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1 Sniff test effective on virus
2 Connection between COVID-19 and loss of smell uncovered by research team
3 Perceiving the flavor of fat: A Monell Center twins study
4 Faculty Position: Chemical Senses, Nutrition, Metabolism, or Disease Research
5 Better measures reveal more COVID-19 smell loss
6 Loss of Smell More Common in COVID-19 Than Thought
7 Not just stealing senses, Covid maybe warping them as well
8 When coffee smells like gasoline: Covid isn’t just stealing senses — it may be warping them
9 Perceiving the Flavor of Fat: Monell Center Twins Study Finds Genetic Variation Shapes Individual Perception of Fatty Foods
10 When coffee smells like gasoline: COVID-19 isn't just stealing senses — it may be warping them
11 Monell, Temple part of global study on link between coronavirus and smell loss
12 Monell scientist receives 2020 Klingenstein-Simons fellowship award in neuroscience
13 George Preti, 75, Dies; Studied Bodily Odors as Biological Clues
14 Parasitic worms offer 'the missing link' on the dual nature of a key immune regulator
15 Smelling with your tongue
16 Nancy E. Rawson Named as Vice President of Monell Center
17 Do you smell what I smell?
18 Loss of smell is an earlier COVID-19 symptom than fever; Philly’s Monell Institute has sniff test for screenin
19 Drexel Partners with Monell Chemical Senses Center to Become a Leader in Sensory Science of Food Education
20 COVID-19 mystery: losing smell and taste
21 Young Living Partners with Monell Chemical Senses Center
22 SENTIRIX, a New DiscoveryBioMed Unit Working With Monell Center Licensed Technology, Will Implement Human Taste Bud Cell Platform Technologies as a Valuable Screening and Profiling Tool for the Food, Beverage, Flavor & BioPharmaceutical Marketplaces
23 George Preti, Organic Chemist Who Studied Human Body Odors, Dies
24 Jefferson, Monell Center announce merger plans to advance sensory research
25 Big data says food is too sweet
26 Monell Center, Jefferson merge with expectations of trail-blazing research into senses
27 One College’s Pop-Up COVID Test: Stop and ‘Smell the Roses’ (Or the Coffee)
28 If Your Tongue Looks Like This, You Have Terrible Breath
29 Loss of Smell More Common Than Thought in COVID-19
30 Sentinels in the mouth
31 Sweet-taste perception changes as children develop | Illinois
32 Penn State urges students to stop and smell the roses
33 George Preti, PSOM
34 Our genes could make us seek, or avoid, fatty foods
35 Birmingham biotech company creates new division
36 Sentinels in the Mouth: Special Sensory Cells in the Gums Protect Against Periodontitis
37 New research confirms taste and smell losses are COVID-19 indicators
38 How working dogs are sniffing out cancer | Penn Today
39 Objective measures reveal a higher prevalence of smell loss in COVID-19 patients
40 Many COVID-19 patients lost their sense of smell. Will they get it back?
41 Taste 2.0 is Here
42 Cold and bubbly: The sensory qualities that best quench thirst
43 How Do We Taste Food?
44 Jefferson, Monell partnership progresses with the funding of 5 research projects
45 How Often do COVID-19 Patients Lose Their Sense of Smell? Two Studies Are Tracking Down the Data
46 Is losing sense of smell a symptom of COVID-19?
47 What’s the World’s Worst Smell?
48 Variability in olfactory receptors affects human odor perception
49 COVID-19 patients may not recover sense of taste, smell after other symptoms end
50 The social costs of smell loss in older women
51 Global Online Survey Focuses on Coronavirus Sensory Loss
52 Know someone sick? Your own smell might give it away: Bodily odors of healthy animals change when they are near sick animals
53 COVID-19-related study led by Temple researcher earns nod from NIH
54 Taste and pleasure of food offer a new way to understand evolution
55 For Some With Coronavirus, Loss of Smell and Taste Can Linger
56 Monell Center Marks Anosmia Awareness Day with New Educational Materials on Smell Loss
57 2020 Agricultural Research Service WO Atwater Memorial Lecturer
58 Experts propose a new way to sniff out COVID-19
59 With eyes or noses? How young children use sensory cues to make social decisions
60 Human tongues have a sense of smell, scientists discover
61 Potential new causes for the odor-producing disorder TMAU
62 Pleasant smells increase facial attractiveness
63 How Does Covid-19 Affect Smell? | Science
64 Living Taste Cells Produced Outside The Body
65 One day, science set out to build the best possible stink bomb
66 Does Eating Spicy Food Make Someone Smell Bad?
67 Fever Checks Are a Flawed Way To Flag COVID-19 Cases. Enter Smell Tests
68 Why Is It So Hard to Study Covid-Related Smell Loss?
69 Peihua Jiang receives Ajinomoto Award for Young Investigators in Gustation from AChemS
70 Dogs can smell silent, deadly cancers before a blood test can
71 Doctors press for Trump to stop Pa. rallies | Coronavirus Newsletter
72 Genetic differences in sense of smell identified through asparagus urine odor
73 Human Pheromones: Fact and Fiction
74 Potential link between COVID-19 and loss of smell, taste to be explored
75 Fever checks are flawed for flagging COVID-19. Are smell tests better?
76 GCCR Urges People With Respiratory Illness (COVID-19, Cold, Flu) to Participate in Global Survey on Smell or Taste Loss
77 The Deliciously Surprising Science of Taste
78 Do People Crave Foods Their Moms Ate During Pregnancy?
79 People Are Dipping Their Testicles in Soy Sauce, So Here's Some Science
80 Neurogastronomy Symposium Goes on the Road | UKNow
81 Robert Margolskee Appointed Associate Director of Monell Center
82 Same genes, different tastes
83 Coronavirus survey: Lost your sense of smell from COVID-19?
84 Still without your sense of smell, post-COVID? This unique therapy might make all the difference
85 The biology behind a beer's 'bite': You're tasting carbonic acid!
86 Why Do Some COVID-19 Patients Lose Their Sense of Smell? Researchers Explain
87 Consumers often find food products are too sweet
88 A new defender for your sense of smell: Sentinel microvillous cells likely protect the olfactory epithelium from pathogens
89 Images Of Desire: Brain Regions Activated By Food Craving Overlap With Areas Implicated In Drug Craving
90 Does good-tasting food cause weight gain? Study suggests palatable tastes do not drive long-term overeating
91 'This is not a race': Philadelphia-area biotech firms, research institutions work to combat Covid-19
92 The 14 Wildest Science Stories from 2019
93 Special sensory cells in gums protect against periodontitis
94 Breastfeeding makes kid more likely to eat vegetables
95 5 Puzzling New Symptoms of Coronavirus, Explained
96 Can start-ups make us love animal-free dairy?
97 Newly Discovered Chemical-Sensing Cells in the Gums Protect Against Periodontitis
98 Building a Brain Implant for Smell
99 Taste receptors on testicles tied to infertility
100 Healthcare Ripple Effects, Resilient Flowers, Cancer Detection. April 10, 2020, Part 1 | Science Friday