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1 Report: Trump’s Inner Circle Is Terrified the Feds Are Coming for Them Next
2 Mitch McConnell Trades Donald Trump in for a Younger, Skinnier Model
3 Of Course Donald Trump Jr.’s Ex-Wife Traded Him In for a Secret Service Agent
4 Taxpayers Are Still Paying for Jared Kushner to Pretend to Be Important
5 Michael Cohen: Rudy Giuliani Will “Absolutely” Rat Out Ivanka, Don Jr., and Trump to Save Himself
6 Trump’s Longtime CFO, Whose Testimony Could Send Him to Prison, Suggests He Had a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy on Breaking the Law
7 Republican Lawmakers Claim January 6 Rioters Were Just Friendly Guys and Gals Taking a Tourist Trip Through the Capitol
8 Report: Matt Gaetz’s Intern Ex-Girlfriend May Soon Be Cooperating With the Feds
9 Ivanka Trump’s Vaccine Selfies Continue to Backfire
10 It Sure Sounds Like Donald Trump Jr. Lied to Prosecutors Investigating the Trump Organization
11 Republicans Are One Bill Away From Making It Legal to Shoot a Protester Whose Sign They Don’t Like
12 Mitch McConnell Vows to Block Biden’s Entire Agenda Just to Be a Dick
13 Josh Hawley Proudly Declares Himself Pro-Hate Crimes
14 Florida Officials Are “Actively” Preparing for the Possibility Trump Will Be Indicted at Mar-a-Lago
15 Caitlyn Jenner Is Running for Governor Because Her Private-Jet-Flying Friends Are Sick of the Homeless
16 Saudi Aramco to co-lead report on cyber resilience in oil industry
17 Tucker Carlson, Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Within 2,000 Feet of Playgrounds, Tells Viewers to Call Child Protective Services on People Whose Kids Wear Masks
18 Anti-Asian hate crimes spike in U.S. cities, study finds
19 Donald Trump’s Odds of Staying Out of Prison Are Rapidly Dwindling
20 Nudie Jeans Marks Milestones in Sustainability Report
21 Thanks to Republican Anti-Vaxxers, the U.S. May Never Reach COVID-19 Herd Immunity
22 It Sure Sounds Like Trump May Barricade Himself in the Oval Office and Refuse to Come Out If Biden Wins
23 Behold the Many Ways Trump Is Still Legally F--ed Post-Impeachment
24 New data shows continued surge in anti-Asian hate crime reports in some major cities
25 B.J. Levin Named EVP Non-Fiction At AGC Studios
26 “Yippee!!!”: Emails Show Trump Appointees Celebrating Lying to the Public About COVID-19
27 Report: Trump Thinks His Attempts to Steal the Election Are Rip-Roaringly Hilarious
28 Report: Good News for Donald Trump’s Waistline Is Bad News for America
29 Ivanka Trump Desperately Tries to Rehab Her Image on the Way Out the Door
30 APA poll: More people reporting pandemic-linked mental effects now vs. this time last year
31 Weekly COVID-19 Oversight & Enforcement Report
32 University hate crime report leaves out that 90 percent of NYC arrestees are black or Latino
33 Another Trump Is Threatening to Run for Office
34 Donald Trump Says Violent Insurrection That Killed at Least One Person Was Justified
35 Donald Trump Is Drowning in Criminal Investigations and Legally Screwed
36 Ivanka Trump, Devastating the Nation, Says She Won’t Run for U.S. Senate in 2022
37 GOP Goes Full Psychopath, Threatens to “Tell Trump” About Supporters Who Won’t Pony Up Donations
38 Candor Solutions, LLC
39 Kingsoft Cloud Reports Mixed Q1 Earnings
40 ‘We’re terrorized’: LA sheriffs frequently harass families of people they kill, says report
41 Report: Matt Gaetz Upgraded From Just F--ked to Royally F--ked
42 Scouting Jets Offensive Lineman Corey Levin
43 Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.0 earthquake
44 Meet the Woman Who Could Send Donald Trump to Prison
45 Jared Kushner, Overconfident Moron, Has Some Advice for Joe Biden
46 Ivanka Trump Apparently Thinks She’s Going to Ride This Insurrection Out and Be President One Day
47 Benefitfocus Appoints Proven Industry Leader Matthew Levin
48 Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Are Already Working on Their Next Grift
