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Result Content Idea Research
1 Postdoc in Regulation of Proteostasis
2 Best Colleges To Study Medicine in Austria for 2021
3 Quantum magic squares: Quantum magic squares cannot be as easily characterized as their 'classical' cousins
4 Local Hospitals Still Have a Role in Treating Severe Stroke
5 Proposal to install spyware in university libraries to protect copyrights shocks academics
6 Almost half in virus-hit Austria ski resort have antibodies: study
7 Austria places Innsbruck hotel under lockdown over coronavirus
8 COVID-19 patients suffer long-term lung and heart damage but it can improve with time
9 Race, COVID and the Washington Post
10 The genetic structure of SARS‐CoV‐2 does not rule out a laboratory origin
11 EIB Group adopts Climate Bank Roadmap and approves € 400 million for COVAX initiative to ensure global access to COVID-19 vaccine, part of € 7.8 billion for COVID-19 support, transport, water and cities
12 Muscle involvement in SARS‐CoV‐2 infection
13 STROKE-CARD care to prevent cardiovascular events and improve quality of life after acute ischaemic stroke or TIA: A randomised clinical trial
14 Release of 216 SARS-CoV-2 genomes provides insights into transmission cluster in Austria
15 Innsbruck bolsters COVID-19 early warning system
16 Effects of the COVID 19 shutdown on the air quality in Innsbruck
17 New data independently confirms and extends laboratory findings and expands safety profile of ATH434
18 The WMA Declaration of Geneva in times of Covid-19: an urgent ethical call
19 Parkinson's Ups the Odds for Dangerous Falls, But Prevention Is Key
20 Austria begins reopening after 'very early and very harsh' lockdown
21 COVID-19 Frequently Causes Neurological Injuries | NYU Langone News
22 Clinicogenomic factors of biotherapy immunogenicity in autoimmune disease: A prospective multicohort study of the ABIRISK consortium
23 Study highlights need for structured follow-up of COVID-19 survivors
24 Persisting alterations of iron homeostasis in COVID-19 are associated with non-resolving lung pathologies and poor patients' performance: a prospective observational cohort study
25 Blood Pressure Linked With Fall Risk in Patients With Parkinson Disease
26 Calcium channel subunits play a major role in autism spectrum disorders
27 Cause or Casualty: the essential and risky role of the police at times of COVID-19
28 Mutation mechanism discovered for neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer
29 Transient Orthostatic Hypotension Common in Parkinson Disease
30 Ski, Party, Seed a Pandemic: The Travel Rules That Let Covid-19 Take Flight
31 Key details about broadly neutralizing antibodies provide insights for universal flu vaccine
32 Exploring data transparency and quality measurements in Austrian healthcare system
33 Meaning in life and self-control protect against stress during COVID-19 pandemic
34 CRT may improve sleep apnea in pacing-induced cardiomyopathy
35 Risk-Adapted Therapy Prevents Fungal Infections in Childhood Leukemia
36 40% of People Living in Ischgl Ski Resort Have Covid-19 Antibodies
37 An Anti-Nausea Drug Alleviates Non-Motor Parkinson's... : Neurology Today
38 New method prevents quantum computers from crashing: Loss of individual qubits doesn't disrupt the quantum computer anymore
39 Viruses on glaciers highlight evolutionary mechanism to overcome host defenses
40 Coronavirus Researchers Discover How COVID-19 May Trigger Fatal Levels of Lung Inflammation
41 People are suing Austria for failing to prevent a mass coronavirus outbreak at a ski resort
42 The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition Awards Five New Research Grants and Surpasses $2 Million in Total MSA Research Funding
43 UVA Creates Important New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines
44 APEIRON Biologics licences MaxCyte's electroporation platform
45 COVID-19 'ICU' risk – 20-fold greater in the Vitamin D Deficient. BAME, African Americans, the Older, Institutionalised and Obese, are at greatest risk. Sun and 'D'-supplementation – Game-changers? Research urgently required.
