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1 Tesla won't cut Model 3 price, new smaller car will be to woo more buyers
2 Tesla Model 3 with 100,000 miles shows extreme low cost and minimal battery degradation
3 Video: Tesla Model 3 plows dummy pedestrian in automatic brake test
4 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Takes on Racetrack, Brakes Happy It's Just One Lap
5 Are Cheaper Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Vehicles Coming Soon?
6 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance Takes Down 1969 Coronet at the Track
7 Tesla Model 3 Bucks Trend of Electric Vehicles Depreciating Rapidly
8 Wawa Announces Tesla Model 3 Lease Sweepstakes for Virginia Residents
9 The MINI Cooper Electric beats the Tesla Model 3 only a single area
10 Tesla to update Model 3 center console, steering wheel, add heat pump and more, rumor says
11 Tesla Model 3 Holds Up Surprisingly Well After 100,000 Miles
12 Tesla to export Model 3 made-in-China cars, something Elon Musk said they wouldn’t do
13 Holland police detectives getting Tesla Model 3
14 Watch A Tesla Model 3 Run Down A Pedestrian Dummy
15 Tesla Wants an EV Smaller Than the Model 3
16 Tesla Model 3 is revealed as the UK’s most popular electric car
17 Tesla launches $2,000 ‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade on Model Y
18 Review: Polestar 2, a Tesla Model 3 rival with Volvo roots
19 Watch a Tesla Model 3 F ail an Automatic Braking Test and Vaporize a Robot Pedestrian
20 Tesla Model 3 poised for power liftgate, center console upgrade, new ‘frunk,’ and more
21 Here's How You Could Win a 2020 Tesla Model 3 For Free
22 Tesla Model 3 named most reliable electric and executive car
23 Tesla Model 3 Crashed on Friday, Rebuilt on Saturday, Driven to Second in Pikes Peak on Sunday
24 TMZ's Giving Away a New Tesla, Enter to Win Now!
25 Neta Eureka 03 Concept Answers The Call Of The Tesla Model 3
26 Anti-Tesla Talking Point Crushed By UK Survey — Tesla Model 3 Is Reliability King
27 New Tesla video shows Model 3 cars being made inside its China factory
28 Video Really Puts The Tesla Model 3 Vs Polestar 2 Debate Into Perspective
29 Tesla Model 3 isn't China's top selling EV -- it's a GM vehicle
30 Watch Tesla Model 3 Tackle Death Valley & Moab: High Heat & Tough Terrain
31 Motor Mouth: Tesla's real business model needs a reality check
32 Tesla and the Model 3 overtake ICE competitors in Hong Kong
33 Watch Hoonigan Go Deep On Crazy Pikes Peak Tesla Model 3
34 VW ID.4 Vs. Tesla Model Y Comparison: Electric Reckoning
35 Tesla Model 3 emits 65% less lifetime emissions than Mercedes-Benz C-Class, study shows
36 What's the Polestar 2? Meet the Tesla Model 3's first true competitor
37 Tesla Model 3 police cruiser gives look at electric patrolling in ride-along video
38 Tesla Model Y efficiency exceeds early-production Model 3, data shows
39 Tesla Tire Costs 10× Battery Cost, & My Plan To Deflate Tire Costs 90%
40 Elon Musk: How About A SpaceX-Edition Tesla Model 3?
41 Nessa Barret reveals first look at her brand new Tesla Model 3
42 Neta Eureka 03 Concept Is A Sharp Electric Sports Sedan That Will Spawn A Tesla Model 3 Rival
43 Tesla Model 3 breaks Guinness World Record as fastest charging electric vehicle
44 This tech entrepreneur is building a Tesla off-roading resort near Yosemite
45 Win your dream car: a 2020 Tesla Model 3
46 Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost now available for the same price
