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1 Germany eyes new Afghanistan role after troop withdrawal
2 Armin Laschet: The CDU's chancellor candidate
3 German parliament approves plan to set up Helmut Kohl foundation
4 Russia 'direct threat to Europe's security': Germany
5 The Role of the Arctic in recent and future security challenges in the Wider North
6 Germany calls for closer cooperation with France over security threats
7 African journalists in exile: ‘Stepping on the toes of politicians and businessmen’
8 GALLERIES: Let’s down a Dawa to honour heroes who bring us the news
9 Berlin calls on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine border
10 Five sectors which have the greatest potential to drive the circular economy
11 German and US NGO workers acquitted in Egypt
12 DR Congo still gripped with violence despite new government
13 Immigrants and Their Children Shift Toward Center-Right in Germany
14 [ April 22, 2021 ] Armenian Genocide recognition is long overdue Opinion
15 German foundation holds capacity building workshop for House C’ttee members on Anti-corruption
16 New report by the African Circular Economy Alliance shines light on 'Five Big Bets' for circular economy
17 The International Crisis Group: Do Its Funders Control The World On Behalf Of American-and-allied Billionaires? | Scoop News
18 Reopening of the Vienna Office of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation
19 China's Relationship with ASEAN: An Explainer
20 Israelis, Palestinians trust Netanyahu, Abbas on coronavirus more than Americans trust Trump, survey finds
21 Gambia: VP Touray Reveals Government's Intention to Establish MSMEs Fund to Boost Employment
22 Older Germans more concerned about climate and environment than young – survey
23 Book on Hebrew law influence in Morocco highlights unique legacy | | AW
24 ACEA's new report identifies five sectors to drive circular economy
25 Twenty Years of Cooperation between the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University
26 German foundation hails its economic and political impact on the Kingdom
27 Immigrants in Germany turn to right‑wing parties
28 Germany: Third conservative MP quits as pressure grows over lobbying scandals
29 Is Joe Biden the Konrad Adenauer of the U.S.?
30 German political foundations stuck in a rut in Egypt amid growing restrictions
31 West Germany's first chancellor and more: Who was Konrad Adenauer?
32 'Bridge phase' in sight for Illinois; state fair on track
33 Experts call for improved media freedom in Nigeria
34 Germany’s minority policy in Romania and its foundations | Daily Sabah
35 Germany is calling the shots in Europe and Merkel isn’t sorry
36 Mahmoud Dicko – Mali’s controversial guardian of faith
37 Researchers develop sustainable catalysis process
38 Climate Change Problem: an Emerging Threat to Global Security
39 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung welcomes new head
40 Israel alone in Middle East in preferring Trump to Biden
41 Germany confirms cyber attacks on political party think tanks
42 One-third of people in Germany believe in conspiracy theories: poll
43 New Opportunities for Aung San Suu Kyi After Elections
44 Leikert: Western Balkans is not on the edge of Europe, it is in the middle of it
45 Millions of German taxpayers to finance far right propaganda
46 4 Life After Angela Merkel
47 Germany and Israel: A rocky road to friendship
48 KAS severely criticizes VMRO-DPMNE
49 Latin America and the Caribbean Circular Economy Coalition launches
50 Latin America, Caribbean Embrace Transition to Circular Economy
51 Mali: A revolt that led to a coup d'etat
52 Biden and Harris Interact With the UN; a New Envoy for Afghanistan; Canada Meets a Secretary-General Candidate
53 How Germany paid reparations for the Holocaust
54 Hungarian media watchdog targets LGBTQI TV campaign
55 South Africa Central Bank Head Urges Action on Reforms
56 Albania's Censored Media and Failed Judiciary
57 A Guide to Women's History Month events at Temple
58 China Increasing its Footprint in Balkan Media, Study Concludes
59 Aylin Matlé
60 How the German Right Created Bulgaria's Kleptocratic Prime Minister
61 Sustainable energy options for Cambodia discussed
62 Niger: Attack on presidential palace an 'attempted coup'
63 1 in 3 Germans fully satisfied with state of democracy
64 Beijing’s megaphone: The return of party propaganda in south-eastern Europe
65 Germany's Merkel calls on parties in Libya to reach cease-fire | Daily Sabah
66 Why Senegal protesters back Ousmane Sonko despite rape charges
67 South Korea: Mayoral elections sink Moon's North Korea peace drive
68 No unity 30 years after the end of the Cold War
69 Germany plans a greater peace and security role in the Indo-Pacific | The Strategist
70 German litigation may trap ECB in pincer
71 Officials Launch Formal Investigation Of French Candidate Francois Fillon
72 Opinion: QAnon, conspiracy theories are no joke
73 WFP Turkey Country Brief, October 2020
74 KAS: Twenty years of strengthening Cambodia's democratic development
75 CNDH, KAS Seek Rights-Centered Reform of Morocco’s Health System
76 How Ojok Okello is rebuilding the hometown he never knew
77 'The Jewish Nielsen' Who's watching what, Week 46
78 EU Human Rights Dialogue With China Will Continue, Says Merkel
79 Palestinians seek new friends after Israel normalizes ties with Gulf monarchies
80 Saudi startups attract German attention and beyond
81 Democracy and Health | The BMJ
82 Ghana 2020 election: A family business
83 Niger's new president begins battle to stabilize country
84 Treasury's 'brutal' budget must target spend cuts at SOEs, Cabinet | Fin24
85 Chemical Weapons Arms Control at a Crossroads: Russia, Syria, and the Future of the Chemical Weapons Convention
86 Europe after Covid 19: How €750 billion could reboot the EU
87 Austria and Germany: Fighting Corruption in Albania Essential for EU Accession
88 Naumann Foundation closure leads to political conflict between Berlin, Cairo
89 The world won’t be a greener place until it’s a fairer one
90 Calendrier du lundi 15 mars au 21 mars 2021
91 The fratboys vying to succeed Angela Merkel
92 Executive Magazine's December issue
93 Ivory Coast heads into crisis as opposition calls for election boycott
94 Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Advocates for Justice and Accountability in Africa
95 [OPINION] Public opinion polls: Trust and approval
96 Social justice as a foundation for democracy and health
97 Calendrier du lundi 22 mars au 28 mars 2021
98 Think tanks: Are they losing their relevance?
99 Partner with us
100 The vast majority in Brazil's poor communities are not involved in crime