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Result Content Idea Research
1 Serious Labs Develops Virtual Reality Driving Simulator with Support from Government Partners
2 Serious Labs Earns Government Support in Development of Driving Simulators | Lift and Access
3 Automotive Engineering Services Markets, 2027
4 RPMGlobal leads effort to decarbonise haulage process with electric vehicle support in both HAULSIM & SIMULATE
5 Caterpillar and Argonne Use HPC to Simulate Better Efficiency, Reduced Emissions in Diesel Engines
6 Electric Vehicle Powertrain Market to touch USD 135 billion by 2027
7 Global $253.9 Bn Automotive Engineering Services Markets to 2027 with Capgemini, IAV Automotive Engineering, Tech Mahindra
8 New, free-to-access fuel cell simulation platform launched
9 Now's the Time for Bold Investments in Transportation
10 Automating With Gas: Plus And Cummins Developing Natural Gas Powered Self-Driving Trucks
11 Caterpillar and Argonne project shifts heavy-duty engine design into higher gear
12 Cummins, Tula Test Achieves Reduced Emissions
13 Improving efficiency and reducing emissions in heavy-duty diesel engines
14 Developing autonomous vehicles with gaming industry technology .
15 Why renewable electricity powers decarbonization — and pays off
16 Addressing Emissions from the Ground Up
17 Innovations In High-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation
18 Electric Porsche Macan Prototype Hits the Road
19 Is Hydrogen the Answer to Renewable Energy's Shortcomings?
20 Simulation and Energy Analysis Software Market Next Big Thing | Major Giants ANSYS, Bentley Systems, PTC – The Shotcaller
21 Zoox CTO on the Amazon acquisition, and the environmental promise of self-driving taxis
22 BMW plans limited series hydrogen fuel cell SUV in 2022
23 This Week's Chicago Deal Sheet (May 5, 2021)
24 WEEKLY BRIEFING – Pacific Beach Recreation Center mural project Ocean Beach Pier committee forming La Jolla Community Center programs
25 Regulations: Minnesota a step closer to California rules
26 Transition to EVs could save $72B in health costs: American Lung Association
27 Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Plastic: The Future Looks Bright for Infinitely Recyclable Plastic
28 Flight Path: BTV’s Beta Technologies Is on the Cusp of a Breakthrough for Electric Aviation
29 ABB makes strategic investment in AFC Energy; partnering on alkaline fuel cells for data centers
30 EPA Retains Soot Standards; Drastic PM Reductions Already Achieved, Industry Says
31 Innovative SAS Hackathon Winners Solve Big Problems Through AI and Analytics
32 EPA penalizes Premier Performance $3M for selling defeat devices
33 Bosch emissions calculations integrated in PTV traffic simulation software
34 Develop, test and experience vehicle innovations in a safe environment
35 Tesla Stops Taking Bitcoin. What Elon Musk Is Up To And Why He Will Likely Transition To Ethereum
36 Why simulation of vehicle water and dirt management is important for ADAS development
37 Mom desperately tries to figure out how she got her baby to sleep through the night
38 Biofuel groups file comments on EPA's anti-backsliding proposal |
39 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
40 CT emissions tests are still halted after malware attack on DMV provider
41 Transport biofuels production fell 8% in 2020, IEA reveals
42 Simulation of self-driving fleets brings their deployment in cities closer
43 Kratos Mako Loyal Wingman Drone Emerges With Major Modifications For Skyborg Trials
44 Electricity source determines benefits of electrifying China's vehicles: Reducing emissions from power generation is key to achieving health, environmental benefits
45 Driving Simulator Market Size To Advance At 3.4% CAGR By 2027, Owing To Emergence of ADAS in Automobile and Rising Focus on R&D To Build Vehicles with Advanced Features | Million Insights
