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Result Content Idea Research
1 Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS)
2 Seafloor cable used to detect earthquakes, faults, and storm waves
3 What can undersea cables tell us about earthquakes?
4 Informatica Announces Collaboration with The ADAPT Research Centre in Dublin to Accelerate AI Research and Development
5 Undersea Telecommunications Cables That Connect the World Can Also Be Used to Detect Earthquakes
6 OmniSci Powers New Website Enabling Public to View House-by-House Information On Flint Water Crisis
7 MBARI Works at Unlocking Ocean Biology
8 DDN Accelerates Data Storage in NVIDIA Supercomputer Ranked 7th Fastest in the World
9 Spring 2019 CANON experiment explores Earth's largest migration
10 Undersea optical fibre monitors seismic activity and ocean waves
11 Genome Medical Raises $14 Million to Expand Virtual Clinical Genetics Care and Accelerate Telemedicine Technology Development
12 Illuminating Seafloor Seismology With Existing ‘Dark’ Fiber-Optic Cables and Distributed Acoustic Sensing
13 Fiber Maps Faults Beneath the Sea
14 Telecom Cables Form Seismic Network
15 Scientists eavesdrop on whales with deep-sea live streaming audio
16 The Linux Foundation Brings Together IT and Finance Teams to Advance Cloud Financial Management and Education
17 DAILY BRIEFING – Guided kayak tours in La Jolla SD Fair food available at Del Mar Fairgrounds Catamaran Spa opens
18 2020 Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100
19 San Diego Community News Group
20 Researchers Are Livestreaming the Sound of the Bottom of the Sea
21 Now you can listen in on ocean life — live from the floor of Monterey Bay
22 Cardiff Oncology Announces Expanded Access Program for Onvansertib in KRAS-Mutated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer as Follow-On to Fast Track Designation
23 The Class of 2020: 40-Under-Forty
24 Movies on TV this week: June 28: An American in Paris on TCM
25 Publications
26 03.18.2009
27 This Week in Science
28 Benthic Rover, Benthic Rover
29 Science Snapshots
30 UPDATE: Monterey to shut down beaches this weekend
31 Incredible Technology: How to Explore the Deep Sea
32 Technology publications
33 Underwater Rover Searches the Ocean Floor for Signs of Climate Change
34 Russia's post-pandemic economy: Pain for middle class, widening inequality, but rich will stay rich
35 A glimpse into the cutting edge of marine biology research
36 MONTEREY / Getting closer to the mystery of deep-sea life / Power cable for instruments to loop under Monterey Bay
37 Environmental Impact of Basslink Subsea Power Cable is Minor and Temporary
38 Naval Oceanography Improves the Fleet's Asymmetric Advantage
39 Incredible technology: How we explore the deep sea
40 UPDATE: COVID-19 claims 14th victim in Monterey County
41 Monterey County on the state watch list; access to all local beaches closed this weekend
42 Scaling Agility
43 Rising Tides, Troubled Waters: The Future of Our Ocean
44 Hacking a pressure sensor to track gradual motion along marine faults
45 Gleaning the Gleam: A Deep-Sea Webcam Sheds Light on Bioluminescent Ocean Life
46 News Feature: Avoiding pitfalls in the pursuit of a COVID-19 vaccine
47 Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth's climate by 2050
48 Diet modulates brain network stability, a biomarker for brain aging, in young adults
49 Telomere research at Marshall published in Nature Communications
50 Honey-bee–associated prokaryotic viral communities reveal wide viral diversity and a profound metabolic coding potential
51 Navy 2021 Budget Relatively Flat; Only 8 Ships Funded, Ship Retirements Accelerated
52 US battery storage boom hits COVID-19 roadblock as project delays mount
53 Chromosome-free bacterial cells are safe and programmable platforms for synthetic biology
54 California urgent care doctor questions stay-at-home orders: 'You can get to herd immunity without a vaccine'
55 Coronavirus Flash Update: April 2020 #9 | Alston & Bird
56 Loss of Nef-mediated CD3 down-regulation in the HIV-1 lineage increases viral infectivity and spread
57 HTLV-1 induces T cell malignancy and inflammation by viral antisense factor-mediated modulation of the cytokine signaling
58 4 Ways Museums Can Successfully Leverage Digital Content and Channels during Coronavirus (COVID-19)
59 Kleptoprotein bioluminescence: Parapriacanthus fish obtain luciferase from ostracod prey
60 Cultivating naval collaboration, capabilities: Navy expands tech bridge network
61 Honeybees use their wings for water surface locomotion
62 US Navy's NAVGEM 2.0 is Now Operational, Improves the Fleet's Asymmetric Advantage
63 Finalists announced for 2020 UC Startup Pitch Showcase
64 Mana Supply Co. Opens Drive-Thru in Response to Accelerated Demand and COVID-19 Pressures
65 Host nutrient milieu drives an essential role for aspartate biosynthesis during invasive Staphylococcus aureus infection
66 Switching fatty acid metabolism by an RNA-controlled feed forward loop
67 County OK's declaration for reopening, sent to state for approval
68 Milestone in Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Will Bring in a New Ring
69 Pentagon officially releases UFO sighting videos
70 Ventura County gets green light to reopen more stores, restaurants
71 Coronavirus sends local news into crisis
72 BBC NEWS | Technology | Robot glider harvests ocean heat
73 Gulf Oil Spill Highlights the Increasing Dependence on Deep-Sea Robots
74 For California, massive power blackouts could become a way of life
75 Huge Wisconsin operation shows promise of aquaponics in Midwest
76 With coronavirus, stocks sink and trading halts in the US
77 US sea-level report cards: 2019 data adds to trend in acceleration
78 An exercise to experience
79 Q&A: 30 years after the Loma Prieta earthquake
80 Julia: come for the syntax, stay for the speed
81 The Costumes in 'Love Life' Lean Into Early 2010s Nostalgia
82 Class Notes: Spring 2018
83 D2S Enables "Stitchless" Full-Chip Inverse Lithography Technology In A Single Day For The Multi-Beam Era
84 LIVE UPDATES: Salmon market shaken as headlines link the fish to COVID-19 in China
85 The Violence Paradox | NOVA
86 Open Conversation for May, 2020
87 Ukrainian Plane Crash In Iran: Here's What The Available Evidence Shows
88 Coronavirus Weekend Updates / Local Mayoral COVID-19 Check-In / Giving Back During A Pandemic
89 'It's a struggle just to survive': Coronavirus shutdown threatens jobs
90 The Hedge Fund Vampire That Bleeds Newspapers Dry Now Has the Chicago Tribune by the Throat
91 Iran Showcases Advanced Air-Strike Capabilities in Missile Barrage
92 Here’s where leaders plan to run new Diridon Station tracks through San Jose
93 Intel Unveils 5G Chips: Should QRVO, AVGO, XLNX Take Note?
94 North Korea Could Be Using Fertilizer Plants to Make More Nuclear Material, Report Shows
95 Coronavirus live updates: Most states short of testing threshold
96 Uber Eats shows growth; Uber ride-hailing declines
97 Were bureaucratic feds keeping 'shovel ready' Valley Water from fixing Anderson Dam?
98 Decarb Madness: How Would You Build a Policy Bracket to Decarbonize the Power Sector?
99 Ormat Technologies Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results; Announces Transition of Senior Management
100 What a 20% unemployment rate would mean for America