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1 Chinese Solar Telescope Reveals Acceleration of Magnetic Reconnection From a Nearby Filament Eruption
2 Asteroids are born big
3 News . NASA's InSight Detects Two Sizable Quakes on Mars
4 The James Webb Space Telescope's First Year of Extraordinary Science Has Been Revealed
5 Where did Mars's liquid water go? A new theory holds fresh clues.
6 Long-awaited Review Reveals Journey Of Water From Interstellar Clouds To Habitable Worlds
7 “Meteorological Beast in Our Solar System” – Powerful Stratospheric Winds Measured on Jupiter for the First Time
8 There might be many planets with water-rich atmospheres: Study finds way that hot, rocky planets in other systems could form and keep atmospheres
9 Sun is less active than similar stars
10 Gigantic, red and full of spots
11 Perovskite solar module with 17% efficiency – pv magazine International
12 Arrokoth: Flattening of a snowman
13 Scientists Find a 'Mirror Image' of Our Solar System
14 Scientists uncover warehouse-full of complex molecules never before seen in space
15 Stars and planets grow up together as siblings
16 Motions in the Sun reveal inner workings of sunspot cycle
17 New exoplanet system is ‘mirror image’ of Earth and sun
18 Some planets may be better for life than Earth | WSU Insider | Washington State University
19 Detailing the Formation of Distant Solar Systems with Webb Telescope
20 How to design organic solar cell materials
21 First global map of rockfalls on the Moon
22 Microscopic structures could improve perovskite solar cells
23 Solar activity reconstructed over a millennium
24 Scientists May Have Discovered A Near Mirror Image of Earth and
25 Finding small (and invisible) planets in other solar systems
26 Scientists Find New Signs of Alien Life on Mars and Elsewhere in Solar System
27 A space-time crystal
28 Mars . InSight Is Meeting the Challenge of Winter on Dusty Mars
29 Study Suggests Sun Less Active than Similar Stars
30 Alien 'super-Earth' may offer clues about atmospheres on distant worlds
31 NASA, ESA to Release First Images from Solar Orbiter Mission
32 Solar Orbiter Returns First Data, Snaps Closest Pictures of the Sun
33 News | NASA's InSight Will Study Mars While Standing Still
34 News | NASA Engineers Checking InSight's Weather Sensors
35 Quantum computers seeking power hone their networking skills
36 Planets and stars could form as 'siblings' at the same time – Physics World
37 The Mars InSight Landing Site Is Just Plain Perfect
38 News . Comet Discovered to Have Its Own Northern Lights
39 New 'Super-Earth' Discovery Could Teach Scientists About Life On Other Planets
40 Wage rise for Max Planck PhD candidates approved
41 18 Earth-sized exoplanets discovered
42 New Eyes on the Sun
43 Dwarf planet Ceres is geologically alive
44 Solar Activity Reconstructed Over a Millennium – Sun’s Eleven-Year Cycle Traced Back to the Year 969
45 NASA's Dawn: Highlighting Bright Areas of Ceres
46 Some of the earliest organic materials ever found have been uncovered in meteorites
47 NASA Brings Mars Landing to Viewers Everywhere
48 Simulations reveal that rocky super-Earths with thin atmospheres are often protected by a Jupiter-like planet
49 First Global Map of Rockfalls on the Moon Shows Billions of Years Old Landscapes Are Still Changing
50 Turbulent convection at the heart of stellar activity
51 Editorial Working Groups
52 Final Descent Images from Rosetta Spacecraft
53 Planetary Scientists Create First Global Map of Lunar Rockfalls | Planetary Science, Space Exploration
54 What are chemical signs of life beyond Earth?
55 News . NASA InSight's 'Mole' Ends Its Journey on Mars
56 Planetary waves similar to those that control weather on Earth discovered on sun
57 How bits of 'glass' take shape inside a cell
58 Starspots: Revving up the variability of solar-like stars
59 News . 3 Things We've Learned From NASA's Mars InSight
60 Climate change threatens European forests
61 Slime moulds' memories are totally tubular : Research Highlights
62 Our Sun is Weirdly Quiet Compared to Other Stars Like It
63 NASA InSight's 'Mole' Is Out of Sight
64 World's first video of a space-time crystal
65 Titan's atmosphere recreated in an Earth laboratory
66 Solar hydrogen: Let's consider the stability of photoelectrodes
67 Could carbon-foam probes bring interstellar flight within reach?
68 Max-Planck-Princeton partnership in fusion research confirmed
69 Starspot study sheds light on why some red giants spin faster than others – Physics World
70 Photosynthesis in a droplet: Researchers develop an artificial chloroplast
71 InSight Challenges: Mars Dust Forces NASA Changes to Keep the Lander Safe
72 Research breakthrough could transform clean energy technology
73 Astronomers identify 24 possible superhabitable worlds | Space
74 Computer scientists: We wouldn't be able to control super intelligent machines
75 The web of death
76 SOFIA Begins Science Flights From Germany
77 What planets should we search to find alien life?
78 Astronomers Discover A Star-Planet System Quite Similar To The Sun And Earth
79 NYU Tandon dean emeritus Katepalli Sreenivasan appointed to the Max Planck Solar System Research Institute as an external scientific member
80 Planet identified that is more suitable for life than Earth •
81 Israeli company SCD's sensor to be used for exploring the solar system
82 TESS Research Updates: Hunting for Worlds Beyond Our Solar System
83 Four InGaAs sensor modules form a 12 Mpixel SWIR camera for the Swedish Solar Telescope
84 Strange rings around protostar suggests planets form earlier than thought
85 Transforming clean energy technology
86 What Earth Owes to Black Holes
87 Astronomers Discover 18 New Small Exoplanets in Kepler Data | Astronomy
88 Habitability Is A Continuous Property Of Nature
89 Mass loss driven shape evolution model unveils formation of flattened 'snowman' (486958) Arrokoth
90 Super-Earth exoplanets often have giant ‘Jupiter’ bodyguards
91 NASA's InSight Flexes Its Arm While Its 'Mole' Hits Pause
92 Blood test for multiple cancers studied in 10000 women, and is our Sun boring?
93 The underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
94 Astronomers Discover 18 Earth-Sized Planets Beyond Our Solar System
95 UC Berkeley's Reinhard Genzel awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
96 Swirl power: How gentle body movement will charge your mobile phone
97 Sun-Powered Chemistry Can Turn Carbon Dioxide into Common Materials
98 Dr. Vitali Müller receives a 2020 Zeldovich Medal
99 Springer Nature and Max Planck reach landmark open access deal in Germany
100 NASA takes first step to allow computers to decide what to tell us in search for life on Mars