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1 Rediscover the power of prayer with new book on the Lord's prayer
2 Atheist Group Files Complaint after Football Coach Leads Team in Lord's Prayer
3 Carving of Lord's Prayer donated by local man
4 11/05/2020 | Berlin Mayor Questioned On 'Coolest Small Town,' Lord's Prayer Changes | News Ocean City MD
5 Festival of Remembrance went wrong over Lord’s Prayer
6 Our Father In Heaven...Consider The Words Of 'The Lord's Prayer'
7 Fact check: Facebook does not ban the posting of the Lord's Prayer
8 Facebook dismisses hoax that it has 'banned' users from sharing the Lord's Prayer
9 10/29/2020 | Berlin Mayor's Decision To Remove Lord's Prayer Before Meetings Questioned | News Ocean City MD
10 Does Facebook Prohibit Posting of the Lord's Prayer?
11 The Lord's Prayer is not banned from Facebook
12 The Lord's Prayer in a Pandemic
13 United in the Lord's Prayer across the globe
14 Bill’s Blessings
15 3-year-old recites the Lord's prayer
16 Family banned from saying the Lord’s Prayer at funeral as it could ‘spread coronavirus’
17 Fears that Facebook has BANNED the Lord’s Prayer go viral – but it’s a hoax
18 Marvin Gaye was nearly in tears after singing “The Lord’s Prayer”
20 Voices: The Lord's Prayer in the age of coronavirus
21 Letter: The Lord’s Prayer could soothe our souls and clean our hands
22 'Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors' — Lord's Prayer resonates in age of coronavirus
23 Satire: The essential Lord's Prayer
24 Join Presiding Bishop Michael Curry March 25 on Livestream, Facebook Live to pray the Lord's Prayer at noon EDT
25 While reciting the Lord's Prayer
26 Our Father: Pope Francis approves changes to words of Lord's Prayer, reports say
27 Uncovering Hidden Secrets Of The Lord's Prayer
28 What I am praying when I say the Lord's Prayer
29 Insights to living | Georgetown Times |
30 Pope Distorts Lord's Prayer in Italian
31 Washington, DC's Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Washington, DC |
32 Tina Turner Finds a Form of the Lord's Prayer in Buddhism — inside Her Religious Views
33 11 Surprising 1970s Radio Hits: It's a Miracle These Were Hits
34 Archbishops: recite Lord's Prayer when you wash your hands
35 Church's sign puts Chiefs twist on Lord's prayer
36 The Lord's Prayer and its teachings
37 Seeing the Lord Behind the Lord's Prayer
38 The Lord's Prayer
39 Megachurch Senior Pastors Eric and Candace Johnson Resign from Bethel: 'The Lord's Involved in It'
40 Reading Into Changes To The Lord's Prayer
41 The so-called Lord’s Prayer
42 Invite to Area Pastors to Lead Us in the Lord's Prayer on KICKS
43 A breakdown of 'The Lord's Prayer'
44 7 Government's Mission Statements In The Lord's Prayer
45 Ancient Words: His First Coming, King of Kings
46 Pope Francis Suggests Changing The Words To The 'Lord's Prayer'
47 A Simple Way to Pray the Lord's Prayer
48 The Lord’s Prayer in our own words
49 Praying 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' Means Keeping His Name Holy
50 Series on the Mass: The Lord's Prayer — A circle of praise and petition
51 How to teach kids to pray the Lord's Prayer
52 “In Spirit of Lord's Prayer,” Black Churches, Non Profits Ask For Mortgage Help
53 Sermon on the Mount: The Lord's Prayer
54 God's ears are open to our prayers
55 God's Kids Korner: Understanding The Lord's Prayer
56 Kansas churches use prayer, signs to cheer on the Chiefs
57 WATCH: The Cleveland Orchestra shares moving Easter Sunday performance of 'The Lord's Prayer'
58 The Rapper’‌s Prayer: Our Father In Heaven
59 Introduction to Lord's Prayer series | Religion |
60 A Tenuous Position | Letters To Editor
61 Pray the Our Father with the pope March 25 at Noon (7am EST) here
62 New Video: Tim Godfrey
63 Why does the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ have different endings?
64 Bishop C. Hopeton Clennon: Advent season of preparation for hope, peace, joy and love
65 Framed Photo Of Lord’s Prayer Stops Bullet Fired Into Home
66 Pope Francis Suggests Translation Change To The Lord's Prayer
67 Q&A with Fr John Flader: Changing the Lord's Prayer?
68 Citizen Way Drops New Single "The Lord's Prayer"
69 Analysis: What is the context of Pope Francis’ words on the Lord’s Prayer?
70 Pope Francis Approves Updated Translation of Lord's Prayer: 'Do Not Let Us Fall Into Temptation'
71 Suzette Martinez Standing: The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic brings about unexpected response
72 Lord's Prayer is reaching out for father's loving embrace, pope says
73 Four Naga languages features in 'The Lord's Prayer' song project
74 Using the Lord's Prayer to Transform Your Life
75 On earth, as in heaven: the key to The Lord's Prayer
76 Pope Francis was right to approve the new translation of the Lord's Prayer
77 Pope Francis is wrong to rewrite the Lord's Prayer
78 We pray, our Father, thy will be done
79 The Pope and the Lord's Prayer | Charlotte Allen
80 Call for prayer around Warwick gets responses from around the world
81 Are there hidden meanings in the Lord’s Prayer?
82 I'm Praying For Donald Trump, Even Though I Don’t Want To
83 The Lord's Prayer is “revolutionary,” writes Albert Mohler in new book
84 Should the Lord's Prayer Be Changed?
85 A 10-Point Primer on the Lord’s Prayer Changes
86 Statement re congregational prayers at funeral services
87 Pope at General Audience: Lord's prayer confronts full range of evil
88 Jeanne Hruska: Lord's Prayer does not belong in New Hampshire law
89 Welsh crematorium: 'Chanting' IS now allowed after rules were 'clarified'
90 A new rendering of Christianity’s best-known supplication
91 A medieval prayer practice changed the Lord's Prayer for me -- and it might for you
92 Ala. students say Lord’s Prayer at football game after atheist group gets school to end official prayer
93 Pope’s changes to the Lord’s Prayer may be valid
94 See how you can use flashlights on Good Friday to celebrate as one faith community
95 Practical results from the Lord's Prayer
96 Judah Smith on the Power of Guided Prayer | RELEVANT
97 Citizen Way follows up breakout hit with new single 'The Lord's Prayer'
98 Pope's proposal to change the Lord's Prayer sets a dangerous precedent | TheHill
99 Pope Francis to Approve New Wording of the Lord's Prayer
100 Pope Francis' Change to the Lord's Prayer: Another Cheap Applause Line