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1 Emerging field of integrative palliative care highlighted in journal special issue
2 NIH study reports more than half of US office-based physicians recommend CHA
3 What Are the Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds?
4 COVID-19: Considering meditation and yoga as adjunctive treatment
5 Doctor, Here's How Researchers Recommend You Should Deal With Trauma | Physician Sense
6 Large-scale study backs up other research showing relative declines in women's research productivity during COVID-19
7 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Market Trend, Growth, COVID-19 Im Complementary and Alternative Medicine Market Trend, Growth, COVID-19 Impact, Current Industry Figures and Forecast 2026pact, Current Industry Figures and Forecast 2026
8 Complementary medicine providers focus on whole health of Veterans
9 Ayurveda and yoga for COVID-19 prevention
10 Group medical visit innovations improve access & advance integrative heath equity
11 Complementary And Alternative Medicine Market (2020-2026) Trends, Overview, Competitive Breakdown and Regional Forecast
12 Addressing challenges in inter-rater reliability in traditional chinese medicine
13 Top 10 health benefits of ginger
14 March 2020 Issue of The American Journal of Gastroenterology Includes Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Functional GI Disorders
15 Alternative Medicine Improves Quality of Life in Acute Rehab, Study Shows
16 Alternative Medicine Popular With MS Patients in US Northwest...
17 The sauna: quiet pastime or the key to better health?
18 Can Yoga and Meditation Help with Coronavirus Treatment?
19 Is colonialism creating inappropriate regulation of traditional medicine practitioners?
20 Increased Connection: BRIDG Program Spans Conventional & Complementary Integrative Health Research
21 Alternative and Complementary Treatments for Cancer
22 Majority of people with MS use complementary and alternative medicine, survey finds
23 Harvard-Osher integrative medicine's mind-body partnership with JACM
24 Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
25 Practising yoga may boost brain chemical levels, prevent depression: Study
26 Harvard scientists ask 'what is the point?' in challenge to acupuncture researchers
27 Survey: Alternative medicine is widespread among people with MS
28 Complementary and alternative therapies to treat colic in babies: The jury's still out but some complementary and alternative therapies to treat colic show promise
29 Advances in naturopathy research reported in new special issue of JACM
30 Alternative, integrative medicine continues to become more popular
31 Can acupuncture help alleviate menopausal symptoms?
32 From releasing stress to boosting memory, here are 6 benefits of pomegranate
33 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practice Among Saudi Patients w | IJNRD
34 One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine
35 Public Health Expert Discusses Potential Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Access to Recommended First-Line Treatments for Chronic Pain
36 My Hibiscus Tea My Cardiovascular Health!
37 Complementary medicine for cancer can decrease survival
38 Survey: Why Patients With Psoriasis Turn to Complementary and Alternative Medicines
39 Harvard's Continued Embrace of Alternative Medicine Finds a Partner, and a New Conflict of Interest
40 'Immune Boosting' Supplements Are All Over the Internet—But Can They Really Keep You Healthy?
41 Could COVID-19 bring a shift in the alternative medicine industry?
42 Using cannabinoids to treat acute pain
43 JACM special issue focuses on challenges in inter-rater reliability in Traditional Chinese Medicine
44 Fact check: Benefits derived from putting essential oils in belly button are questionable
45 Has alternative medicine been unfairly criticised?
46 Help sought from complementary, alternative medicine to remedy health problems: New, extensive study has charted the use of complementary and alternative medicine in Europe
47 Complementary medicine use remains hidden from conventional medicine providers
48 Coronavirus Alternative Treatments: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Help?
49 Study finds meditation and aerobic exercise relieves stress in medical school students
50 Defiance and low trust in medical doctors related to vaccine scepticism
51 Transformation of VA to 'whole health' model featured in JACM special issue
52 Consider all the evidence on alternative therapies
53 How Yoga Exercises Its Positive Effect on Depression
54 Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbS) Market : Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights 2020-2026
55 Many Secretly Use Alternative Meds For Cancer
56 The effects of yoga on student mental health
57 Is CBD a Trojan Horse for a Mainstreaming Alternative Medicine?
58 Veterans benefit from pain treatment without drugs
59 How the Use of Alternative Medicine Hurts Survival Rates in Patients with Cancer
60 Producing and using timely comparative evidence on drugs: lessons from clinical trials for covid-19
61 Vibration Machine for Weight Loss: Claims and Potential Side Effects
62 MS Patients Turn to Marijuana, Other Alternative Treatments
63 Psoriasis patients turn to alternative medicine when traditional treatments fail
64 China is promoting coronavirus treatments based on unproven traditional medicines
65 The Evolution of Alternative Medicine
66 UC San Diego-Harvard group reports shift in awareness from Chopra well-being program
67 Top US hospitals aggressively promoting alternative medicine offerings
68 Acupuncture equals disease prevention say new studies
69 Alternative Medicine and Clinical Laboratory Practice |
70 3 things parents should know about complementary and alternative medicine
71 The finer points of acupuncture
72 Edzard Ernst blames rise in measles on increased popularity of complementary and alternative therapies
73 Study on integrative medicine in military health finds extensive offerings, widespread use
74 Should Doctors Embrace or Reject Alternative Treatments?
75 Who Uses Complementary and Alternative Medicine?
76 Complementary Therapies for Prostate Cancer Treatment
77 Antimalarial tea -- from herbal remedy to licensed phytomedicine
78 Yoga's ability to improve mood and lessen anxiety is linked to increased levels of a critical brain chemical, research finds
79 Use of Complementary and Alternative Treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Reportedly Low
80 Complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa
81 Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an Effective Way for Better Postoperative Outcomes in Surgical Lung Cancer Patients with Risk Factors: A Propensity Score-Matched Retrospective Cohort Study
82 Massage is good therapy
83 Can Aloe Vera Help With Type 2 Diabetes?
84 Covid-19: What we eat matters all the more now
85 Pediatric Integrative Medicine
86 Why chiropractic services could be the next big thing in wellness
87 Pregnant women using alternative therapies urged to tell their doctors
88 Integrated Health: Combining conventional healthcare with alternative medicine
89 4 Complementary and Alternative Medicines for the Flu
90 Parent use of complementary medicine remedies and services for the man | JMDH
91 Slower Breathing Facilitates Eudaimonia via Your Vagus Nerve
92 Pot and paranoia: Why weed can make you anxious
93 Curd for Your Face: Skin Benefits, How to Use, and More
94 Deborah Lowell Shindell | Global Studies
95 Tai Chi can treat chronic low back pain in older adults
96 The FDA's Tattered Safety Net for Dietary Supplements
97 Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression
98 Meditation and yoga might aid Covid-19 treatment, says study
99 Can lavender aid those who struggle with insomnia?
100 Does cupping therapy work and what are the benefits?