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1 Celebrate the new Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery building on Nov. 6
2 A new era begins for meat industry research and education
3 MSU faculty, administrators celebrate completion of Poultry Science Building
4 Mississippi State completes Poultry Science Building
5 UW-Madison's 'All Ways Forward' fundraising campaign extended
6 Wisconsin Foundation, Alumni Association: All Ways Forward campaign extended
7 MSU Groundbreaking and MSU Ribbon Cutting for New Buildings, UM Oxford Science Cafe
8 Facing supply chain challenges, UW–Madison meat science program partners with Vita Plus to distribute surplus pork to food pantries
9 Regents OK $32.6 million in UW-Madison construction overruns (UPDATE)
10 UW-Madison meat science lab, Vita Plus partner to get pork to pantries
11 Aleph Farms Looks To Take Its Lab-Grown Food Production To Space
12 Animal Science Faculty Member Kelly Vierck Receives AMSA Student Teacher 'Cleaver' Award
13 Tour highlighted MSU meat-processing ability
14 A new spin on lab-grown meat
15 Coronavirus pandemic disrupts UW's swine program, leads to service partnership
16 Despite challenges, MSU, Keenum remain focused on university's vital mission
17 Why cultivated meat is about to have its Tesla Roadster moment
18 Don't look now, but we could soon be growing steaks and pork loins in a lab
19 MSU faculty, administrators celebrate completion of Animal and Dairy Sciences Building
20 Real texture for lab-grown meat: Researchers grow muscle cells on edible fibers
21 Gen Z not ready to eat lab-grown meat: 72% of Gen Z don't want to eat it
22 Best Leaky Gut Supplements: Buy Natural Gut Healing Products
23 Are You Ready to Eat Meat Grown in a Lab?
24 Lab-grown meat: The promising alternative that may be years away from appearing on dinner plates
25 The Tissue Challenge: Four scientists explain what happens when you combine biology, engineering, medicine, physics, and chemistry
26 Two Austin Women Hope to Build the First Lab-Grown Brisket
27 Lab-grown meat can be genetically enhanced with plant nutrients
28 How an undergraduate paper helped launch the cultured meat industry
29 Graduate Ag Research Spotlight: Derico Setyabrata | Purdue University News & Stories
30 UW-Madison butcher shop expands its hours
31 Soy and wheat proteins helpful for building aging muscles, but not as potent as animal protein
32 New club aims to improve students' pipetting, laboratory skills
33 Scientists create first roadmap of human skeletal muscle development: Findings could lead to better methods for creating muscle cells from stem cells
34 Out of the lab and into your frying pan: the advance of cultured meat
35 Scientists Improve the Texture and Color of Lab Grown Meat
36 Cullen promotes Pearson to chief estimator in Janesville Division
37 Do We Need Animals To Make Meat?
38 More spending approved for UW
39 GMO barley could help produce key lab-grown meat ingredient
40 Getting Into the Meat of Lab-Grown Meat — The Wake
41 Students sell steaks to get a taste of the meat industry
42 Scientists Are Literally Spinning Up Lab-Grown Meat
43 Texas Tech Claims National Championship at Reciprocal Meat Conference
44 Bids going out for nearly $50M fieldhouse at UW-La Crosse
45 Gilbane builds leadership team with 2 hires – The Daily Reporter – WI Construction News & Bids
46 Artificial energy source for muscle: Synthesizing an alternative fuel for muscle could lead to medical advances
47 7 years after the first lab-grown burger, is 'cultivated meat' any closer to commercialization?
48 This Startup Is Growing Sushi-Grade Salmon From Cells in a Lab
49 KFC developing lab-grown chicken nuggets
50 Strong markets for cultured meat across meat-reducing Germany and France
51 Scientists enhance color and texture of cultured meat: Cultured meat could reduce resources required in meat production, with a smaller environmental footprint relative to animal farming
52 At the Intersection of Math and Biology, Sindi Lab Sees a Breakthrough in Prion Disease | Newsroom
53 Beyond burgers: Why it's so difficult to create 'animal free' steaks, bacon and chicken cutlets
54 CRISPR cows could boost sustainable meat production, but regulations and wary consumers stand in the way
55 MSU unveils new animal and dairy science building
56 From muscle to meal, this is the journey meat takes
57 Lab grown meat: A meat with multiple benefits | FNB News
58 TTU animal & food sciences expert earns AMSA 2020 Distinguished Research Award
59 Fishcakes In Space? How One Biotech Startup Is Growing Far-Out Food
60 Researchers engineer cow muscle cells to produce plant nutrients
61 A startup just announced the world’s first fake-meat “steaks” made from fungi. Are we ready?
62 $220 million building boom on UW-Madison campus will modernize chemistry and agriculture facilities
63 First meat grown in space lab 248 miles from Earth
64 Meat Industry Hall of Fame to induct four on May 3
65 University commemorates opening of new Animal and Dairy Sciences Building
66 UW building plans luring big donors from dairy, meat industries
67 Researchers using tissue engineering to create lab-grown meat
68 Vegan eggs, lab-grown beef jerky and 10 other alternative proteins we could be eating soon
69 Would you eat lab-created fish? This startup is carving new path in 'alt-meat' industry
70 How Is Synthetic Food Actually Made?
71 FUTURE PROOF: Lab-grown salmon sashimi, anyone?
72 Plant Proteins Can Build Aging Muscle but Aren't as Potent as Meat
73 Insect shows promise as a good, sustainable food source
74 Edible insects? Lab-grown meat? The real future food is lab-grown insect meat: Cultured insect tissue could combine the planet-saving best of insect farming, GM livestock, labriculture and plant-based meat substitutes
75 Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Lab-grown Meat
76 City Week Ahead – 10/26/20
77 The robotics revolution is here, and it's changing how we live
78 Texas Tech research receives beef grant | 2019-09-16 | MEAT+POULTRY
79 Advances in Cell Line Development for Neurodegenerative Diseases
80 Mini-organs could offer treatment hope for children with intestinal failure
81 Blood vessel growth in muscle is reduced in women after menopause
82 Advancements in meat sciences leads to award, national appointment for CABNR's Amilton de Mello
83 So far cultured meat has been burgers – the next big challenge is animal-free steaks
84 Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory? Here's how it works
85 Researchers use snake venom to solve structure of muscle protein: Detail of nicotinic receptor involved in muscle contraction revealed through cryo-EM technology
86 Inside Cameron Semper's efforts to reimagine cultured seafood
87 The to-do list for 'clean' meat
88 Mission: Impossible (burger) | Hub
89 Soy protein could help turn lab-grown steaks into realistic beef alternatives
90 FDA tries to take the reins on regulating cultured meat
91 Did these scientists just create the first lab-grown human breast milk?
92 Designing tomorrow’s burger
93 Synthetic compound could serve as prototype for novel class of drugs to treat neurological damage
94 What is plant-based, genetically engineered "fake meat" and why is it being developed?
95 Fishcakes In Space? How One Biotech Startup Is Fermenting Far-Out Food
96 Lab-Grown Meat In Supermarkets Is Closer Than You Think, Thanks To Growth Medium Breakthrough
97 Madison's building landscape shaped by J.P. Cullen for more than a century
98 Researchers reverse muscle fibrosis from overuse injury in animals, hope for human trials
99 Growing fish in space: Lab-grown tuna could feed astronauts of the future
100 Got Impossible Milk? The Quest for Lab-Made Dairy