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1 In Search of the Elusive “Reasonable Consumer” | New York Law Journal
2 The Artemis Accords: repeating the mistakes of the Age of Exploration
3 How has traffic been managed in the sky, on waterways, and on the road? Comparisons for space situational awareness (part 2)
4 Downtown Novato affordable housing seeks streamlined approval under state law
5 What’s in Hong Kong’s New National-Security Law
6 The NLJ 500: Steady Growth, But What's Ahead? | National Law Journal
7 Akron mask ordinance sets fines while exempting some for religious, health, other reasons
8 Saving Earth – time for a new cooperative framework
9 Gov. Andy Beshear: Kentuckians must wear masks in public starting Friday
10 Milwaukee mask requirement advances for final vote Monday; new cases statewide top 750
11 The Third Ground: Renegotiating Office Leases Post-COVID | New York Law Journal
12 Ukiah police and fire log: Thursday, July 9, 2020
13 Here are the exceptions to Murphy’s new outdoor mask rule in N.J.
14 Homeland Security gets new role under Trump monument order
15 Page A1 | E-edition
16 EU group claims law: a balancing of interests
17 New York's 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Beginning 'Phase 4' | New York Law Journal
18 Law Firms Embrace Remote Work
19 More outdoor dining and seating to give Old Town bars, restaurants and breweries a boost
20 Statehood for the District of Columbia
21 Cassava Sciences to Give Keynote Presentation on SavaDx at a Scientific Conference
22 George Floyd speaking during arrest didn't mean he could breathe, medical experts say
23 A Reporter’s Lonely Mission When the Writing Is on the Wall
24 Space law is taking off
25 Virtual Grand Juries? | New Jersey Law Journal
26 Holly Christensen: Uncertainty is post-lockdown certainty
27 Kirkland's Role Advising 'Repeat Players' Highlights Risk of Business Conflicts in Deals | The American Lawyer
28 The Outer Space Treaty turns 50. Can it survive a new space race?
29 No mask mandate in Pocatello, at least for now
30 27 Longview companies among nearly 6300 in Texas to get PPP loans of more than $1 million
31 Coronavirus: Ohio requiring masks at religious services in worst COVID counties, including Summit
32 Tudor House on Portage Lakes receives nearly 4 acres of land through state grant
33 Lancaster County begins first jury trial since pandemic sent cases online
34 Badger Mutual moves into new downtown Milwaukee headquarters as office workers adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic
35 Nebraska in the national news: June 2020
36 Europe Lease Deals Suggest Traditional Office Will Endure in Post-Covid World
37 5 United Nations treaties in outer space
38 NASA Proposes New Rules for Moon-Focused Space Race
39 Exclusive: Trump administration drafting 'Artemis Accords' pact for moon mining
40 10 Questions: Space lawyer helps his clients reach for the moon
41 Trump Opens Outer Space for Business
42 Rule of law vital for humanity's sustainability and survival
43 #SpaceWatchGL Perspective On US Space Resources Executive Order: Michelle Hanlon On How The Moon Agreement Is Finished
44 Space: The final legal frontier
45 Abandoning Treaties: Is the Outer Space Treaty Next? | New York Law Journal
46 Space Law
47 Trump administration drafting 'Artemis Accords' pact for moon mining
48 Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source
49 Cosmos as the final (legal) frontier: How America is bending SPACE LAW as we enter new age of exploration
50 U.S. President Trump Wants to Mine the Moon, Mars For Minerals
51 Could corporations control territory in space? Under new US rules, it might be possible
52 Space Force for the Flat-Earthers
53 Draft Moon Village Association Principles: creating best practices for sustainable lunar activities
54 China quietly used NASA's Jupiter probe to test its deep space network
55 Who owns outer space?
56 The FCC's Approval of SpaceX's Starlink Mega Constellation May Have Been Unlawful
57 Could a space congestion charge clear up junk-ridden skies?
58 Protecting against the dangers of space radiation
59 How Will Post-Lockdown Law Offices Look? | New Jersey Law Journal
60 The Moon Is a Huge Potential Resource. But Who Owns It?
61 Space Law 101: Filling the Legal Vacuum
62 SpaceX and Starlink are changing the night sky, and fast
63 Rethinking Law Firm Real Estate When the Office Is Empty | The American Lawyer
64 Quiz: How much do you know about outer space?
65 People Who Type Two Spaces After a Period Just Can’t Win
66 California Privacy Rights Ballot Initiative: Businesses, Watch This Space | The Recorder
67 US seeks to change the rules for mining the moon
68 Space Tourism Company Virgin Galactic Finds New Top Lawyer
69 Law Firm Leasing Activity Craters as Industry Rethinks Its Real Estate Footprint | The American Lawyer
70 Inventions Used Or Made In Outer Space
71 Legal action could be used to stop Starlink ruining the night say astronomers
72 Living Underground on the Moon: How Lava Tubes Could Aid Lunar Colonization
73 Moon mining blueprint; US considers winding down task force
74 2019 Law Space Workspace Forum
75 Luxembourg Space Glossary
76 Commercialising space exploration and development
77 Your Physical, Home or Virtual Office: Then and Now | New Jersey Law Journal
78 Floating Treasure: Space Law Needs to Catch Up with Asteroid Mining
79 Movie Scene: 'Color Out Of Space' Out There
80 Space Laws Need To Balance 'Competing Interests'; Experts Weigh In
81 Space Laws: What criminal law if any, applies to astronauts in outer space?
82 Netflix obtains foreign trademark rights to 'Space Force' before US government
83 Are we prepared for SETI discovery?
84 'Witches brew' of a subordinate space corps
85 Outer space may have just gotten a bit closer
86 Law firm to take large space at uptown tower under construction
87 As Justices Change, 'Court Works as an Institution', Kagan Tells NY State Bar Leaders | New York Law Journal
88 Trump signs an executive order allowing mining the moon and asteroids
89 Who Makes the Rules for Outer Space?
90 From Big Bang to cosmic bounce: an astronomical journey through space and time
91 The new Space Race, and the desperately outdated laws that govern it
92 Space is a major legal void, international law needs an update since it was last written
93 Development on Hudson River Pier | New Jersey Law Journal
94 Create a Global Code of Conduct for Outer Space
95 Akerman, Cozen O'Connor Set Sights on NY Growth With New Office Space | New York Law Journal
96 Reinventing Your Law Firm: If Not Now, When? | The American Lawyer
97 Ram Jakhu: 'Humanity Cannot Live on Earth Forever'
98 Towards Developing Africa's Think Tank In Space Law and Policy
99 Will Future Lunar Bases Be Underground?
100 The memorial honoring fallen police officers is running out of space for new names. Here's the proposed fix.