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1 Study: Liberal congregations more politically active than conservative ones
2 Liberal congregations more politically active, study reveals
3 In Trump Era, More Progressive Churches Get Politically Active
4 Black Church Turnout Effort Mobilizes Against Alleged Voter Suppression
5 Migration of synagogues to Cleveland suburbs focus of study
6 This just in! Evangelicals are actually America's least politicized group of churches
7 Life Chain returns Sunday to Farmington for 28th year
8 Four Catholic-led groups working against President Donald Trump's reelection
9 Religion and its services contribute $67.5 billion to the Canadian economy, calculates new study
10 Christ Lutheran Church Launches Updated Website to Increase Accessibility
11 Survey reveals pandemic is hurting churches
12 The history and traditions of Yom Kippur
13 Coronavirus India lockdown Day 189 updates | October 1, 2020
14 Church donations have plunged because of the coronavirus. Some churches won’t survive.
15 Why and how we studied sermons of US churches
16 Empty pews take a financial toll on many US congregations
17 Franklin Graham borrows a tactic from the left with his Saturday prayer march
18 Nearly three-quarters of pastors concerned presidential election will impact churches: Barna
19 Briefs
20 U.S. churchgoers are satisfied with the sermons they hear, though content varies by religious tradition
21 Women religious want sisters' voices heard in post-pandemic planning
22 Faith groups grapple with economic fallout of COVID-19
23 A tiny house, a big step
24 Black church assaults continue
25 Race relations are in focus as congregations seek unity
26 Religion news | News, Sports, Jobs
27 Trump can't take the evangelical vote for granted
28 Issues at stake for Dunedin's Pacific community
29 Coronavirus: Punjab ends night curfew, Sunday lockdown as cases reduce
30 Sanford pastor continues to defy state and local orders aimed to control virus spread
31 Study: Religious attendance flatlining, but giving remains strong
32 Few Americans say their house of worship is open, but a quarter say their faith has grown amid pandemic
33 Multiracial Congregations May Not Bridge Racial Divide
34 Duke Receives $1.5 Million Grant to Study America's Evolving Congregations
35 Shares turn range bound
36 Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site | What is Pentecostalism?
37 Many U.S. congregations are still racially segregated, but things are changing
38 Black churches evolving to offer support, remain community hubs during COVID-19 pandemic
39 `Difficult days are ahead' for America's churches, faith institutions
40 Little Rock Congregations Study shows more clergy are concerned about race relations
41 6 charts that illustrate the surprising financial strength of American houses of worship
42 Members not flocking back to houses of worship
43 ‘Difficult days are ahead’ for America’s churches, faith institutions
44 What Pastors See as the 'New Normal' for Preaching After the Pandemic | CT Pastors
45 Voting While God is Watching – Does Having Churches as Polling Stations Sway the Ballot?
46 Southern Baptist Leaders Urge Christians: “Vote Responsibly” : Church
47 Large churches help financially struggling smaller congregations with ‘COVID-19 offering’
48 Southern Baptists see 13th year of membership decline
49 Financial downturn threatens ability of churches to pay utilities, support communities
50 Jeremy Corbyn is 'FINED' over dinner with EIGHT others: Labour MP says ex-leader was penalised
51 Churches Are Building Housing Developments ‘in God’s Back Yard’
52 Newsline for Sept. 19, 2020 – News
53 Global mission study series for congregations is published by GEMN
54 Drinking our way through the pandemic and out of temperance
55 "Change Has to Come From a Place": Inside the Northside Achievement Zone
56 Choosing a New Church or House of Worship
57 New study finds a greater church acceptance of gays and lesbians
58 Delhivery to create 15,000 seasonal jobs this festive season
59 Americans Oppose Religious Exemptions From Coronavirus-Related Restrictions
60 The Latest: NYC teachers union will block school reopening
61 Church Is More Informal, Like Society, Study Finds
62 Praise God! Churches not going bankrupt | News, Sports, Jobs
63 From the Pews to the Polls: Greater Devotion Linked to Higher Levels of Civic Participation
64 Southern Baptist membership declines
65 How a part-time pastor can keep a financially strapped church alive
66 Historian Ibram X. Kendi To Speak At Online Davidson Event
67 Lake Norman Students Named 2021 National Merit Semifinalists | Davidson
68 Giving -- like worshiping -- is different for churches in Martinsville and Henry and Patrick counties
69 Black churches, via phones and Facebook, bridging digital divide amid COVID-19
70 As Trump Pushes for Reopenings, Congregations Choose Safety Over Haste
71 Multiracial Congregations Have Nearly Doubled, But They Still Lag Behind the Makeup of Neighborhoods
72 How Many Churches Does America Have? More Than Expected | News & Reporting
73 Seeking spiritual comfort: American worship in the time of pandemic
74 The Decline and Fall of the Southern Baptists
75 Rift over gay rights comes as United Methodists in U.S. have become more accepting of homosexuality
76 Drop in Attendance at Religious Services Doesn't Always Mean Declining Revenues (Survey
77 White House takes low-key approach to churches that ignore coronavirus advice
78 Pastor-sharing: For clergy, a holy hustle and labor of love
79 My journey in the 'essence of religious life' Africa project
80 Study: Female Church Leaders Face Stained-Glass Ceiling
81 Even as churches reopen, the coronavirus pandemic has changed them; and religious leaders are embracing it
82 Clergy, scientists grapple with thoughts of worship without congregational singing
83 What if Easter, Passover and Ramadan get canceled?
84 Study reveals challenges and opportunities in attracting people back to church
85 Before protests, black Americans said religious sermons should address race relations
86 Abortion rarely topic of preaching, says new Pew study
87 Why these 21st century David Lipscombs won't vote for Trump or Biden
88 Congregations improvise ways to fight COVID-19's isolation
89 Where Mask-Wearing Isn't Gospel: Colorado Churches Grapple With Reopening
90 Lilly Endowment launches national initiative to help congregations thrive
91 A Sunday Without Church: In Crisis, a Nation Asks, ‘What Is Community?’
92 Facing daunting challenges in PH basic education
93 Faith groups respond to George Floyd's death
94 Religious leaders in Park City reassure congregations during COVID-19 uncertainty
95 Religion's Relationship to Happiness, Civic Engagement and Health
96 Research shows Little Rock faith-based leaders find race-relations 'very important'
97 Ethical Society leader: Religious congregations should lead by example and close their doors
98 International Day of Sign Languages: Recognising deaf culture
99 Church Donations Have Plunged Because of the Coronavirus. Some Churches Won't Survive.
100 How Often People Worship Is More Important than Where They Worship When It Comes to Being Good Neighbors