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Result Content Idea Research
1 More transparency and understanding into machine behaviors
2 Researchers' algorithm designs soft robots that sense
3 Tactile textiles sense movement via touch
4 Toward deep-learning models that can reason about code more like humans
5 MIT Future of Data, Trust, and Privacy initiative launches
6 Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Research Labs In The World In 2021
7 An automated health care system that understands when to step in
8 The Development of an Algorithm that Helps Soft Robots Understand Their Surroundings
9 Robotics trends: Artificial Intelligence leads Twitter mentions in Q1 2021
10 “Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 4/16/2021
11 Robo-starfish aims to enable closer study of aquatic life
12 Real-time 3D holograms generated by artificial intelligence
13 New MIT Sloan study applies gamification techniques to improve online teaching techniques and learning outcomes for students
14 An intro to the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence
15 Smartly dressed: Researchers develop clothes that sense movement via touch
16 Top 5 Trends in Robotics
17 Algorithm finds hidden connections between paintings at the Met
18 CSAIL robot disinfects Greater Boston Food Bank
19 Seeking the cellular mechanisms of disease, with help from machine learning
20 Staying ahead of the artificial intelligence curve with help from MIT
21 What can your microwave tell you about your health?
22 Fabricating fully functional drones
23 Robust artificial intelligence tools to predict future cancer
24 "Coded Bias" Explores Blurring of Real and Imagined Artificial Intelligence | Blog | Independent Lens
25 Advancing artificial intelligence research
26 Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions
27 Less-wasteful laser-cutting
28 Professor Daniela Rus named to White House science council
29 “Liquid” machine-learning system adapts to changing conditions
30 Hossam Zaki: Innovating medical care through artificial intelligence
31 3 Questions: Thomas Malone and Daniela Rus on how AI will change work
32 National Science Foundation announces MIT-led Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions
33 Machine-learning model helps determine protein structures
34 Helping companies prioritize their cybersecurity investments
35 Marshaling artificial intelligence in the fight against Covid-19
36 MIT-Takeda program launches
37 Looking into the black box
38 A neural network learns when it should not be trusted
39 James DiCarlo named director of the MIT Quest for Intelligence
40 MIT juniors Yu Jing Chen and Max Williamson named 2021 Truman Scholars
41 Professor Antonio Torralba elected 2021 AAAI Fellow
42 Automating material-matching for movies and video games
43 Machine learning uncovers potential new TB drugs
44 Restructuring the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
45 Giving soft robots feeling
46 Shrinking massive neural networks used to model language
47 If transistors can't get smaller, then coders have to get smarter
48 System brings deep learning to “internet of things” devices
49 Building machines that better understand human goals
50 Data systems that learn to be better
51 Clip TechCrunch MIT researchers develop a new 'liquid' neural network that's better at adapting to new info (Jan. 28)
52 Clip Mashable There's finally a way to 3D print without human intervention – Future Blink (Feb. 10)
53 MIT forum examines the rise of automation in the workplace
54 Israeli MIT Professor Wins $1M Prize For AI Work In Cancer Diagnostics
55 “Doing machine learning the right way”
56 Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physics
57 Shafi Goldwasser wins L'Oréal-UNESCO Award
58 Reducing delays in wireless networks
59 Identifying a melody by studying a musician's body language
60 MIT CSAIL machine learning tool could help nursing homes predict COVID-19
61 Computer-aided creativity in robot design
62 Using AI to predict breast cancer and personalize care
63 CSAIL launches new initiative for financial technology
64 MIT Schwarzman College of Computing announces first named professorships
65 Better learning with shape-shifting objects
66 What jumps out in a photo changes the longer we look
67 Researchers virtually open and read sealed historic letters
68 Designing customized “brains” for robots
69 The world of free software clashes over accusations against its “guru” Richard Stallman
70 Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making
71 MIT seeks to resurrect 'dead' languages with machine learning
72 Suffolk Hires Wan Li Zhu as Managing Director of Suffolk Technologies
73 Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand
74 Making computers explain themselves
75 Three MIT faculty elected 2020 ACM Fellows
76 Making health care more personal
77 Automating Drug Discovery With Machine Learning
78 System detects errors when medication is self-administered
79 Letting robots manipulate cables
80 Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending April 17
81 Faculty receive funding to develop artificial intelligence techniques to combat Covid-19
82 Teaching artificial intelligence to connect senses like vision and touch
83 Sprayable user interfaces
84 Artificial intelligence in action
85 Shrinking deep learning's carbon footprint
86 Nine MIT students awarded 2021 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
87 New MIT AI Designs Robots On Its Own
88 To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language
89 Researchers develop speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware
90 MIT CSAIL tackles knitting with twin AI tools
91 Hey Alexa! Sorry I fooled you ...
92 Institute launches the MIT Intelligence Quest
93 Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Research Labs in the World
94 Learning with — and about — AI technology
95 Driving on the cutting edge of autonomous vehicle tech
96 MIT Professor Wins Top AI Award for Cancer, Drug Research
97 MIT and U.S. Air Force sign agreement to launch AI Accelerator
98 Microsoft President Brad Smith talks data, Covid-19, and a potential “digital 9/11”
99 Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic
100 Autonomous boats could be your next ride