47 Tesla Model Y Price Comparison
48 Electrified Garage Comes to Ocala
49 The Age of Electric Cars Is Dawning Ahead of Schedule
50 How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla
51 Tesla’s plan for $25,000 car doesn’t worry its biggest Chinese rivals
52 Star Vlogger Kim Java Loves Her Family-Friendly Tesla Model X
53 Tesla Semi orders pile up at Walmart
54 How far can you drive an electric car at 70mph before it stops?
55 Watch Tesla Model S Raven Take On Tons Of Challengers In 1/4-Mile Races
56 Tesla sues U.S. government to overturn Trump administration tariffs on China
57 Tesla Battery Day recap: Model S Plaid and a $25,000 EV lead the big news
58 Review: Don’t Buy a Tesla Without Driving The Polestar 2 First
59 Total Plug-In Vehicle Sales In United States Reach 1.6 Million Units
60 GM Makes A $4,000 EV That Will Blow Your Mind — It Outsells The Tesla Model 3
61 South Korea: EV Makers Will Have Hard Time Matching Tesla's $25,000 Car
62 Panasonic to expand battery capacity at Tesla Gigafactory
63 Mysterious Tesla Model 3 Edition Performing 'Emergency Operations' for Space X Spotted! Is a Secret
64 11% Plugin Vehicle Share in Europe!
65 Rumor and Speculation Around Larger Tesla SUV...
66 Austria: Record Plug-In Electric Car Sales In August 2020
67 VW ID.4 will have 2,200lb towing capacity, 2,700 for AWD model
68 Tesla Model 3: The Complete Guide
69 Tesla Q3 Numbers To Watch
70 Which is better? The Tesla Model S and Model 3 compared
71 Tesla Model 3 hatchback may land as cheaper EV
72 One Year With a Tesla Model 3 Performance: An Owner's Perspective
73 Tesla updates Model 3 frunk, makes it a bit smaller — but why?
74 Elon Musk criticizes OpenAI exclusively licensing GPT-3 to Microsoft
75 Tesla updates Model 3 interior to match Model Y features
76 Tesla announces Model 3 Performance range increase in China
77 Tesla cuts car prices by up to $5,000
78 The Polestar 2 bests the Tesla Model 3 in drivability and enjoyment
79 Tesla is cutting prices in China so the Model 3 qualifies for subsidies
80 Tesla Model 3 updates, design, features, and options, ranked
81 Tesla launches discontinued Model 3 Long Range RWD as made-in-China car
82 Tesla Model 3 retains almost 90% of its value over 3 years, study shows
83 The $35k Tesla Model 3 still exists—off-menu
84 Ambulatory Care Fragmentation and Hospitalization Among Veterans With Diabetes
85 What percentage of Model 3s are "lemons"
86 How Well Does an Tesla Model 3 Work For a Long Trip?
87 Our 2019 Tesla Model 3 Has Changed a Lot in Just Six Months
88 Tesla is going to make discontinued Model 3 Long Range RWD in China, already produced over 2,000 cars this year
89 Tesla Model 3 looks like rugged electric off-road machine with new kit
90 Tesla reportedly adding USB-C ports and wireless phone charging to US-made Model 3 vehicles
91 What Its Like to Drive a Tesla Model 3
92 Longer-Range Tesla Model 3 Coming Soon to China: Report
93 You Can Now View Tesla Model 3's Past Dashcam Footage on Its Screen
94 Quick Compare: 2020 Tesla Model Y Vs. Model 3 — Beginner’s Buying Guide To Two Hot Electric Cars
95 Tesla Model 3 makes Consumer Reports ‘Top Picks’ list for 2020
96 Tesla hits it big in Korea, Model 3 sales jump
97 Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y? Which One Should You Buy?
98 Watch Jamie Foxx go zero to 60 while test-driving a Tesla: 'Holler at me, Elon'
99 Mainstream EV Adoption: 5 Speedbumps to Overcome
100 2020 Tesla Model 3 Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos