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1 Massive Magellanic Cloud Halo Discovery Finally Explains Stream of Gas Swirling Around the Milky Way
2 The Milky Way is Already Starting to Digest the Magellanic Clouds, Starting With Their Protective Halos of Hot Gas
3 A History of the Magellanic Clouds and How They Got Their Names
4 We May Finally Know The Origins of a Mysterious Stream Circling The Milky Way
5 Massive haloes explain a massive gas stream
6 Of supernova remnants and stellar nurseries in the Large Magellanic Cloud
7 Two cosmic peacocks show violent history of the magellanic clouds
8 Meet the most extreme stars
9 An Upcoming Impact With the Magellanic Clouds is Already Causing Star Formation in the Milky Way
10 The Violent History Of The Magellanic Clouds
11 Intense Flash from Milky Way's Black Hole Illuminated Gas Far Outside of Our Galaxy
12 Large Magellanic Cloud Shines in 'Unprecedented' New Telescope Imagery
13 The detection of phosphine in Venus’ clouds is a big deal
14 Small Magellanic Cloud: A Satellite Dwarf Galaxy Neighbor
15 ATLANTIC SKIES: What's in our celestial neighbourhood?
16 VISTA unveils a new image of the Large Magellanic Cloud
17 Ultra-bright X-ray source awakens amidst Magellanic Clouds
18 Astronomers Chart 3D Structure of Magellanic Clouds | Astronomy
19 Astronomy photographer of the year (2020) winners – in pictures
20 Hubble marks 30th anniversary with spectacular peek into the Large Magellanic Cloud
21 Magellanic Clouds prove it's never too late to get active
22 Magellanic Clouds duo may have been a trio
23 Large and Small Magellanic Clouds collided!
24 Were the 2 Magellanic Clouds once 3? | Space
25 Telescope maps cosmic rays in Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
26 Astronomers Create Cosmic-Ray Maps of Magellanic Clouds | Astronomy
27 Supernova remnant dazzles in Large Magellanic Cloud – Astronomy Now
28 The Milky Way Could Crash Into Another Galaxy Billions of Years Earlier Than Predicted
29 The hunt for cosmic fireworks in the Magellanic Clouds
30 The spectacular Large Magellanic Cloud | Astronomy Essentials
31 ESO Telescope Produces Unprecedented New Images Of The Magellanic Clouds
32 Large Magellanic Cloud on Collision Course with Milky Way Galaxy | Astronomy
33 Star Performers: The Magellanic Clouds
34 Milky Way’s imminent collision with neighbouring galaxy is creating new stars
35 Milky Way Captured Few Dwarf Galaxies from Nearby Large Magellanic Cloud | Astronomy
36 A 1st glimpse of the Magellanic Clouds
37 What are Magellanic clouds?
38 Large Magellanic Cloud: Nearby Satellite Dwarf Galaxy
39 The Milky Way's satellites help reveal link between dark matter halos and galaxy formation
40 The Small Magellanic Cloud is running out of gas — fast
41 A distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud that is precise to one per cent
42 Astronomers confirm source of galaxy-sized stream of gas
43 Large Magellanic Cloud: A crowded neighborhood
44 About 3.5 Million Years Ago, a Stream of Gas Outside the Milky Way Would Have Lit Up the Night Sky
45 Reassessing an irregular spiral: A spectacular image of the Large Magellanic Cloud
46 Image: The Magellanic Clouds and an interstellar filament
47 Cosmic fireworks in the clouds: Volunteer detectives sought for Magellanic Clouds Cluster Search
48 Strange fast-moving clouds of gas may be suffocating the Milky Way
49 The Magellanic Clouds may be much larger than astronomers caluclated
50 Cosmic Rays Are Starting to Tear a Milky Way Satellite Galaxy Apart
51 43,000-Light-Year-Long Stellar Bridge Connects Magellanic Clouds | Astronomy
52 Looking Up: Magellan's cloud of stars
53 Murchison Widefield Array Maps Cosmic Rays In The Magellanic Clouds
54 The Large Magellanic Cloud comes alive in a 204 megapixel image
55 Milky Way Neighbor Galaxies Get Amazing Portraits in UV
56 Magellanic Clouds Are First-Time Visitors
57 The Milky Way kidnapped several tiny galaxies from its neighbor
58 VISTA peeks through the Small Magellanic Cloud's dusty veil
59 After a Slow Start, Milky Way's Neighbors Have Upped Their Star-Forming Game
60 Hubble Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a Tapestry of Blazing Starbirth
61 Hubble Discovers Origin of Mysterious Gas Cloud Heading toward Milky Way | Astronomy
62 Milky Way's neighbors pick up the pace
63 Hubble Explores the Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud
64 Hubble Finds Source of Magellanic Stream
65 Astronomers spy runaway star in Small Magellanic Cloud
66 Under the 'Wing' of the Small Magellanic Cloud
67 Astronomers discover a potential new satellite of the Large Magellanic Cloud
68 Hubble discovers source of Magellanic Stream
69 Astronomers Find Ultraluminous X-Ray Pulsar in Magellanic Bridge | Astronomy
70 Snake in the clouds—astronomers discover a new dwarf galaxy in the Magellanic Bridge
71 Could the Distribution of Galaxies Reveal the Universe's Invisible Web of Dark Matter?
72 It Took 1,060 Hours to Capture This Stunning Photo of the Galaxy
73 A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud
74 StarStuff space image of the week: The Magellanic Clouds captured by the Planck satellite
75 Bridge between the Magellanic Clouds discovered
76 On the origin of massive stars
77 Rivers of stars flow between ‘clouds’ orbiting the Milky Way
78 To Understand the Universe, Scientists Are Studying the Milky Way's Cosmic Neighbors
79 Scientists detect stellar streams around Magellanic Clouds
80 Hello, Small Magellanic Cloud! | Space
81 A Galactic Collision High Up in The Milky Way Creates the Birthing of Some New Stars
82 Dwarf galaxy called Small Magellanic Cloud close to Milky Way is slowly dying
83 Milky Way's nearest galaxies may be new to the neighbourhood
84 Wanted for Grand Theft Galaxy: The Milky Way
85 Confirmed: two galaxies near the Milky Way collided 'recently'
86 TESS mosaic hints at data-rich southern sky survey – Astronomy Now
87 These vivid peacock clouds were created by violent galactic interactions
88 Astronomers date an ancient Milky Way collision
89 Hubble Space Telescope Views NGC 2203 | Astronomy
90 Explore the world of galaxies
91 Things you can tell from Fermi bubbles
92 New high-mass X-ray binary detected in the Large Magellanic Cloud
93 Not long ago, the center of the Milky Way exploded: Researchers find evidence of a cataclysmic flare that punched so far out of the galaxy its impact was felt 200000 light years away
94 Impending collision of Milky Way with other galaxy is already creating new stars
95 The Magellenic Clouds Stay Connected By A String Of Stars
96 Hypervelocity Stars are 'Runaways' from Large Magellanic Cloud, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
97 The Most Detailed Radio Image of the Small Magellanic Cloud
98 Two Vast 'Peacock-Shaped' Cosmic Clouds Spotted by Astronomers in Nearby Galaxy
99 Galaxies Sparkle Above the Very Large Telescope in This Gorgeous Night-Sky Photo
100 Astronomers Witness Slow Death of Neighbouring Dwarf Galaxy