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1 Universal Peace Federation: 70 Years After the Korean War World Leaders Call for Peace at Online Rally of Hope
2 World Leaders and Millions of Citizens Call for Peace at Third Online Rally of Hope
3 Community Bulletin Board: the Sentinel (for Dec. 2)
4 French car market set to fall to lowest level since 1975
5 Northam's Plan for Public School “Equity”
6 Coronavirus: Merkel urges Germans to further limit interactions — as it happened
7 Report: North Korea defector group committed fraud
8 Supreme Court confirms prison term for ex-presidential aide over abuse of power
9 Coronavirus in North Korea: Kim Jong-un claims 'shining success'
10 Painful and painstaking: piecing together a terror attack
11 The Lancet Commission on diabetes: using data to transform diabetes care and patient lives
12 Fitch Affirms NongHyup Bank at 'A-'; Outlook Stable
13 Drive to succeed: the endless golf dominance of South Korea's women
14 North Korea and Christianity
15 The pandemic is hitting scientist parents hard, and some solutions may backfire
16 In pictures: South Korea mass wedding defies coronavirus fears
17 Demographics look bad for working population
18 Equity fund alliance ups stake in Korean Air parent firm
19 Amid Coronavirus, Parents ‘Pod Up’ to Form At-Home Schools
20 North Korean missile and Kim Jong-un's 'Christmas gift' decision
21 Right-wing groups received funding for pro-government demonstrations
22 [Analysis] Federation of Korean Industries in crisis over improper relations with the government
23 Amid Surge in Covid-19, Companies and Parents Brace for More Child-Care Conflicts
24 ‘What If My Family Found Out?’: Korea’s Coronavirus Tracking Unnerves Gay Community
25 As U.S. Schools Move to Reopen Despite Covid-19, Teachers Threaten to Strike
26 The Students Left Behind by Remote Learning
27 Universal Peace Federation hosts worldwide virtual 'Rally of Hope'
28 Parents and teachers worried pandemic pods will widen education gap
29 BTS and EXO: The soft power roots of K-pop
30 Parents, health experts weigh pros and cons of reopening schools on kids’ mental health
31 6 Ex-Officials in South Korea Are Sentenced for Blacklisting Artists
32 What Evidence Is Aiding School Reopening Decisions?
33 Here's What the Science Actually Says About Kids and COVID-19
34 As Summer Camps Weigh Opening, Parents Scramble for Options
35 Intrigue, scandal, heartbreak: The case of South Korea's missing 'frog boys'
36 Teachers Are Scared to Go Back to School. Will They Strike?
37 Another Fear for NYC Parents, Teachers: A Possible Shortage of School Nurses
38 Working Parents Are Hitting Their Coronavirus Breaking Point—and Paying for It
39 Here's some advice for military parents with extra worries about kids' fall education
40 Should Parents Give Each Child an Equal Inheritance?
41 As School Year Approaches, Parents Weigh Coronavirus Uncertainty
42 How South Korea Scaled Coronavirus Testing While the U.S. Fell Dangerously Behind
43 New Parent Charged in College-Admissions Cheating Scandal
44 [Editorial] Share the pain
45 Parents Turn to Online Tutors to Help Keep Kids Learning and Motivated
46 Let's Talk Turkey
47 Korean film industry not impressed with coronavirus support measures
48 With COVID-19 infection rates below 1% in most Massachusetts towns, many parents wonder why schools can’t fully reopen
49 The Questions You Wish You Had Asked Your Parents
50 Has a ban on heading the ball affected soccer in the US?
51 Parent Involvement Has Always Mattered. Will The COVID-19 Pandemic Finally Make This The New Normal In K-12 Education?
52 How atomic bomb survivors have transformed our understanding of radiation's impacts
53 Gov't under pressure to delay school opening again
54 Remote Learning Is a Catastrophe. Teachers Unions Share the Blame.
55 Demonstrations Pay Homage to French Teacher Beheaded After Lesson on Charlie Hebdo
56 Commercial Act Amendment May Adversely Affect Management Activities
57 Parents Created Kid Schedules After Coronavirus Closed Schools. That Didn’t Last.
58 Fundraising by Parent Associations in New York City Varies by School
59 ‘G is for Gun’: Online Curriculum Outrages Parents
60 IESF Adds Four New Members, Sport New Zealand Recognizes Esports
61 How Kids’ Videogame Accounts Get Hacked: Advice for Parents
62 "Reverend Moon: A 100-Year Legacy of Peace" English English Deutsch Latin America
63 De Blasio And NYC Teachers Union Are Heading Toward A Showdown Over School Reopenings. Who Will Blink First?
64 Full Steam Ahead on Reopening Schools? No Way, Say Teachers
65 COVID-19: Mother Moon, others preach common front, peace
66 Adults Bunking With Their Parents Amid Coronavirus Are Having Awkward Flashbacks
67 For Divorced Parents, Coronavirus Means Extra Complication
68 Should schools reopen? Kids' role in pandemic still a mystery
69 Firm Helping Run U.S. Coronavirus Database Refuses Senators’ Questions
70 COVID-19 cancels charity galas and walks
71 South Korea pollution: Is China the cause of 'fine dust'?
72 Korea to allow conglomerates to own startup VCs
73 Back to School: 'Zoom bombings,' concerns about leveling at forefront of Philadelphia district reopening
74 Paternal deprivation impairs social behavior putatively via epigenetic modification to lateral septum vasopressin receptor
75 [Feature] How Korean single women face disproportionate burden of caring for elderly parents
76 Quicken Loans Parent Prices IPO at $18
77 CDC urges in-person learning, but offers little guidance for sick students or teachers
78 British Airways Parent Posts Record Loss as Hopes for Swift Recovery Fade
79 Co-Parenting Sites Skip Love and Marriage, Go Right to the Baby Carriage
80 Parenting Isn’t Over When Kids Grow Up
81 Targeted disruption of Kv2.1-VAPA association provides neuroprotection against ischemic stroke in mice by declustering Kv2.1 channels
82 Trump Administration Changes Rules for Migrant Children During Pandemic
83 After tragedies and big losses, Hyundai looks to reverse North Korea fortunes
84 Like humans, these big-brained birds may owe their smarts to long childhoods
85 Fumarolic-like activity on carbonaceous chondrite parent body
86 Reopening Resilient Schools
87 Illinois Federation of Teachers pushing for remote learning to start school year
88 Survey: 73% Of Parents May Make Major Professional Changes If Schools Don't Fully Reopen
89 DNA polymerase α interacts with H3-H4 and facilitates the transfer of parental histones to lagging strands
90 Can N.Y.C. Schools Open on Time? De Blasio Is Under Pressure to Delay
91 The Kids Are Home. You Need to Work. What Do You Do?
92 Single-molecule imaging reveals control of parental histone recycling by free histones during DNA replication
93 Global Esports Federation Partners With Commonwealth Games Federation
94 CNN President Jeff Zucker Faces What Might Be His Last Lap
95 Some Study-Abroad Students Resist Calls to Come Home, Frustrating Parents and Colleges
96 Korean Air boss dies weeks after board removal over scandals
97 LISTEN: Alaska Federation of Natives opposes cutting census count short
98 The Terror of Teen Drivers: Parents Track Their Kids Without Being in the Car
99 ‘Casual Dining Is Underutilized:’ Why Chili’s Parent Company Launched A Virtual Restaurant Brand
100 Hanjin KAL decides to inject W300b in cash-strapped Korean Air