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1 Nurture trumps nature in determining severity of PTSD symptoms
2 VA/National Center for PTSD's Couples Coach App
3 Venlafaxine offers enhanced benefit for PTSD symptoms vs. other treatments
4 Windsor County Mentors to host virtual seminars on Covid-related stress
5 BU/VA researcher to study traumatic stress and cellular aging in the brain
6 VA Boston and BU researchers streamline PTSD diagnosis with machine learning
7 Nursing Professor Works to Improve Health of Correctional Officers
8 iMedicalApps: Couples Coach
9 Support Groups: Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020
10 Researchers eye Alzheimer's link in 9/11 responders
11 Study shows promise for two-day therapy to treat PTSD, improve relationships
12 Stamp Raises Money Veterans Affairs PTSD Research | Connecting Vets
13 VA taking on the challenges of aging with PTSD
14 PTSD and moral injury linked to pregnancy complications
15 Are you interested in joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary?
16 10 states reported their highest single-day coronavirus case counts last week
17 Novel neuroimaging study on dissociative symptoms reveals wounds of childhood trauma
18 Military suicides up as much as 20% in COVID era
19 SBU gets grant for cognitive study on 9/11 responders
20 Research to treat PTSD gets $4 million boost from National Institutes of Health
21 June is National PTSD Awareness Month | Veterans
22 PTSD may double risk of dementia, new analysis finds
23 The indwelling of trauma
24 Scientists Unpack How the Brain Separates Present from Past Dangers—While Signaling Safety
25 Beyond PPE: Protecting Health Care Workers To Prevent A Behavioral Health Disaster
26 How to Reduce Your Risk of PTSD in a Post-Covid-19 World
27 2 drug measures on Oregon ballot |
28 Treatment for trauma, PTSD available in WNC | Health
29 PTSD Awareness Month: A time for healing | GUIDON
30 A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Rely on Rare Trees in Chile
31 Grant funds of $1 million to cover tuition for 30 Idaho State students
32 10 Tips to Help Warriors Cope with PTSD
33 PTSD may double the risk of dementia, new analysis finds
34 Fourth of July a difficult time for veterans with PTSD
35 VA receives funding from the US Postal Service for PTSD research
36 What can healthcare staff do to prevent PTSD during the pandemic?
37 During and post-pandemic, how do we care for caregivers with PTSD?
38 Sexual assault leads to PTSD, drug abuse
39 'Stress first aid' for healthcare workers can help to prevent PTSD: expert
40 This Mental Health App Is Tailor-Made for Your Pandemic Woes
41 Important updates to read during PTSD Awareness Month
42 Stamp aims to raise awareness, funds for PTSD
43 One in four NYC transit workers has caught Covid-19 according to a union survey
44 John Katko aims to raise PTSD awareness, reduce stigma
45 A Surge in PTSD May Be the 'New Normal'
46 'Forever Altered': Health Care Workers Face Mental Health Struggles After Caring For COVID Patients
47 Veterans Voice: New stamp is part of effort to heal PTSD
48 PTSD symptoms, moral injury linked to adverse perinatal outcomes among female veterans
49 Tulane University receives $12.5 million grant to treat brain injuries and PTSD in veterans
50 New post-traumatic stress disorder treatments for veterans focus on technology
51 First year after service 'vital' for veterans' readjustment to civilian life
52 Fourth of July fireworks can be traumatic for veterans with PTSD
53 Inside PTSD: Veterans organizations help those with disorder connect with programs, each other
54 Election 2020: We must ‘view access to mental healthcare as a human right’ says psychologist
55 Veterans Studies Highlight PTSD Treatments, Importance for VA Disability Benefits, Allsup Reports
56 Campbell County neighbors argue over veteran counseling facility
57 California wildfires and COVID-19 pandemic wreak havoc on mental health
58 PTSD Awareness Month
59 PTSD from COVID-19? Here Are Four Signs.
60 Eglin AFB, Fla., opens center for PTSD, brain, pain condition treatment
61 My job in a COVID-19 hotspot didn't give me COVID — it gave me PTSD
62 How a new postage stamp will help people with PTSD
63 Two drug measures on Oregon ballot
64 Veterans: Stressed over coronavirus?
65 Cards for Connection help Veterans cope
66 Trauma Treatments Developed With Civilian Women Are Helping Female Veterans
67 Increase in PTSD claims presents diagnosis challenge
68 PTSD: Civilians Struggle To Find Effective Therapy : Shots
69 Coronavirus is Destroying Americans' Mental Health | Elemental
70 NIH study shows markers in blood can help identify risk for complications after mild TBI
71 Veterans Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
72 Gabrielle Union Explains Body 'Terror' People With PTSD Can Experience
73 Reaching out in crisis with telehealth
74 California Cancer Physician Pursues Revolutionary Research Approach
75 Veterans may be having a harder time dealing with COVID-19 pandemic | The Rebound Tampa Bay
76 National and regional prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis
77 Veterans with PTSD turn to sports, physical activity as alternative method of treatment
78 Q&A: Loud pyrotechnics trigger stress, hyperarousal, and combat flashbacks in vets with PTSD
79 PTSD in veterans: Know the signs and ways to cope
80 September is Suicide Prevention Month
81 This Is Not a Normal Mental-Health Disaster
82 How to help those suffering from PTSD
83 Franklin VNA & Hospice's Health Corner: June is PTSD Awareness Month
84 June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day: Know the Symptoms and Risk Factors for acute stress and PTSD During COVID-19
85 Here's How Meditation May Help Veterans With PTSD
86 Cruel and sneaky PTSD surfaces after retirement
87 PTSD research to examine less-studied effects
88 Veterans have options for seeing Vietnam memorial wall
89 National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics
90 Women are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from PTSD. Studies are underway to find out why.
91 Expression of Certain Genes May Affect Vulnerability to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
92 I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me.
93 Coast Guard Veteran benefits from PTSD horse therapy
94 Algorithm Predicts Risk for PTSD After Traumatic Injury
95 PTSD awareness stamp unveiled by USPS
96 For Civilians, Finding A Therapist Skilled In PTSD Treatments Is A Tough Task
97 USPS PTSD stamp: "Healing PTSD" is the new stamp from United States Postal Service that benefits Veterans Affairs
98 Child Development During the COVID‐19 Pandemic Through a Life Course Theory Lens
99 Fireworks Near You Every Night? We Have Tips
100 Navy Wounded Warrior Enrollee Shares PTSD Journey