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1 The new Apple Watch says my lungs may be sick. Or perfect. It can’t decide.
2 Best video doorbell cameras of the year
3 [Update: 14 more] Motion Sense on Google Pixel 4 will work with these 9 media apps at launch
4 Google’s Motion Sense hands-on: Controlling games and apps with gestures
5 How Google could open up Pixel 4 Motion Sense to app and game developers
6 The Pixel phone's Motion Sense mystery
7 New pause gesture for Pixel 4 Motion Sense debuts with Android 11
8 Pixel 4’s Motion Sense Gestures can now be Remapped [Root]
9 Wyze Cam Outdoor
10 Google Pixel 4 MotionSense Alternative: How To Get Wave Gestures?
11 Pixel 4 Motion Sense hands-on: Will radar be the key to making air gestures stick?
12 Pixel 4's Motion Sense will reportedly work in 38 countries with 9 apps at launch
13 Amazon Rolls Out Halo, a Wellness Tracker That It Says Can Also Sense Moods
14 Pixel 4 Motion Sense demos show it in action across apps, and even when the phone is locked
15 Partially remap the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gestures without root
16 This is what the Pixel 4 'sees' when you use Motion Sense gestures
17 Google releases “Soli Sandbox” app for developers to test projects
18 Pixel 4 root mod lets you connect Motion Sense gestures to Tasker
19 Remap Motion Sense gestures on the Google Pixel 4
20 Google has no plans to open API for Motion Sense on Pixel 4 to developers
21 How Motion Sense works on the Pixel 4
22 Pixel 4 mods enable face unlock in any app, Motion Sense in more regions for rooted users
23 How to use Motion Sense on the Pixel 4
24 Trifo Max Home Surveillance Robot Vacuum Review
25 How to Remap the Soli Motion Sense Gestures on Your Pixel 4 — No Root Needed
26 What apps does Motion Sense work with on the Pixel 4?
27 Google isn't going to open up Motion Sense API to developers any time soon
28 ‘Soundwalk’ turns Central Park into an intoxicating musical adventure
29 FDA Approved Electrocardiogram Monitor App is Available in the US Starting Today on Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2
30 I expected to hate the Pixel 4's Motion Sense gestures, but I love them
31 Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures can be remapped but you need root access
32 Google's latest Pixel feature drop includes new Motion Sense gestures
33 How to Pause Music with Your Pixel's Motion Sense Radar Gestures
34 Four Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures we'd love to see
35 [Update: It works] Headed South is a Motion Sense game for Pixel 4 from Monument Valley's creators [APK Download]
36 Google Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gestures should actually work in 53 regions and with 23 media apps
37 What's the deal with radar on a phone anyway?
38 Pixel 4's Motion Sense API may gain third-party support in the future
39 [Update: Behind the scenes] Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature ran a musical performance w/ Karol G
40 The Best And Worst Uses Of PlayStation 4 Hardware
41 Minut Smart Home Alarm
42 Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense on YouTube app reportedly not working
43 Motion Sense gestures on Pixel 4 can be remapped
44 Google's Pixel 5 may ditch Project Soli and Motion Sense
45 Is the Kami's Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Good Enough to Secure Your Home?
46 YI Technology Bringing Innovative Artificial Intelligence Home Security Solutions to Smart Homes
47 Pixel 4 Motion Sense causes a persistent battery icon in fullscreen YouTube videos (lolwut)
48 Google Pixel 4 tips and tricks: Getting the most from your Google phone
49 Future of Folkmoot Festival uncertain
50 10 Tricks to Make You a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4a Pro
51 Mayor's Corner: September 2020
52 Google Pixel 4 'Motion Sense' gestures spotted in new leak
53 10 Insights From Google's Material Design Guidelines
54 From Wi-Fi to Spy-Fi—we test Plume’s new motion detection feature
55 How to set up motion zones on your Ring security camera or doorbell
56 Soli on the Google Pixel 4: Here's why it's a good thing
57 How to Remap Pixel 4’s Motion Gestures without Root
58 Google Pixel 4a is coming soon sans Motion Sense features
59 Android 11: The best features
60 How to use the new pin, mention and reply features in Messages
61 [Update 2: Full list] Google Pixel 4’s Soli gestures will work in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and Europe
62 Tracking Recent Topics & Trends in 3D Photo Generation
63 Third Pixel feature drop improves AI-powered Adaptive Battery, integrates Recorder and Google Assistant
64 Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor review: This motion-sensing entry detector needs more tricks up its sleeves
65 Pixel 4 gets new Motion Sense gesture with Android 11 update
66 The Pixel 4's power-plunging puzzle
67 Google rolls out new Assistant, Soli-powered Motion Sense to Pixel 4 in Japan
68 Linksys mesh routers offer whole home motion sensing w/o additional hardware
69 Here's what the Pixel 4 sees when you wave your hand in front of it
70 Google details Pixel 4 Motion Sense, Face unlock features
71 Pixel Phone Owners, March Will be Very Good to You
72 Google still needs to fix these problems with Pixel 4
73 Bank of America updates Android app to support Pixel 4 face unlock
74 Ring Indoor Cam review: There are less-expensive cameras, but none that belong to such a broad ecosystem
75 Pixel 4 is the most-leaked phone ever — and we’ve organized them for you
76 Tesla aims to save young lives with interior motion detection sensor
77 Anyone Using Pixel 4's Motion Sense?
78 Pixel 4 XL revisited: Still fantastic…while it lasts [Video]
79 Review: Weatherproof Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Lets You Automate Your Indoor or Outdoor Lights
80 ECS Fin To Test Apifiny's Blockchain Program
81 The Pixel 4's Soli Radar can be enabled in any region thanks to a hidden debug feature
82 Wi-Fi Becomes Sound Backbone for Motion Sensing and Smart-Home Monitoring
83 Digital Wellbeing may soon use your phone's ambient light sensor and gyroscope for sleep tracking
84 20 Essential Tips and Tricks for Google's Pixel 4 and 4 XL
85 Google Pixel 5: What we want to see
86 Pixel 4 and 4 XL problems and how to fix them
87 Google's Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL might not be flagship phones but may support 5G
88 How to tweak your Wyze cam settings now that people detection is going away
89 Review: Elgato Eve Motion is a standalone HomeKit motion sensor for triggering automations
90 Google Pixel 4A gets FCC clearance, will likely be launched in India soon without the Project Soli chip
91 Pixel 4 marketing video shows how face unlock works for payments
92 Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor review: A useful accessory, but not an essential one
93 Removing the wall adapter from Apple Watch packaging is a good start, but I hope there's more to come
94 Google to Launch Google Pixel 5 And 4A (5G) on September 30? Know Here
95 Google Chrome Will Prevent Websites From Using Your Devices’ Motion Sensors to Track You
96 Google Pixel 4a preview: Single camera, no 5G, arriving August 3
97 Logitech Circle 2 update brings light and occupancy sensors to HomeKit
98 Google Pixel 4 leaked promo video shows off night sky photography, Motion Sense, and more
99 Lutron adds Motion Sensor and Repeater to Caséta Smart Lighting system
100 OnStar now offers its safety features through a phone app