49 Former LaSalle home administrators misled Pritzker administration, officials claim
50 Poll: Americans Think Donald Trump Is a “Horrible” “Disgusting” “Putinesque” “Ass”
51 Could Brett Kavanaugh Be Booted From the Supreme Court?
52 A Giddy Anthony Fauci Says It’s “Liberating” Not to Work for an Ignorant Moron Who Lies About Everything All the Time
53 Trump Lashes Out at Supreme Court Tax Returns Call Like a Man Who Knows Prison Is in His Future
54 Ivanka Trump Credits Herself With Feeding the Hungry After Trump Admin Tried to Kick 700,000 Off Food Stamps
55 The Home Depot’s Comp Sales Surge Amid Rise In Home Improvement Projects
56 Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. Are in Furious Damage Control Mode Following Capitol Hill Siege
57 Report: Mitch McConnell Is Extremely Jazzed About Donald Trump Being Impeached
58 Republican Lawmaker Ron Johnson: Capitol Rioters Were Actually Democrats Disguised as Trump Supporters
59 Report: Matt Gaetz Is Well and Truly F--ked
60 Capitol Police Warn Deranged Trump Supporters Might Attack Congress Again on Thursday
61 Mother: Tigard man fatally shot by police had mental illness
62 What Other Kind of Insurrections Is Trump Going to Incite Over the Next Nine Days?
63 Melania Trump, Like All of Us, Can’t Hear the Words “Trump 2024” Without Self-Combusting
64 Donald Trump Eases Back Into Work by Choking the Economy to Death
65 Report: Matt Gaetz Permanently Sewed His Lips to Trump’s Ass for Nothing
66 Melania Trump: Has No One Stopped to Think How the Capitol Hill Attack Affected ME?
67 Trump Insists His Campaign’s Multimillion-Dollar Donor Scheme Was Totally Legit
68 Ex-Trump Staffer Accused of Beating Capitol Cop Complains Prison Doesn’t Come With Turndown Service
69 Mitch McConnell, Senate Ghoul, Will Let Trump Finish His Full Term After Being Impeached Twice
70 Donald Trump Demands Americans Picture His Face While COVID Vaccine Enters Their Bodies
71 Donald Trump, High on His Own Supply, Now Wants to Do the Stimulus Deal He Blew Up Two Days Ago
72 Criminal Investigators Just Got a Trove of Documents That Could Nail Donald Trump
73 Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White House but Not Because People Broke Into the Capitol and Smeared S--t Through the Halls, Which She’s Fine With
74 First Ride: The New 2021 Ducati Monster Is a Lighter—and More Powerful—Beast
75 Donald Trump Doesn’t Seem to Know What Year It Is, Who He’s Running Against (Hint: Not Hillary Clinton)
76 Profits Amid COVID Are Vastly Different For Safety-Net Vs. Wealthy Hospitals
77 It Sure Sounds Like Trump Is About to Back Out of the Last Debate With Biden
78 Oh, God, Is Trump Going to Make Ivanka His 2024 Running Mate?
79 Japan's top lender MUFG reports 47% rise in annual profit
80 106 House Republicans Back Trump’s Bid to Overthrow the Government
81 Trump Can’t Stop Talking About How He Plans to Steal the Election
82 Product Protection Firm Extend Unveils $260 Million Series C
83 Trump Just Signed an Executive Order Letting Him Purge Thousands of Federal Workers for Disloyalty
84 Trump Campaign: Biden Not Qualified for Presidency Because He Hasn’t Contracted COVID-19
85 Donald Trump Hits Feces-Flinging Stage of Election “Fraud” Fight
86 Scotland Tells Trump He’s Not Welcome in Country Because of, Um, COVID Restrictions, Yeah That’s It
87 Trump Stays Silent on Nuclear-Stockpile Hack, Focusing Energy on Showerheads and Toilets Instead
88 You’ll Never Believe It but Trump and Kushner Businesses Got Millions in PPP Loans
89 Oops: Jared Kushner Reportedly Created a Shell Company to Secretly Pay Trump Family Members and Spend Half the Campaign’s Cash
90 Biden White House: Of Course Trump’s Racist Rhetoric Has Led to Attacks on Asian Americans
91 Trump’s Impeachment Defense: One Long String of Lies Broken Up by Madonna Clips
92 Hope Hicks Is Now in Charge of the Fulbright Scholarship, and Other Appointments Trump Is Making Just to F--k With Everyone
93 Ivanka Trump Says She Respects “All Sides” of the Debate Over Abortion, Which She is “Unapologetically” Opposed To
94 Report: Jared Kushner an Even Bigger Idiot Than Previously Thought (And Yes, That’s Saying Something)
95 Trump’s Lawyer Kicks Off Impeachment Trial by (Accidentally?) Suggesting Trump Should Be Arrested
96 Jen Psaki Stuffs Fox News’ Peter Doocy in Metaphorical Locker During White House Press Briefing
97 Trump: I Was Being a “Cheerleader” for the Country When I Lied About a Virus That Has Now Killed 190,000 Americans
98 Lindsey Graham: I’m Willing to Overlook the Fact That Trump Has Probably Beaten a Few Homeless People to Death
99 Cancer-causing benzene continues to flow from PES refinery complex in Philadelphia | StateImpact Pennsylvania
100 Donald Trump: If COVID-19 Kills Another 1.8 Million People in the U.S. We Won’t Even Need a Vaccine