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1 NSW civil liberties body slams bill for proposing 'a new species of warrant'
2 Cyber CRC backs 'extraordinary' AFP hacking powers
3 Should Police Publicly Name Persons Who Are Suspected of Criminal Offences?
4 The need to prove COVID vaccine may break discrimination laws
5 Editorial – Civil liberties: good or bad? – Echonetdaily
6 The Fear of Terrorism Does Not Justify the Wholesale Removal of Citizens' Rights
7 Civil liberties concerns over Australian police powers to issue fines for coronavirus rule breaches
8 Coronavirus, emergency laws and civil liberties: Are our rights and freedoms at risk?
9 Defamation barrister represented Versace and cross-examined ministers
10 Proposed NSW police powers to search convicted drug dealers labelled 'unjust'
11 Legislation banning nuclear power in Australia should be retained
12 Keeping Australians and their civil liberties safe: Who was Robert Marsden Hope? | The Strategist
13 Qld govt backs national youth crime summit
14 The rise of Mick Fuller and the threat to civil liberties in NSW
15 NSW Police's violent videos showing attacks on officers draws warning over 'PR campaign'
16 New facial recognition database a civil liberties nightmare
17 The Proposed Drug Supply Prohibition Order Laws in NSW
18 Law on When Police can Arrest You for Breaching a CODIV19 Public Health Order in NSW
19 Is Australia's fate as a police state sealed?
20 Labor says parliament should sit to scrutinise government's coronavirus emergency powers
21 Coronavirus and the slippery slope for civil liberties
22 Oregon is on crack – The Echo
23 Have Your Say On Mark Latham's Anti-Trans Bill
24 It's time to raise the age of criminal responsibility in Australia
25 COVID-19 jab: Could your boss make you get the COVID-19 vaccine? The answer is more complicated than you think
26 Customers concerned as 7-Eleven launches facial recognition inside every store
27 Advocates slam Queensland Government's 'unacceptable' ban on fresh air breaks in hotel quarantine for returning travellers
28 Covid: Melbourne couple told they'd be fined $38,000 for 'fleeing' quarantine 'could sue'
29 NSW Police personal search targets revealed
30 No vaccination, no travel: How digital vaccine passport may open and close international borders
31 State stands firm as civil liberty group calls for lifting of protest ban
32 The safeguards in Australia's intelligence ecosystem
33 NSW COVID-19 fines 'arbitrarily applied'
34 Exposing the cost of NSW police misconduct: An interview with David Shoebridge
35 Know your rights as Australia goes into stage three shutdown
36 Terror laws to allow police to question, detain suspects without charge
37 Democratic Rights Aren't Willingly Given — They Have to Be Fought For
38 COVID-19 emergency measures to be scrutinised for civil liberty overreach
39 'Legalise, regulate, control and tax': former DPP urges drug overhaul
40 'Absurd' bail conditions prevent Extinction Rebellion protesters 'going near' other members
41 Coalition MPs call for caps to be reviewed after Emirates cancels flights
42 The Australian Constitution does not protect our rights
43 Privacy advocates raise new concerns with COVIDSafe app
44 Stan Grant on coronavirus and history
45 Call to lift secrecy around police Taser use after mentally ill man's death
46 'Civil liberties are quickly eroding': after 18 months in prison awaiting trial, it didn't happen
47 Wearing a mask will protect human liberties, not infringe upon them
48 'Whether you like it or not': Most shoppers accept mandatory masks
49 Liberal MP calls for 'national security advocate' to test human rights claims
50 Quarantined woman was deprived of fresh air and 'of liberty'
51 Coronavirus: Police accused of heavy-handed tactics as Australia adjusts to social distancing rules
52 Location, location, location!
53 We need Parliament for crises like this one
54 Digital Authoritarianism, China and COVID (
55 NSW Police officer criticised for pointing gun at man after pursuit
56 'Bad day' no defence in arrest of Indigenous teen: former judge
57 Mick Fuller, the man managing the movement of 7.5 million people for 90 days
58 NSW prisons 'next cruise ship incubators'
59 New coronavirus laws give police too much power
60 The light of human rights is fading in Australia
61 If police stop and search you, do you know your basic rights?
62 The threads that don't connect: Covid gives Australian conspiracy theorists a common home
63 Police criticised for opening unlocked cars as part of obscure law crackdown
64 Two alarming assaults on your freedom by a government that spruiks liberty
65 Australian Government and the Death Penalty: A Way Forward
66 Overwhelming support for independent First Nations body to investigate deaths in custody
67 More Black Lives Matter rallies are planned, but do Australians have a legal right to protest?
68 ‘Extremely concerning’: Dutton’s Surveillance Bill risks undermining Australians’ privacy
69 Concerned human rights groups call for COVID-19 fine data
70 Morrison's boycott plan sparks free-speech furore
71 Turnbull defends proposed anti-terrorism laws as constitutional
72 Man shot dead by Queensland police on Logan Motorway previously investigated by counter-terrorism taskforce
73 Children face 'potentially unlawful' and 'invasive' drug and alcohol testing at festival
74 Priest, mentor, paedophile: the victims of John Denham
75 Victoria's stage 3 coronavirus restrictions raise MP concerns about civil liberties, 'stupid' measures
76 North Sydney CBD smoking ban a sign of things to come for Australia's smokers
77 Man in NSW town of Bathurst fined $1000 for taking a morning walk without a reason
78 We're the only western nation without a bill that protects us from our government
79 Lady Pamela voyagers freed from Queensland quarantine, and free to stay
80 Outrage as University of Newcastle to track student attendance using mobile phones
81 Queensland Opposition says youth crime out of control and vows to get tough on offenders
82 Calls for greater scrutiny of government during shutdown
83 Australian Hate Crime Network
84 Inside the police database that holds 40 million private records and any officer can access
85 Kenilworth funds own high-tech surveillance system, despite concerns over 'being watched'
86 NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian unveils plan to introduce 'nation's toughest terror laws'
87 Privacy confusion over COVID Safe Checklist rules for hospitality venues
88 Facial image matching system risks 'chilling effect' on freedoms, rights groups say
89 SA Government legislation proposes prison sentences for breaching coronavirus directions
90 ACON Condemns Introduction of Mandatory HIV Testing Laws in NSW
91 Daniel Andrews defends claims that civil liberties a 'luxury' in fight against terrorism
92 Former Labor leader warns gambling card could devastate pubs and clubs
93 Bondi Beach: Waverley Mayor wants surfers, walkers stopped
94 Ken Horler: Man of theatre, civil libertarian and barrister
95 Swimmer blows up after beach shut, as NSW death toll rises
96 Victorians cannot keep sacrificing liberties without a safety net
97 Coronavirus detectives on the case
98 All of Sydney’s eastern beaches to close on Sunday to enforce Covid-19 social distancing – as it happened
99 Yes, Donald Trump is at risk of prosecution. Here's why
100 Global panel discusses India’s transformation into a ‘fascist state’ under Modi