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1 eROSITA X-Ray Telescope Captures Hot, Energetic Universe | Astronomy
2 Close-up view reveals binary proto-stars in the process of assemblage
3 Physicist discusses eRosita mission
4 From lab to space: Discovery of a new organic molecule in an interstellar molecular cloud
5 Telescope in orbit maps stunning X-ray image of the universe
6 German-Russian telescope eROSITA captures our stunning universe in x-ray vision
7 A New Organic Molecule Has Been Detected in Our Galaxy's Interstellar Space
8 Cold plasma against the coronavirus
9 Telescope captures stunning X-ray view of the sky
10 ESA listens in on black hole mission
11 Successful launch for eROSITA X-ray telescope
12 Professor Reimar Lüst, has passed away, aged 97
13 Dancing With a Black Hole
14 Life's Earliest Evolution Was More Complicated Than Previously Suspected
15 German X-Ray Telescope Takes First Images of Universe. Here They Are!
16 A cosmic pretzel
17 What Powers the Most Energetic Explosions in the Universe?
18 Twin baby stars grow amongst a twisting network of gas and dust
19 New Telescope Reveals The Shockwave From a Supernova Seen Exploding 30 Years Ago
20 First Sighting Of Hot Gas Sloshing In A Galaxy Cluster
21 New X-Ray Telescope Reveals the Beauty of the Hidden Universe
22 eROSITA Launch Heralds New Era for X-ray Astronomy
23 Heavyweight in the heart of the Abell 85 central galaxy
24 ESO observations reveal black holes' breakfast at the cosmic dawn
25 Double Protostar Caught in Process of Forming | Astronomy
26 Mysterious cosmic object swallowed by black hole baffles astronomers
27 Hefty black hole holds new record for high mass
28 Update: Telescope designed to study mysterious dark energy keeps Russia's space science hopes alive
29 eROSITA travels to Russia for launch into deep space in 2018
30 Scientists Discover Strangely Moving Star Around Supermassive Black Hole, Proving Einstein's Predictions Right
31 Astronomers observe how two suns collect matter in a binary system
32 Fleets of flying telescopes and returning samples from Venus among Europe's space hopes
33 Space telescope to chart first map of the Universe in high-energy X-rays
34 Three UT Austin Faculty Elected to National Academy of Sciences
35 Astronomers Observe Two Young Suns Collecting Matter in a Binary System
36 X-ray scout sees first light
37 Milky Way Dark Matter Signals in Doubt after Controversial New Papers
38 Spektr-RG: Powerful X-ray telescope launches to map cosmos
39 Missouri S&T joins dark energy experiment to solve accelerating cosmos mystery
40 This ultra-massive black hole just broke a record
41 The satellite with X-ray vision
42 Mysterious, Dusty Objects Are Swarming the Milky Way's Core
43 Russia to launch science mission probing dark energy – Spaceflight Now
44 Top 10 All-Time Favorite Space Pics From an Astronomer in Isolation
45 Record-setting ultra-massive black hole found at heart of galaxy cluster
46 ESO's VLT telescope observes star 'dancing' around supermassive black hole...
47 X-ray satellite XMM-Newton celebrates 20 years in space
48 New outburst detected from a luminous supersoft source in a nearby galaxy
49 Rethinking Cosmology: The Universe's Expansion May Not Be Uniform
50 How to spin a disk around young protostars
51 236th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society Goes Virtual
52 Leibniz Prize awarded to Max Planck researchers
53 Gravitational Waves From Merging Neutron Stars
54 Astronomers reveal interstellar thread of one of life's building blocks
55 Stunning Images Reveal The Complex Birth of Binary Stars For The First Time
56 New simulations indicate that Jupiter's fourth-largest moon ejects water from its subsurface ocean into space
57 This huge galaxy has the biggest black hole ever measured
58 GRAVITY Instrument Breaks New Ground In Exoplanet Imaging
59 Going Deep into Black Holes
60 Star's black hole encounter puts Einstein's theory of gravity to the test
61 Astrobites at AAS 236: Day 2 | astrobites
62 Ultramassive Black Hole Found in Elliptical Galaxy Holmberg 15A | Astronomy
63 Daniel Gruen awarded 2019 Panofsky Fellowship at SLAC
64 Q&A: Black hole image researcher says 'future is bright'
65 Astrophysics: First detailed observations of material orbiting close to a black hole
66 Astronomers have discovered the largest black hole ever observed
67 New high-mass X-ray binary detected in the Large Magellanic Cloud
68 Dwarf Planet Haumea Has A Ring System
69 New space telescope to create a 3D X-ray map of Universe
70 Treasure Hunting in Archive Data Reveals Clues About Black Holes' Diet
71 How the world's biggest radio telescope could be used to search for aliens
72 Flattening the COVID-19 Curves
73 Astronomers Creep Up to the Edge of the Milky Way's Black Hole
74 X-Ray Telescope Designed for Dark Energy Search Ready to Launch
75 World's Largest Digital Sky Survey Issues Biggest Astronomical Data Release Ever
76 Physicists Closer to Solving Mystery of Weird Glowing Ring Around Milky Way's Black Hole
77 Russia ships X-ray astronomy satellite to launch site – Spaceflight Now
78 Milky Way's central black hole puts Einstein's theories to the test
79 German–Russian X-ray telescope takes off to study the dark universe
80 How to Peer Through a Wormhole
81 This Mindblowing Picture Shows a Galaxy, But Those Dots Aren't Glittering Stars
82 Mystery Object Appears Near Milky Way's Monster Black Hole
83 Very sharp and very good—successful test for the astronomical measuring instrument LUCI
84 Observing the Galaxy Distribution When the Universe Was Half Its Current Age
85 The Milky Way's Central Black Hole Is a Hot Spot for Astrophysics
86 Most detailed observations of material orbiting close to a black hole: ESO's GRAVITY instrument confirms black hole status of the Milky Way center
87 Indranil Banik
88 Massive Black Holes 'Switch On' in Galaxy Collisions
89 Galaxies as 'cosmic cauldrons': Young stars heat molecular clouds and drive hot interstellar gas bubbles throughout galaxies
90 More prizewinners of 2008
91 Search for Extraterrestrial Life Boosted by New Exoplanet Climate ‘Decoder’
92 Astronomers’ 1st close-up look near a supermassive black hole
93 Supermassive black hole is credited for dazzling display
94 Nobody knows how these baby stars got so close to our black hole
95 Black holes -- gas blowers of the Universe
96 Einsteins Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie erfolgreich getestet
97 1% Measure of the Universe Constrains Dark Energy
98 Space Telescope Science Institute to Host Data from World’s Largest Digital Sky Survey
99 Behind the scenes of protostellar disc formation – Astronomy Now
100 Martin Krause