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1 Can a Start-Up Mentality Save Small Businesses?
2 MacArthur 'Genius' Andrews Lauded for 'Ridiculous Smarts,' 'Ridiculous Amount of Kindness' | News
3 National Bureau of Economic Research: US Officially in Recession
4 U.S. Clean Air Act has been a lifesaver for the birds
5 Economic Research: The Case For Bold Fiscal Stimulus In The Eurozone
6 Trailblazing economist and presidential adviser Edward Lazear dies at 72 | Stanford News
7 Effects of the recession on families and how to cope
8 Letters to the editor: Nov. 30, 2020 | Letters To Editor
9 Economic Research: U.S. Business Cycle Barometer: Still Signs Of Life
10 New Comcast program aims to empower Washington state small businesses owned by people of color
11 Changing for a more inclusive future | Columns |
12 Comcast RISE Offers Help to Small Businesses Hardest Hit by COVID-19
13 What we've been reading: Jobs and spatial economics
14 If You Could See Your Future Regrets About Finances
15 Notes From A Pandemic: Sketches And Observations From An Altered Reality
16 Private Equity Performance Persists — But Not When It Matters Most
17 Robinhood investors helped stabilize the market during March sell-off, co-CEO says
18 It's official: The U.S. entered a recession in February
19 Economic Research: Next Steps For President-Elect Biden: Containing Coronavirus And Stabilizing The U.S. Economy
20 Recession; proactive measures not cyclical factors can resuscitate economy
21 How Much Will It Cost to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?
22 Do child care, paid leave close work gender gaps? Study says no
23 Comcast RISE Offers Grants, Equipment, Marketing and Technology Resources to Washington State Small Businesses Hardest Hit by COVID-19
24 Frequent, rapid testing could turn national COVID-19 tide within weeks
25 Will the Oil markets miss Donald Trump?
26 How small businesses can capitalize on Black Friday
27 Chemical Activity Barometer Rises In November
28 China’s factories crank up output, but jobs, debt remain concerns
29 2 students from Georgia among those named Rhodes Scholars
30 Does wearing a mask help the economy? An Alaska economist weighs in on incentives to slow virus spread and avoid a lockdown
31 Looking for gift ideas? Black-owned Cincinnati shops to support for Small Business Saturday
32 Philly fitness studio owner among first to receive Comcast RISE award
33 So you think economic downturns cost lives? Our findings show they don't
34 U.S. Media and Covid
35 Reflections of a First-Year Buckeye: Thanksgiving wishes, campus safety, accolades
36 Randstad US and Udemy launch tech training program for workers
37 Boatloads of Cargo Off Los Angeles Grind Gears of World Economy
38 NBER panel not ready to declare end of US recession: media
39 Comcast RISE awards more than 700 Black-owned small businesses with marketing and technology resources, makeovers
40 Walton High School graduate receives Rhodes Scholarship
41 Business owners upbeat about vaccine, wary as virus spreads
42 National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Definition
43 Shopping for a new car on Black Friday? Beware of this clever car-dealership trick
44 Private equity legends are no longer living up to their hype
45 Letters: It's past time to stop observing daylight saving time
46 Latino-owned restaurants worry what tomorrow holds
47 Restaurants face chill of winter, and Covid, as outdoor dining comes to a close
48 Former MPC member to weigh independence currency and central bank questions as he joins Scottish university
49 Hasidic Wedding Draws Thousands In Defiance Of N.Y. COVID Rules
50 Food insecurity spikes for holiday amid COVID-19 surge
51 The first lesson of doing business in China: the state comes first
52 Here’s what young voters want from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the next four years
53 Economists Announce The U.S. Economy Is Officially In A Recession
54 UCASU Launches Hotal Service to Build Market Entry Barrier for Its $60 Billion Airbnb-based Strategy
55 So what exactly's in a recession?
56 Sam Patterson, UMBC's Newest Rhodes Scholar, Plans To Transform Transportation
57 Collateral Damage
58 Could PE managers be pulling a fast one on performance persistence?
59 Covid won't take holiday, Fauci warns
60 Improve emergency care? Pandemic helps point the way
61 Black businesses still face systemic racism
62 New Research Shows Frequent, Rapid Testing Could Cripple COVID-19 Within Weeks
63 US recession began in February, declares national bureau
64 Private Equity Legends Are No Longer Living Up to Hype
65 Key Democrat: Finding agreement on taxes will require 'creative thinking'
66 Those darn property taxes! Insights from Texas tax protests
67 Asia's economies are bouncing back. The West is headed in the other direction
68 Black-Owned Firms Still Close at Double Whites' Rate in U.S.
69 Traders' Voice… A recession, for how long?
70 41% of black-owned businesses shuttered during pandemic's first month NBER black owned business closed
71 Health department report: Hospitalizations increasing as COVID continues its rapid spread statewide
72 Sen. Chris Coons Wants Twitter to Hide Reality of 'Global Warming'
73 Sources & Acknowledgments
74 Economics Professor Breaks Down COVID-19 Recession
75 Data shows remote work really does mean longer days — and more meetings
76 Trump's 'Drain the Swamp' Agency Moves Ripe for Biden Reversal
77 43% of Small Businesses Closed, Research Finds
78 Study: Virus worsens U.S. gender pay gap
79 Here's how many people are house poor in every state
80 Recession panel could make official US call prior to election
81 Black Business Owners’ Ranks Collapse by 41% in U.S. Lockdowns
82 The other lethal pandemic is worklessness
83 National Bureau of Economic Research Archives
84 US Covid-19 cases are out of control. The country needs another lockdown.
85 Why and when the US started changing the clock
86 A U.S. recession began in February in the face of coronavirus, say economists
87 Businesses will likely support local lockdowns in South Africa – but only if these conditions are met
88 India enters technical recession. What is it and what does it mean for the Indian economy?
89 Study: Without action, climate deaths could soar by century's end
90 Recession Began in February, Economists Say
91 Coronavirus latest: Wales to ban pubs and bars from selling alcohol
92 New Research Shows 100K+ SMBs Won’t Recover From COVID-19 Pandemic
93 NRF chief economist says pandemic recession could already be easing but 'no one has a crystal ball'
94 Two-thirds of laid off workers eligible for benefits that exceed their wages: NBER paper
95 Analysis | What to Know About Recessions, as Virus Threatens One
96 Black Lives Matter protests haven't led to COVID-19 spikes. It may be due to people staying home.
97 Rise in fentanyl use likely caused by different factors
98 February 2020 marks end of longest period of economic expansion since 1854
99 More than half of Black-owned businesses may not survive COVID-19
100 Targeted Lockdowns Are Better