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1 RNG helps reach carbon negative milestone in California
2 3Degree's Dave Meyer on the future of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in America
3 RFA: CFS can help Colorado reduce GHG emissions
4 SAF's California LCFS credit value tumbles as average carbon score climbs
5 Understanding lifecycle improvement credit opportunities under the Clean Fuel Standard
6 CORRECTION: California Renewable Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Achieves First-Ever Carbon Negative Milestone
7 Minnesota Biofuels Coalition Working On LCFS Policy
8 CARB: Carbon Intensity of NGVs Negative for First Time
9 California's natural gas vehicles achieve first carbon-negative milestone
10 California natural gas vehicle fuel reaches carbon negative
11 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
12 Restaurant grease for renewable diesel in short supply
13 Alternative fuels set for explosive growth under Clean Fuel Standard
14 Renewable diesel set to grow outside California
15 Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act establishes LCFS for aviation fuel
16 Scaling RNG for Transportation Fuel: Barriers and Opportunities
17 Evolve or die: US refiners grasp renewables lifeline to stay viable
18 Ethanol Looks Beyond Trump-Biden Bluster to Biofuel Reset
19 Exclusive: Plotting future, U.S. biofuel industry seeks federal clean fuel program from Biden
20 Renewable Natural Gas Vehicles Achieve First-Ever Carbon Negative Milestone
21 Legislation to fast-track low-carbon biofuels
22 ACT 101 Overview of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
23 Biden win could boost carbon, REC markets
24 Alternative Fuels Set For Explosive Growth Under Clean Fuel Standard
25 With transportation, we should stay focused on the prize of clean air
26 Capital gains tax, LCFS within reach next session
27 New CO2 data expose waste, failure in WA state climate policies
28 Gov. Inslee surges to big lead as he nears rare third...
29 Math shows all-electric truck might not be greenest solution
30 Cleaner Fuel For Aviation And Road Transport Set For Take-Off
31 Clean Fuel Standard model demonstrates biofuel demand, signals need to expand production capacity in Canada
32 Offset the cost of EVs with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
33 California Amends Its Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”)
34 SRECTrade Launches Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credit Calculator App
35 Generating Revenue with California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
36 Plotting future, US biofuel industry seeks federal clean fuel programme from Biden
37 RNG Revolution
38 Biofuel Groups See Positives in Push for Low-Carbon Fuels Standard, But Criticism and Silence Remain
39 SDG&E offers customers up to $1500 off electric cars
40 Low Carbon Revenue Opportunities
41 Gov. Andrew Cuomo should promote low-carbon fuel standards, without costing taxpayers
42 California's low carbon fuels are changing the oil market
43 Daybreak Nov 24: Biofuels crafting clean fuel program letter
44 Canada is slowly rolling towards low-carbon transport
45 The new fuel to come from Saudi Arabia
46 Ethanol plans to be on the offensive when dealing with the new Congress
47 Canada's new climate plan: Q&A about Bill C-12
48 Massive $1.2B renewable diesel facility planned for Port of Greater Baton Rouge
49 CARB moves forward with third-party verification for Low Carbon Fuel Standard
50 Research & Commentary: Low-Carbon Fuel Mandate is Still a Bad Deal for Washingtonians
51 WA Democrats see path to cleaner fuels, capital gains tax after election
52 Would low-carbon fuel standard raise or lower drivers’ costs? Impact is crux of debate
53 Gov. Jay Inslee’s low-carbon fuel standard faces tough road ahead in Washington state
54 Clean Power Capital Comments on IIROC-Imposed Trading Halt
55 Washington House Narrowly Passes Low-Carbon Fuels Standard
56 Low-carbon fuel standard alive in Washington
57 Brazil's Petrobras slashes spending plan as lower oil prices bite
58 Airline, trucking industry at odds over low-carbon fuel standard
59 Here's How Clean Energy Can Fuel NY
60 Green Hydrogen: Could It Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy?
61 Daybreak: CDFA proposes organic cannabis standards | 2020-11-25
62 Low-carbon fuel on agenda for WA lawmakers
63 Dry Weather Concerns lift Grain Prices To New Highs
64 LS Power announces renewable fuels initiative |
65 Refiners add to biofuel waiver requests
66 CARB, California Electric Utilities Partner to Accelerate EV Purchases
67 California $1,500 point-of-sale rebate on EVs starts this week
68 Low-carbon fuel standard, requirements for ride-hailing companies among Gov. Inslee’s climate proposals
69 A Biden victory positions America for a 180-degree turn on climate change
70 What you need to know about Canada’s new climate plan
71 Port of Seattle supports state-wide low carbon fuel standard in Washington, US
72 LCFS Program: Generate Revenue with Clean Fuels
73 California adds $1,500 incentive for new EVs, total state + fed incentives now up to $13.5K
74 How to Leverage LCFS to Increase EV Sales for OEMS and Dealers
75 EPA 'reset' recommendation addresses RFS, LCFS
76 Lawmakers and LCFS: 'Let's make a deal'
77 KPA Unicon to deliver biomass boiler plant to Russian timber firm
78 At Sea-Tac Airport, where emissions are rising, Gov. Inslee pitches low-carbon fuel standard
79 The cost of Oregon's low-carbon fuel mandate more than doubled in 2019
80 California should let carbon market, not mandate, cut emissions | TheHill
81 Air agency drops regional fuel standard proposal
82 OptiFuel Producing Natural Gas Switchers
83 SRECTrade Launches First-Ever LCFS Credit Calculator App
84 Inslee, environmentalists want aggressive action on climate, including a clean fuel standard
85 Negative impact of RNG trucks a positive for environment
86 New Bill To Incentivize SAF Expansion | Business Aviation News
87 Fate of climate payment plans in hands of researchers
88 BP pulls out of regional oil trade organization over differences on carbon pricing, fuel standard
89 In Midwest, ethanol and electric vehicle advocates join forces on clean fuel plan
90 LCFS proposal “destroys our competitiveness”
91 To fight climate change, Washington needs a clean fuel standard
92 EU Climate Goals Are Hard To Reach Without Carbon Capture
93 CARB Attempts to Contain LCFS Credit Prices
94 LCFS pathways for biogas-based hydrogen filed with CARB
95 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard
96 New Progress Report Shows Low Carbon Fuel Standard Working
97 California to Extend Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Through 2030
98 Analysis: High credit values outweigh cost of production for US renewable distillates
99 Nodal Exchange and IncubEx to Launch First Physically Delivered Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Futures
100 The Clean Fuel Standard's impact has been overstated