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1 Mayo Finds Convalescent Plasma Safe for Diverse Patients with COVID-19
2 Coronary calcium scoring: Personalized preventive care for those most at risk
3 New Peer-Reviewed Study Finds That Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships and Drive Patient Satisfaction
4 Transfusions of COVID Survivor Blood a Safe Treatment for Patients
5 Telehealth shows promise for fostering better doc-patient relationships
6 Top news stories from AMA Morning Rounds®: Week of June 15, 2020
7 Fever checks can't catch all Covid-19 cases. Smell tests might help
8 U.S. Seeks Large-Scale Expansion of Blood-Plasma Collection for Covid-19
9 Fever checks are flawed for flagging COVID-19. Are smell tests better?
10 Big Pharma Sues to Block Minnesota Insulin Affordability Law
11 Symptoms of folate deficiency and what it could mean
12 Mortality Estimates in Elderly Atherosclerosis Patients Improved By Knowledge of Exercise Habits
13 Exercising Leads to a Longer Life, Even If You Have Plaque in Your Arteries
14 False-negative COVID-19 test results may lead to false sense of security
15 Physical Activity, Atherosclerosis Levels Predict Mortality Outcome Among Patients With Cardiovascular Disease
16 FDA Emergency Authorization: IgG/IgM Rapid Coronavirus Diagnostic
17 Keep exercising: New study finds it's good for your brain's gray matter
18 Structured, salary-only compensation plan for physicians is a model for pay equity
19 Outpatient COVID-19 clues
20 Mayo Clinic outlines approach for patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death in COVID-19
21 Mayo Clinic study links EHR usability with clinician burnout
22 Diabetes can independently lead to heart failure, population study shows
23 Detachable Adhesive Is Like an Ouch-Free Band-Aid for Internal Organs
24 FCC doles out $100 million to enhance telehealth services
25 Atrial fibrillation is associated with syncope and falls in older adults
26 Your heart's best friend: Dog ownership associated with better cardiovascular health
27 Nuremberg Code Addresses Experimentation, Not Vaccines
28 Latest on COVID-19 in MN: Death count continues to ebb
29 Covid-19 Research Opens to Little-Studied Group: Pregnant Patients
30 Study links diabetes to increased risk for heart failure
31 Doctors give their EHRs an F for usability
32 Study: Cardiorespiratory Exercise Improves Brain Health, Decelerates Decline in Gray Matter | Medicine, Physiology
33 Mayo Clinic highlights the impact of false-negative COVID-19 test results
34 Medications underused in treating opioid addiction, Mayo Clinic expert says
35 Mayo Clinic is studying antimalarial drug for COVID-19 treatment
36 Latest evidence that celiac disease runs in families prompts Mayo Clinic doctors to call for more screening
37 CBD products, hemp oil may be helpful but more research is needed, Mayo Clinic review says
38 Study finds associations between rheumatoid arthritis, other diseases before and after diagnosis
39 Earlier detection of women's vascular health issues can affect heart disease risk
40 Connecting the dots between heart disease, potential for worse COVID-19 outcomes
41 Evidence suggests that ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers may improve prognosis in COVID-19 hypertensive patients
42 Mayo's Structured Compensation Model Tackles Gender Pay Inequality
43 Exercise levels can help doctors predict risk of heart disease and death among elderly
44 Mayo Clinic cardiologist: 'Inexcusable' to ignore hydroxychloroquine side effects
45 Complementary and Integrative Medicine Use Common in Fibromyalgia, Study Says
46 John Juergens, Mayo Clinic cardiovascular specialist, dies at 94
47 Many Migraineurs Forgo Prescription Pain Medication
48 Chronic kidney disease patients at increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes
49 Mayo Clinic patient takes first steps toward a medical breakthrough
50 Physician burnout rate decreases
51 Doctors give electronic health records an 'F' | News Center
52 Mayo Clinic Research Shows Stem Cells May Treat Paralysis
53 Cardiorespiratory fitness assessment improves accuracy of health predictions
54 Stem cell therapy shows promise for the first time in spinal cord injury
55 HealthDay Reports: COVID-19 Roundup for the Week of June 8-June 12
56 Who Wins in Salary-Only Physician Compensation Plans?
57 Outpatient COVID-19 clues: What can we learn from people with coronavirus who seek care at outpatient clinics?
58 'Start low, go slow' still applies for pain management, especially for older patients
59 Mayo Clinic researchers develop prediction tool for kidney stones
60 Mayo Clinic cardiologist warns against unsupervised off-label drug use to combat coronavirus
61 There's a 25% pay gap in medicine. Here's how Mayo almost closed it.
62 Spinal cord injury increases risk for mental health disorders
63 Dyspnea and COVID-19: It's All in the Timing
64 Diabetes patients may be taking more glucose-lowering medication than needed •
65 Mayo Clinic: ‘Start low, go slow’ still applies for pain management, especially for older patients
66 Mayo study finds Electronic Health Records less user-friendly than Excel
67 Fact check: Ear loop masks — even homemade cloth masks — offer protection against COVID-19
68 VIDEO: Chip Lavie, MD on ACE Inhibitors and ARBs in Hypertensive COVID-19 Patients
69 Mayo Clinic: CBD oils may be helpful, but more research is needed
70 Cardio Exercise Can Improve Brain Function, New Mayo Clinic Study Says
71 Kidney stones on the rise, Mayo Clinic study finds
72 Coronavirus: Risks of using malaria drugs off-label to treat COVID-19
73 COVID-19: Do We Have Enough Lab Specialists for Mass Testing?
74 Antimalarials widely used against COVID-19 heighten risk of cardiac arrest. How can doctors minimize the danger?
75 Exercise Levels Can Help Doctors Predict Risk of Heart Disease and Death Among Older Adults
76 New method helps screen COVID-19 patients at risk from drug-induced heart attack
77 Here’s How Your VO2 Max and Your Lifespan May Be Related
78 Homeless people receive less treatment in hospitals for heart attacks, have higher readmission rates
79 Antihypertensive drugs may protect against COVID-19 in heart patients
80 Fast Walkers Longer Lives
81 Certified nurse-midwives lead collaborative care model as solution to obstetrician shortage
82 What Will It Take to Lower the Cost of Insulin in the US?
83 Better understanding of transgender and nonbinary biology benefits patients
84 Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin Combination Found to Prolong QTc Without Clinically Relevant Consequences
85 The Future of Voice Tech in Healthcare: Chatbots With Empathy?
86 Missing MIs; COVID-19 CV Registry; Pediatric Resuscitation Guide
87 COVID-19: Hypertension, Angiotensin Link
88 Study: Structured, salary-only plan for physicians is a model for pay equity
89 New study shows major link between exercise and brain health
90 Calls for Action on Dwindling Medication Supplies for COVID-19
91 Physician Burnout Is Widespread, Especially Among Those in Midcareer
92 Study Reveals Potential Dangers, Application of QTc Monitoring for COVID-19
93 Physician Burnout Eases, But Much Work Remains to be Done
94 Diabetes Overtreatment in Complex Patients Common, Dangerous
95 Community Conversation: A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul
96 Accuracy of COVID-19 tests coming to market uncertain
97 Mayo Experts Develop Reliable Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures
98 Dogs are Good for Your Heart Health: Study | Medicine
99 Mayo Clinic discovers biological markers that could guide treatment for prostate cancer
100 Diabetes Independently Linked to Increased Heart Failure