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1 Muscle-fiber inspired pneumatic artificial muscles for multiple-mode actuations
2 How a funding boom might transform the US National Science Foundation
3 A diversity of wildlife is good for human health
4 Research review series: science
5 Short duration of the Yixian Formation and 'Chinese Dinosaurs Pompeii'
6 Emissive supramolecular metallacages via coordination-driven self-assembly
7 Sea of doubts
8 Major changes coming to the National Science Foundation(?)
9 Cybersecurity Agenda for the 117th Congress: Proposed Legislation
10 Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Fraud allegations create a sea of doubt
11 News at a glance
12 National Science Foundation awards graduate research fellowships to outstanding Emory students, recent grads
13 Race, Policing, and The Limits of Social Science
14 Political Science Professor Elected to National Council | University of Arkansas
15 GCS Grants 1.6 Billion Computing Core Hours to Leading-Edge National Science Projects
16 Three Penn State faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences | Penn State University
17 Swiss funder draws lots to make grant decisions
18 NSF's unique R&D effort aims to solve societal challenges
19 Good research begins long before papers get written
20 Covid-19: Sputnik vaccine rockets, thanks to Lancet boost
21 Grant funds study on Muslim hatred
22 Impact and effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths following a nationwide vaccination campaign in Israel: an observational study using national surveillance data
23 Picozoans Are Algae After All: Study
24 NIH reverses Trump-era restrictions on fetal-tissue research news
25 Fear and confusion continue over research interactions with China
26 UAB first: Vision science student awarded F31 grant
27 Dark Matter Detection: Repurposing Optomechanical Accelerometers to Search for Dark Matter
28 How to navigate authorship of scientific manuscripts
29 The Deep-time Digital Earth program: data-driven discovery in geosciences
30 Dark matter detection
31 In graphene process, resistance is useful
32 Distribution of avian influenza viruses according to environmental surveillance during 2014–2018, China
33 Does everyone need to wear a mask outside? Experts weigh in.
34 Riley, Scanlon named Heritage Awards recipients
35 Research reveals Medicaid expansion is still improving hospital finances
36 President Biden Announces 12 Key Climate and Infrastructure Administration Nominations
37 The Week of April 19, 2021
38 Priorities for COVID-19 research response and preparedness in low-resource settings
39 Potential CFIUS Implications of Proposed Strategic Competition Act of 2021
40 Amphiphilic AIE-active sensor: Breaking the bottleneck of AIE bioimaging
41 Paula Hammond and Arup Chakraborty named Institute Professors
42 Bioorthogonally catalyzed lethality strategy generates targeting drugs within tumor
43 NOAA Nominee Rick Spinrad Has Deep Roots at the Agency
44 Russia releases new single-dose COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik Light: Here's all you need to know
45 Domestic Policy Presidential Directive
46 Organic photovoltaic cell with 17% efficiency and superior processability for large-area coating
47 Will My Sense Of Smell Come Back? What 'Smell Training' Can And Can't Do : Shots
48 Cu-based small-pore zeolites for deNOx
49 Harvard Data Science Review explores reproducibility and replicability in science
50 Nanomaterials based strategies for treatment of hypoxic tumor
51 NASA's new chief big on climate, hedges on 2024 moon landing
52 Moderate 4.3 quake hits near Iwaki, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima, Japan
53 Performance breakthrough by topological-insulator into a waveguide-resonator system
54 Springer Nature advances its machine-generated tools and offers new book format (AI-based lit overview)
55 Tracking structural regeneration of catalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction
56 Beyond Qubits: Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer Demonstrated
57 Air pollution linked to high blood pressure in children; other studies address air quality and the heart
58 A novel salvinia-like slippery surface
59 Co-Chairs Appointed to Lead New National Science, Technology, and Security Roundtable
60 The Future of Clinical Trials: How Will New Technologies Affect The Lives Of Participants?
61 New Estimate Presents Important Milestone for Global Carbon Cycle Studies
62 Inverse Daily: We’ve found the oldest burial in Africa
63 Found in space: Complex carbon-based molecules | NSF
64 Sustainable regenerated isotropic wood
65 Review on functional hydrogel coatings
66 Confined growth of ZIF-8 in organosilica nanoparticles to regulate mRNA translation
67 Chinese Regulators Order Tech Companies to Standardize Financial Businesses
68 New study reveals that soil is a significant carbon sequestration driver
69 About PNAS
70 Sapphires show their true colors: Not water-loving
71 New Biennial Review Says Stronger Science Support Needed as Everglades Restoration Pivots from Planning to Operations
72 New Report Says U.S. Should Cautiously Pursue Solar Geoengineering Research to Better Understand Options for Responding to Climate Change Risks
73 ORAU receives National Science Foundation grant to study greenhouse gases in Arctic
74 WH launches science review after claims of political interference under Trump
75 Construction of hollow nanoreactors for enhanced photo-oxidations
76 Moderate earthquake of magnitude 4.5 just reported 6 km east of Shizunai-furukawachō, Japan
77 Quake info: Light mag. 4.0 earthquake
78 LDI Executive Director contributes to HDSR special issue on Replicability in Science
79 Moderate magnitude 4.3 earthquake 12 km south of Kumamoto, Japan
80 Engineering the Mississippi River has kept carbon out of the atmosphere, new study reveals
81 Minimally-invasive hydrogen therapy of cancer based on in-vivo electrochemistry
82 Computer Science Meets Medicine in Drug Discovery
83 Rationally designing hierarchical zeolites for better diffusion and catalyst efficiency
84 New study identifies bird species that could spread ticks and Lyme disease
85 National Research Council of Science & Technology agreement
86 NSF begins planning for decommissioning of Arecibo Observatory's 305-meter telescope due to safety concerns
87 How to Read a Coronavirus Study, or Any Science Paper
88 Surface effect of electrodes revealed by operando surface science methodology
89 Hierarchically mesoporous TiO2 materials for energy and environmental applications
90 Franklin Regional National Science Bowl team advances to national competition
91 Could we harness energy from black holes? | NSF
92 Moderate magnitude 4.5 earthquake 67 km southeast of Kushiro, Japan
93 Electric Grid of the Future Should Prioritize Sustainability, Resiliency, Equity, Reliability, and Security, Says New Report
94 Oxygen-excess oxides in Earth's mid-mantle facilitate the ascent of deep oxygen
95 National Science Board Charts 2030 Vision
96 New analysis highlights importance of groundwater discharge into oceans
97 President-elect Biden Announces Key Members of his White House Science Team
98 Researchers set to take to the air above the Arctic and New York City
99 New Report Assesses Illnesses Among U.S. Government Personnel and Their Families at Overseas Embassies
100 Climate change increases coastal blue carbon sequestration