46 BMW Group sets new standards for driving simulation.
47 Mom whose son was murdered now leading new hate crime panel
48 Satellite-based estimates of decline and rebound in China's CO2 emissions during COVID-19 pandemic
49 Airflows inside passenger cars and implications for airborne disease transmission
50 Cyberattack disables CT DMV emissions testing. When will services return?
51 DMV: CT drivers with expired emissions won't be ticketed amid testing outage
52 The 3 Best Canadian Cyclical Stocks to Buy in May’s Market Pullback
53 Virginia Legislature passes Clean Car Standards bill; to Governor for signing
54 Why is future sea level rise still so uncertain?
55 Wrap-Up of Federal and State Chemical Regulatory Developments, January 2021
56 Yale study finds asphalt a significant source of air pollution, especially on hot, sunny days
57 Park Ridge Man Nabbed In Bogus Auto Emission 'Simulator' Scheme
58 Millbrook's Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber heralds new era for emissions testing
59 EPA AED estimates emissions controls were removed from > 550K diesel pickups over last decade; impact equivalent to adding 9M additional trucks
60 Static simulator aids development of Pirelli Powergy tire
61 WHITE HOUSE: Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad
62 Tires Pirelli introduces its newest summer tire: The Pirelli Powergy Pirelli introduces a new tire focused
63 Virginia becomes 15th Clean Cars state; LEV and ZEV program signed into law
64 Conti adding dynamic driving simulator at German R&D center
65 Martin County school leaders decide to keep masks for last 12 days of school
66 Global EV Test Equipment Market (2021 to 2026)
67 The flying car is here – and it could change the world
68 Pipeline cyberattack raises concerns over critical U.S. infrastructure security
69 Reaching Net Zero Emissions In Virginia Could Increase State GDP More Than $3.5 Billion Per Year
70 TRUE US database shows emissions characteristics of US fleet
71 CARB warns vehicle and engine manufacturers about hiding software or hardware changes that affect emissions
72 EPA: preliminary data show average fuel economy of new light-duty vehicles reached a record high of 25.7 MPG in 2020
73 Can the WLTP and RDE test protocols be used to reliably predict real-world vehicle emissions levels?
74 A net-zero strategy for Biden to lead the US on climate action | TheHill
75 New sustainable building simulation method points to the future of design
76 BMW's new simulation center
77 Consumer Reports launches 'Green Choice' emissions designation for cars and trucks
78 Manufacturing: Goodyear Installs Second Dynamic Driving Simulator
79 Unexpected air pollution with marked emission reductions during the COVID-19 outbreak in China
80 LA experiencing alarming jump in fires at homeless encampments
81 Latest GHG Inventory shows California remains below 2020 emissions target; much steeper rate of GHG reductions required
82 Clean energy strategy won't meet clean energy goals, panel told
83 India will exceed global warming target if it does not limit carbon emissions, according to G20's climate ch..
84 European Parliament votes to phase out conformity factor for new car emissions under real driving conditions by Sep 2022
85 Eaton introduces set of products to reduce vapor emissions during refueling; LEV III regulations
86 New technology can remove up to 97% of exhaust emissions
87 PTV Vissim traffic simulation software made available to Linux users
88 Millbrook simulator allows real connected vehicles to be tested in virtual world
89 Renault Turns to Euro Truck Simulator 2 to Launch New Models
90 This Climate Simulator Lets You Decide How to Best Fight Global Warming
91 FEATURE: Supercomputers in crash simulation
93 Toyota to harness rFpro simulation software
94 PTV and Bosch set out to improve air quality
95 STARS VETS Test Software Available from HORIBA
96 Abrupt but smaller than expected changes in surface air quality attributable to COVID-19 lockdowns
97 Sunbelt Rentals UK Partners with ZTR to Launch Powered Access Telematics Program
98 Eaton and Tenneco partner to produce new, integrated exhaust thermal management system to meet coming lower NOx standards
99 Covid-19 Cut Gases That Warm the Globe But a Drop in Other Pollution Boosted Regional Temperatures
100 OECD report finds measures needed to curb PM emitted by wear of car parts and road surfaces, including EVs