talk
56 Many Americans won’t participate in contact tracing for the coronavirus
57 Fed up with the election? Science explains how politics got so awful
58 Public health expert: U.S. hasn't 'found the edges of the outbreak yet'
59 Hopkins releases report on coronavirus vaccine distribution
60 Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
61 Governor restores 'critical restrictions' to stem COVID-19 rise
62 WHO/PAHO Name Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security As Collaborating Centre For Global Health Security
63 Health system preparedness critical to slowing spread of coronavirus, infectious disease expert says
64 With hundreds of Wisconsin health care workers out sick or quarantining, hospitals have to get creative to find more staff
65 Scientists debate how much to lower the bar on Covid-19 vaccine potential
66 Rossen Reports: Can you ditch your mask after vaccination?
67 Testing alone won't be enough to stem Colorado's surge of coronavirus cases
68 Biden faces tough choice of whether to back virus lockdowns
69 This is not a drill | Hub
70 Johns Hopkins Sees Potential for Multiple Coronavirus Vaccines
71 What we know and don't know about coronavirus
72 Three peaks: How the coronavirus pandemic is evolving in each state
73 U.S. faces long road to reopening amid COVID-19 crisis
74 White House Coronavrius Task Force Doubles Down on Rapid Testing Strategy
75 Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap
76 COVID-19 and travel: As airports are packed across the US, experts warn of 'a surge' of new cases after Thanksgiving
77 5 things you need to know now
78 Virus Hospitalizations Are Up in N.Y.C. But This Time, It’s Different.
79 'People in the community don't seem to care': Wisconsin hospitals' struggles with COVID surge isn't getting people to change behavior
80 Do you trust FDA on COVID-19 vaccines? States and a Black medical group form review boards for second opinion
81 Biden's approach to tackling COVID-19 will be dramatically different, and quickly apparent
82 Center for Health Security rejoins JHU's Bloomberg School of Public Health
83 Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security releases framework for ethical allocation, distribution of COVID-19 vaccines
84 Map tracks coronavirus outbreak in near real time
85 No states meet criteria to reopen: Johns Hopkins researcher
86 Fact Check: Covid Vaccines May Be Bundled With Food Stamps And Rent Assistance In Black Communities
87 Experts share strategies for safely reopening schools
88 Johns Hopkins launches new U.S.-focused COVID-19 tracking map
89 Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Host Pandemic Exercise and Livestream
90 JHU Center for Health Security receives $16M grant from Open Philanthropy Project
91 Sports safety and COVID-19 | Hub
92 Behind the scenes of the Johns Hopkins response to coronavirus
93 Johns Hopkins Initiative Hopes to Better Prepare for Pandemics: Public Health Watch
94 Director of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security tells Fox that delayed federal action hurt the COVID-19 response
95 Pandemic Is Overwhelming US Public Health Capacity In Many States. What Now?
96 Johns Hopkins named WHO Collaborating Center for health security
97 With 'lightning speed,' Johns Hopkins develops a course focused on COVID-19
98 Telehealth, supply chain monitoring key areas of investment during pandemic
99 COVID-19 Webcast with Johns Hopkins Experts Today Monday March 2 at 11:30 am ET
100 Hogan Public Health Adviser Concerned With Some State Reopening Plans