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1 ‘Open letter to America’ signed by 489 national-security leaders calls Trump ‘not equal to the enormous responsibilities of his office’
2 Biden Endorsed By Nearly 500 National Security Experts
3 Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate
4 Federal judge sees no bombshell in new letter in Bolton case
5 Letter to the editor: Rashid’s national security plan makes sense
6 UN experts condemn Hong Kong security law in letter to China
7 489 military and national security officials say they 'fear' for the US under Trump
8 White House Accused of Improperly Politicizing Review of John Bolton’s Book
9 Letter: Which politicians threaten national security?
10 Guest Commentary: I served under six presidents — four Republicans, two Democrats — only one has failed to serve U.S. national security interests
11 National security officials endorse Biden
12 Letter: Lots of Trump campaign 'promises' ended in failures
13 Beijing slams ‘slander’ by UN rights experts questioning national security law
14 Justice Dept. disclosures cast fresh doubt on Trump-Russia investigation
15 Trump's National Security Team Is Making Politics, Not Policy
16 National Security Letters: Building Blocks for Investigations or Intrusive Tools?
17 Trump and Biden campaigns tout dueling endorsements by retired generals and admirals, raising doubts about apolitical military
18 Envelope addressed to Trump tested positive for ricin, officials say
19 The Margin: 'Open letter to America' signed by 489 national-security leaders calls Trump 'not equal to the enormous responsibilities of his office'
20 Letters: Streamline Department of Homeland Security oversight
21 Letter: Rid the country of Trump and his enablers
22 U.S. Places Restrictions on China’s Leading Chip Maker
23 U.N. experts decry Hong Kong security law in open letter to China
24 READ: DNI Ratcliffe's letters to Congress on election security briefings
25 North Korea accuses South Korea of intrusion in search for national's body
26 A message to Justice Department lawyers: It’s up to you to protect our democracy
27 North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Apologizes for Killing of South Korean Official
28 Letters: Unfair tuition | Walia for Saratoga | Nature’s beauty | Prop. 15 a remedy | Racism on ballot | International aid
29 The Failed Fix to NSL Gag Orders: How the Majority of National Security Letter Recipients Remain Gagged After USA FREEDOM
30 Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf subpoenaed for hearing next week after refusing to testify
31 Reports of medical procedures done without consent must be investigated
32 Director Of National Intelligence Cancels Verbal Election Security Briefings
33 The Week that Was: All of Lawfare in One Post
34 Potential GNC acquisition by Chinese firm draws security concerns
35 Over 100 Jewish leaders and officials offer 'enthusiastic' support for Biden
36 Tencent’s Gaming Stakes Draw U.S. National Security Scrutiny
37 EFF Report Shows FBI Is Failing to Address First Amendment Harms Caused By National Security Letters
38 Letter: Take note of Republicans who are opposed to Trump
39 China rejects UN human rights experts' open letter on HK issue
40 LETTER: 'Dog-whistle' ads indicate Wittman has lost his way
41 Letter: We don't need Cawthorn's nonsense
42 China will prevent US TikTok 'takeover'
43 Victory! EFF Wins National Security Letter Transparency Lawsuit
44 'Dangerous' and 'unfit': Trump's former national security advisers say he has 'no moral compass' in new Woodward book
45 Voice of America Journalists: CEO Michael Pack Endangering Reporters
46 FBI secretly demands a ton of consumer data from credit agencies. Now lawmakers want answers
47 Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden
48 Sept. 24, 2020, Letters to the Editor |
49 Readers critique The Post: There are other sports besides football
50 When voting, consider Trump’s accomplishments | Letter
51 Letters to the editor: National Popular Vote; President Trump; Supreme Court vacancy; COVID-19
52 Former national security officials criticize Trump's approach to protesters in new letter
53 Letters to the editor | Letters To Editor
54 More than 70 Republican former national security officials come out in support of Biden
55 Trump Administration Promise to Focus on Extremism Remains Unfulfilled
56 US political crackdown spurs fears of Chinese brain-drain
57 Whistleblower accuses Trump appointees of downplaying Russian interference and White supremacist threat
58 Federal Agencies Tapped Protesters’ Phones in Portland
59 National Security Letters: FAQ
60 DHS: Portland mayor must 'prioritize public safety' or feds will have 'no choice but to protect' Americans
61 EFF Related Content: National Security Letters
62 What are "national security letters?" Here's everything you need to know
63 Google just published eight National Security Letters
64 Former National Security Officials, Military Leaders Call for Passage of the NO BAN Act
65 Anti-Trump Republican Explains Why He Did Not Sign Former Republican National Security Officials' Anti-Trump Letter
66 More than 100 national security professionals break with tradition and endorse a presidential candidate — Biden
67 A Disappointing Ruling on National Security Letters, But Not the Last Word
68 Press Briefing by Ambassador O'Brien, Ambassador Grenell, Senior Advisor Kushner, and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany | September 4, 2020
69 C.D.C. Tells States How to Prepare for Covid-19 Vaccine by Early November
70 Expansion of Secret National Security Letters – A Poison Pill for Email Privacy
71 Trump administration urged to sanction Russian individuals and groups for election meddling
72 Opinion | Appeasing Vladimir Putin’s Russia Will Only Embolden It
73 Gag Order Gone, Secrets of a National Security Letter are Revealed
74 Twilio Demonstrates Why Courts Should Review Every National Security Letter
75 What It’s Like to Get a National-Security Letter
76 Letter: Hong Kong’s national security law protects press freedom
77 Why the Ninth Circuit Got It Wrong on National Security Letters and How We'll Keep Fighting
78 In letter, Pentagon leaders outline military role in recent unrest
79 READ: Letter from 90 former national security officials supporting whistleblower
80 Judge Dismisses Twitter's Lawsuit Over Its Rights to Publish Information About Government Surveillance Orders
81 Internet Archive Received National Security Letter with FBI Misinformation about Challenging Gag Order
82 Hearing Thursday: EFF Asks Court to Require FBI Disclosure of National Security Letter Recipients Who've Been Released From Gag Orders
83 Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them
84 Former diplomats and civilian officials condemn Trump administration’s response to protests
85 Letters to the Editor Saturday, Sep. 26
86 Group of 86 NGOs issue letter calling for scrapping of planned Hong Kong security law
87 Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies
88 National Security Leaders Urge Congress to Provide Election Officials with Additional Funds
89 Hearing Wednesday: National Security Letters Violate the First Amendment
90 When can the FBI use National Security Letters to spy on journalists? That's classified.
91 Microsoft publishes first National Security Letter in transparency report
92 An open letter to Trump’s old national security team
93 Chipping Away at National Security Letters: 2016 in Review
94 Demonstrations Prompt National Security Community Push for Diversity
95 90 former national security officials praise whistleblower
96 Statement of Homeland and National Security Leaders
97 Bolton's lawyer disputes NSC assessment that manuscript contains classified information | TheHill
98 National Security Letters Demand Data Companies Aren’t Obligated to Provide
99 Letter: Food security equates to national security | Letters To Editor
100 FBI Secretive 'National Security Letter' Demand for Phone Records Faces Rare Challenge