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Result Content Idea Research
1 New fossil seal species rewrites history
2 Common liverwort study has implications for crop manipulation: A new study on genetic pathways in the common liverwort could have future implications for crop manipulation
3 Discovery of New Seal Species Rewrites Evolutionary History
4 Purple crowned fairy wren holds the key to immune function
5 Monash University scientists win prestigious Eureka Prizes
6 'The Flu Squad': Raising awareness about flu vaccination – Monash Lens
7 Study: Extinct species of monk seal discovered in New Zealand
8 World first study shows that some microorganisms can bend the rules of evolution
9 Funding boost for early career researchers
10 Met at Monash 2020
11 Wellington’s University has best Marsden Fund year ever
12 Shrinking Tasmanian tigers: Resizing an Australian icon
13 ADL live: Matters of the Heart – Monash University
14 Pfizer's giant leap forward in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine trials – Monash Lens
15 Viertel Foundation Awards $4.09m to medical research
16 New research provides fresh hope for children suffering from rare muscle diseases
17 Mind gains: Time to expand the offering of psychology study in schools
18 Size may not matter when estimating community energy use
19 Dr Jessica Walsh, Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
20 Algorithm helps optimise culture conditions for cell therapy
21 Novel hormone discovery provides new insight into the evolution of plant structure
22 Narrow scope, lack of resources hindering EPBC Act's effectiveness – Monash Lens
23 Francine Marques
24 Assessing the state of species in bushfire areas – Monash Lens
25 Cautious optimism in the vaccine hunt
26 Monash University Malaysia investing in world-class research
27 A weighty issue: The tall tale of the Tasmanian tiger – Monash Lens
28 Grey seals clap underwater to communicate
29 Report lifts lid on Australia's international bug superhighway
30 Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia
31 Shedding light on rapid emergence of new species
32 Antarctica more widely impacted than previously thought
33 Rare fossil tooth discovery helps rewrite Australia's seal history – Monash Lens
34 Monash student wins Rhodes scholarship
35 Why do pilot whales sometimes crash-land ashore? – Monash Lens
36 Monash University leads $36 million global collaboration to secure Antarctica's future
37 Sexual reproduction: Sometimes it's just not worth the effort, study finds
38 Gendered impacts on medical research workforce – Monash Lens
39 Women in science: Putting gender imbalance under the microscope – Monash Lens
40 Antarctica more widely impacted by humans than previously thought: Only 16% of the continent's Important Bird Areas are located within negligibly impacted areas
41 Thylacine Was Smaller Than Previously Estimated | Biology
42 Understanding sea larvae is key to managing marine systems
43 Monash University Biological Sciences Laboratory
44 Cardiovascular disease researchers consider leaving sector, survey warns
45 Study provides new hope for children suffering from rare muscle diseases
46 Low doses of insecticide trigger neurodegeneration in insects
47 Learning about penguin's diet may save marine life
48 'Insect Armageddon': Low doses of the insecticide, Imidacloprid, cause blindness in insects: Findings show even small doses of insecticides reduce capacity of insects to survive
49 Diabetes drug metformin shows promise in treating rare genetic disease in children
50 A new discovery in regenerative medicine
51 Teaching science from an Indigenous perspective – Monash Lens
52 Desperate rescue mission to save the eastern bristlebird – Read more at monash Lens
53 Key Amino Acids Involved in Dietary Restriction Revealed
54 Biology of design underpins Monash Uni laboratory
55 Scientists name 20 Australian snakes and lizards on path to extinction
56 Antidepressants polluting the water can change fish behavior
57 A closer look at unwanted effects of insecticides
58 Skeleton of bizarre ‘crazy beast’ that lived alongside dinosaurs unveiled
59 From Baghdad to Melbourne: Dr Harry Al-Wassiti's remarkable journey – Monash Lens
60 Microalgae may one day be on the menu – Monash Lens
61 Antarctica more widely impacted by climate change than previously thought
62 Low fiber diet can cause high blood pressure, international study finds
63 Computational biology algorithm could help optimize culture conditions required for cell therapy
64 An open letter to Australia's Education Minister Dan Tehan — signed by 73 senior professors
65 Low fiber diet linked to high blood pressure: Australian study
66 First action plan in 25 years aims to save Australia's snakes and lizards from extinction
67 An open letter to Australia's Education Minister Dan Tehan — signed by 73 senior professors
68 Human Impact In Antarctica Greater Than Previously Thought
69 Joseph Schubert – The Conversation
70 Racism roots run deep in academic institutions, too
71 Computational approach to optimize culture conditions required for cell therapy
72 Kaniva's Kate Maddern wins prestigious Rhodes Scholarship
73 EpiMorgify algorithm predicts best conditions for cell therapies
74 Best universities for life sciences degrees 2021
75 Clostridioides difficile infection damages colonic stem cells via TcdB, impairing epithelial repair and recovery from disease
76 Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is changing the world – Monash Lens
77 Act now on wildfires, global climate change, human health, study says
78 Repairing harmful effects of inbreeding could save the iconic Helmeted Honeyeater: Research reveals just how much damage is done by inbreeding in the endangered Helmeted Honeyeater
79 COVID-19: Teaching healthcare workers how to cope with uncertainty – Monash Lens
80 New targets for melanoma treatment
81 Tackling E. coli infections
82 Modulation of acyl-carnitines, the broad mechanism behind Wolbachia-mediated inhibition of medically important flaviviruses in Aedes aegypti
83 Aged care is at a crossroads – can AI technologies help? – Monash Lens
84 World's first ultrasound biosensor created in Australia
85 Stressed out volcanoes more likely to collapse and erupt: A new study has implications for how the world might be better protected against future volcano collapses
86 We need to talk about mental health and masculinity – Monash Lens
87 Giant 100 Million Year Old Sperm Cells Discovered – The Oldest Known Sperm Cells
88 Astronomers capture a pulsar 'powering up'
89 Solving the riddle of superbug toxin damage to gut
90 Bacterial link in celiac disease
91 COVID-19: The steroids helping seriously ill patients survive – Monash lens
92 Sharks: misunderstood and under threat
93 'Low' socioeconomic status is the biggest barrier to STEM participation
94 Call for immunology to return to the wild
95 Busting the myth of what a scientist 'looks like' – Monash Lens
96 Crocodiles and dolphins evolved similar skulls to catch the same prey
97 Australian universities go online
98 Masculinity part 1
99 How male age affects fertility and IVF success rates – Monash Lens
100 Pest control that makes scents