46 CAR-T cell therapy
47 New gene therapy for epilepsy provides on-demand release of endogenous substance: Preclinical study shows long-term suppression of seizures
48 An important new tool for developing COVID-19 treatments, vaccines
49 THE Young University Rankings 2020: millennial universities
50 Investigators find remains that could be those of 43 missing students
51 The Importance of Research on Rare Diseases
52 COVID-19 in children and adolescents in Europe: a multinational, multicentre cohort study
53 The lasting misery of coronavirus long-haulers
54 Dr. Concin on the Rationale for the LIO-1 Trial in Advanced Gynecologic Malignancies
55 Coronavirus diaries: a new year for science
56 NYU Langone Health: COVID-19 Frequently Causes Neurological Injuries
58 Having purpose in life helps people deal with COVID-19 stress
59 APEIRON Biologics Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial of APN01 for Treatment of COVID-19
60 Boehringer's schizophrenia med boosts cognition in phase 2
61 Alpine resort residents may have high Covid-19 immunity
62 Studies Suggest COVID-19 Could Become Seasonal Virus, Other News
63 APEIRON Biologics initiates phase II clinical trial in EU of COVID-19 therapy
64 New Gene Therapy Has Success in Treating Epileptic Seizures
65 Climbing Mount Everest may lead to psychosis: Study
66 Preclinical Study of Gene Therapy for Epilepsy Shows Long-term Suppression of Seizures
67 IU Angel Network invests $35000 in SummaForte, a stealth-mode startup
68 Humans and climate drove giants of Madagascar to extinction
69 Heart and Lung Damage from COVID-19 Can Improve Over Time If Rehab Starts Early
70 Cooling magnets with sound: Quantum physicists are proposing to cool microparticles with sound waves
71 Cochlear implants should be recommended for adults more often
72 COVID-19 Pulmonary, Cardiac Symptoms Persist for Weeks in Severe Patients
73 Musicologist Named to Prestigious Mahler Research Center
74 The End Of Après Ski–Can Ski Resorts Survive?
75 Dr. Concin on the Patient Population in the LIO-1 Trial in Advanced Gynecologic Malignancies
76 MCI Management Center Innsbruck: MCI Executive PHD Program Starts for the Fourth Time
77 Lp(a) reduction goals may have been overestimated in previous trials
78 Austria reinstates disgraced doctor
79 Cattle vs. hippopotamus: Dung in rivers of the Savannah
80 Machine That Keeps Livers Alive for a Week Can Repair Damaged Organs
81 5 European nations report virus cases with Italy link
82 Austrian agency shows how to tackle scientific misconduct
83 Male authors boost research impact through self-hyping studies
84 vasopharm Announces Last Patient Last Visit in NOSTRA III Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Trial
85 Biomedical Scientists Create a New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments & Vaccines
86 Q Fever Endocarditis and C. burnetii Infections in Greece
87 New protocol identifies fascinating quantum states: Method can be directly applied in existing experimental platforms
88 NeuroCOVID: it's time to join forces globally
89 Transient Orthostatic Hypotension Commonly Found in Parkinson Disease
90 Owlstone Medical releases positive study results on use of breath biopsy for better liver disease diagnosis
91 Berger '19 receives Fulbright for cancer research
92 ISPOR Short Course Program Now Offered Virtually
93 A call for a global COVID-19 Neuro Research Coalition
94 Details about broadly neutralizing antibodies provide insights for universal flu vaccine
95 Fulbright Fellowships · Connecticut College News
96 How particulate matter arises from pollutant gases: International research project observes ultrafast particle growth through ammonia and nitric acid
97 Who benefits from a defibrillator? ECG procedure indicates whether an implantable defibrillator will extend a patient's life
98 Ending coronavirus lockdowns will be a dangerous process of trial and error
99 ColdQuanta Awarded Contract of up to $7.4M from DARPA to Accelerate Development of Scalable Cold Atom Quantum Computers
100 EAN consensus statement for management of patients with neurological diseases during the COVID‐19 pandemic