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1 Some mouse sperm try to sabotage rivals in race to fertilise the egg
2 Some Sperms Poison Their Competitors: A Genetic Factor Helps Sperm Cells Outcompete Their Peers
3 Searching for novel targets for new antibiotics
4 Noncoding DNA shown to underlie function, cause limb malformations | National Academy of Sciences
5 Researchers explore early stages of ribosome formation to identify new targets for antibiotics
6 Really random networks
7 Editorial Working Groups
8 Sperm use poison to disable competitors
9 Dresden scientists help setting new standards for cutting-edge genetic research
10 Selfish sperm genes 'poison' the competition for the win
11 Devious sperm 'poison' their rivals, forcing them to swim in circles until they die
12 Cre-controlled CRISPR: Conditional gene inactivation just got easier
13 Rare congenital malformation caused by epigenetic mechanism in previously mysterious genome sequences
14 'Poisonous' sperm may offer clues to a common medical problem
15 How plants stabilize their water pipes
16 Getting to the core of nuclear speckles
17 Fierce competition
18 Intelligence deficit: Conclusion from the mouse to the human being
19 Cell diversity in the embryo: Epigenetic factors control the development of an organism
20 2020 Annual Faculty Awards Honored Scholars for Teaching, Advising, Research Excellence
21 Vincerx Pharma Strengthens Management Team with Three New Appointments
22 DNA repeats -- the genome's dark matter
23 Embryonic Development in a Petri Dish
24 Moles: Intersexual and genetically doped: Duplications and inversions of DNA segments lead to the masculinization of female moles
25 Role of Serotonin in The Developing Brain
26 Researchers identify rare genetic syndrome caused by gene mutations
27 Neanderthal-inspired 'minibrains' hint at what makes modern humans special
28 Happiness and the evolution of brain size: Serotonin can act as a growth factor for the stem cells in the fetal human brain that determine brain size
29 What it takes to be the first woman on the Moon
30 Max Plank scientists stem cell research with flatworm
31 Keeping sperm cells on track
32 The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe
33 How bits of 'glass' take shape inside a cell
34 Hyman to Present Keith Porter Lecture at Cell Bio Virtual 2020
35 Epigenetics and cell diversity in the embryo
36 Genomic Basis of Bat Superpowers Could Provide New Insights into Coronavirus Resistance
37 Mouse embryonic stem cells self-organize into trunk-like structures with neural tube and somites
38 Human brain size gene triggers bigger brain in monkeys
39 Two Nobel Prize wins for Max Planck Society
40 Happiness and the Evolution of the Human Neocortex
41 Breaks in the genome
42 Human evolutionary timeline: Key moments in the emergence of our species
43 Molecular atlases reveal how human cells develop and grow
44 New mechanism underlying male infertility
45 An Evolutionary Timeline of Homo Sapiens | Science
46 Six reference-quality genomes reveal evolution of bat adaptations
47 Ancient DNA Sequences Spell Out Population History in Eastern Eurasian Steppe Region
48 Developmental Biologist Suzanne Eaton Found Dead in Greece
49 Patrick Cramer receives the 2021 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine
50 27-Year-Old Suspect Charged in Murder of Max Planck Institute Scientist
51 Pioneering new Max Planck Schools aim to attract Ph.D. students to Germany
52 Female Moles Grow Testicles to Fight Through Their Brutal Underground Existence
53 New molecular atlases reveal how human cells grow and develop
54 Max Planck Institute Honors Murdered Scientist
55 Swiss army knife for genome research
56 New Data on Genetic Expression In Severe COVID-19, Pre-Existing Immune Response
57 Here’s the science behind happiness and the evolution of brain size
58 UCD professor asked to resign from EU committee over Covid-19 claims
59 New chemical tools can control the concentration of lipids in living cells
60 Glycylation essential to keep sperm swimming in a straight line, shows study
61 Cellink to Acquire Scienion for €80M
62 Molecular Condensates in Cells May Hold Keys to Life's Regulation
63 Scientists successfully implanted human genes into monkeys to increase their brain mass
64 SARS-CoV-2-reactive T cells in healthy donors and patients with COVID-19
65 Uh-Oh, Scientists Used Human Genes to Make Monkey Brains Bigger
66 Mapping of the canary genome
67 How different plants can share their genetic material with each other
68 Sloppy science or groundbreaking idea? Theory for how cells organize contents divides biologists
69 Sarah-Maria Fendt and Markus Ralser awarded EMBO Gold Medal 2020
70 Leukemia drugs hold promise for treatment-resistant lung cancer
71 The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals
72 A matter of balance: asymmetric divisions are crucial to form a functional retina
73 CRISPR and Nanopore Sequencing Shed New Light on Genome's Dark Matter
74 Illuminating Genetic Dark Matter
75 Ozlem Tastan Bishop – The Conversation
76 LifeTime and improving European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine
77 The lipid code
78 Former Harvard researcher who harassed postdoc sparks row at Italian institute
79 Eerie Planet of the Apes experiment sees scientists insert human genes in monkey brain
80 Study unravels key behind bat’s superpowers
81 Greek man admits to murder of US biologist in Crete
82 Mole genome reveals why females have both ovaries and testicles
83 Global Single-cell Sequencing Services and Technologies Market Report 2020-2030 Featuring Patent Analysis and Profiles of Service Providers & Technology Providers
84 Proteins in motion
85 EMBO welcomes thirty Young Investigators
86 Could Longer Gestation Be the Cause of Bigger Brains?
87 Can the common cold give you immunity to Covid-19?
88 Tiny liquid droplets are driving a cell biology rethink
89 ERC Synergy Project studies drug tolerance in intractable fungal infections
90 Oldest connection with Native Americans identified near Lake Baikal in Siberia
91 Human mobility and Western Asia's early state-level societies
92 Rare Insights: Arndt Rolfs, CENTOGENE
93 The brain's protein factories at work: Detailed structure of ribosomes in nerve cells revealed
94 At the crossroads
95 Princeton University professor discovers clues to Alzheimer's disease, wins largest unrestricted scientific prize
96 Genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
97 By Losing Genes, Life Often Evolved More Complexity
98 Human-Specific Gene Causes a Larger Neocortex in Monkeys
99 Biogen alums, MacArthur 'genius' launch new biotech with $50M
100 Female moles are intersex — they have testicle-like tissue that helps them grow big and tough