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1 Germany bans neo-Nazi group, homes raided
2 Militant neo-nazi group Atomwaffen with links to Washington surfaces in Colorado
3 DeVos says free college amounts to a 'socialist takeover'
4 The right needs to stop falsely claiming that the Nazis were socialists
5 Second neo-Nazi pleads guilty to threats against journalists
6 The Horrifying Discovery of Dachau Concentration Camp—And Its Liberation by US Troops
7 Lenders may split Srei cos’ cashflow
8 Homeowner sues over HOA’s order to remove BLM flag
9 He Says His Nazi Days Are Over. Do You Believe Him?
10 Today's Headlines and Commentary
11 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on December 4, 2020
12 Hitler's Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway
13 McCarthyism was never defeated. Trumpism won’t be either.
14 No, America is not succumbing to fascism
15 Progressive Analysts with a President's Ear: Nice, But Not Nearly Enough
16 Berkeley Talks transcript: U.S. elections 2020 and implications for the Americas
17 National Socialist Movement agrees to court order prohibiting it returning to Charlottesville as an armed group
18 Vigilantes, Brown Shirts, and the Attack on the Rule of Law
19 Here’s what Joe Biden wants to do as president, and what could stop him
20 Neo-Nazis asking for another rally day in Williamsport this July
21 Peaceful protest organized to counter National Socialist Movement rally
22 Biden to Move Fast to Strike Down Trump's Environmental Agenda
23 NSCN (IM) accuses Nagaland Governor of planning to hijack peace talks
24 American individualism and our collective crisis
25 VERIFY: No, Hitler didn't call for defunding the police
26 Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?
27 Why a Black Preacher Is Fighting for Control of a Neo-Nazi Group
28 Dec. 2 Coronavirus updates: U.S. reports largest number of deaths since June
29 Order of Nine Angles: What is this obscure Nazi Satanist group?
30 The images that fought the Nazis
31 Myths or Moving Targets? Continuity and Change in China's Nuclear Forces
32 75 Years After Fascism's Defeat, Trump and Others Have Thrown Its Main Lesson to the Wind
33 Riots, white supremacy, and accelerationism
34 Hitler's Building Plans for a World Under the Swastika
35 Williamsport pulls permits for events through April, including National Socialist Movement rally
36 2001 Manipur uprising: CBI says CRPF not to blame for 14 deaths, files closure report
37 Opinion: Looking at the history of the ‘anti-facism’ movement
38 Great granddaughter of anti-Nazi resistance fighter confronted a couple wearing swastika masks in a Minnesota Walmart
39 Letters: Elected officials ought not follow Trump blindly
40 Is Socialism Coming to America?
41 Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’
42 What is the Atomwaffen Division?
43 Finland's air force quietly drops swastika symbol
44 Fact check: Hermann Goering did not defund and eliminate police departments
45 How a black man says he ‘outsmarted’ a neo-Nazi group and became their new leader
46 The Terrorist Threat from the Fractured Far Right
47 Germany’s Far Right Reunified, Too, Making It Much Stronger
48 How a black activist managed to take over a neo-Nazi group
49 Oregon National Socialist Movement leader wants white separatism, repeal of sanctuary status
50 QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
51 New York Fed Paper Finds Pandemic a Century Ago Fueled Nazi Rise
52 The World Henry Ford Made
53 Germany fears far-right influence in police and security forces
54 US White Nationalists Barred by Facebook Find Haven on Russia Site
55 How Far-Right Extremists Are Exploiting the COVID Pandemic
56 East Texas congressman links Democrats with Nazis, insisting that both are 'socialist'
57 British Neo-Nazis suggest Prince Harry should be shot
58 Remarks by President Trump at a Peaceful Protest for Law and Order
59 Germany transformed under Nazis in 100 days. Do we understand why?
60 A brief history of Nazism in Australia
61 Guns seized from Washington man said to be neo-Nazi leader prepping for 'race war'
62 The History of Democracy: Hitler's First 100 Days
63 No extortion, only legitimate taxes levied: NSCN (IM)
64 Nazism, socialism and the falsification of history
65 NSU: What you need to know about Germany's neo-Nazi terror group | DW | 05.08.2020
66 A black activist took over a neo-Nazi group with plans to destroy it. He died before he could
67 Inside the trial of a Nazi concentration camp guard
68 Summoning of top functionary by SIT of Nagaland police is ill motivated: National Socialist Council of Nagaland
69 Germany to honor anti-Nazi hero Sophie Scholl with coin
70 The Chinese Communist Party's Ideology and Global Ambitions
71 Neo-Nazi Terrorist Jailed for Life in Case That Shamed Germany’s Spies
72 ‘Hitler or Höcke?’ Germany’s Far-Right Party Radicalizes
73 Talking tough: On the Naga issue
74 We have to destroy the Republican Party in order to save it
75 ‘Shocking’: Neo-Nazis fly swastika flag, salute at Virginia shopping center where leader was killed
76 Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Orders on Lowering Drug Prices
77 An Alt-Right Makeover Shrouds the Swastikas
78 Pence makes case for Trump as ‘law and order’ president while Blake shooting continues to reverberate
79 Last ′free′ vote
80 The Republican National Convention wants you to fear communism — but ignore authoritarians
81 Reformed Mid-Michigan white supremacist condemns racism and urges change
82 White extremist groups are growing — and changing – Center for Public Integrity
83 Biden condemns Kenosha violence and rebuts Trump's 'law and order' message
84 Trump Heads Into General Election He Casts as a Crusade for Law and Order
85 President Trump: America's Seniors Will Pay the Bill for a Democrat-Socialist Agenda
86 From the Archives: A protest at Nazi headquarters in El Monte
87 Remarks by Vice President Pence on the Dangers of Socialism
88 With Wisconsin Unrest as Backdrop, Republicans Intensify Law-and-Order Message
89 New Film Explores Skokie's Battle with Neo-Nazis
90 The rise of national socialism: Why Austria’s revolution is not over
91 Remarks by President Trump on the America First Healthcare Plan
92 Trump attacks Biden and casts himself as an insurgent in his acceptance speech
93 This legal tactic can keep neo-Nazi protests out of your city
94 Evers Administration Issues Emergency Order Limiting Gatherings
95 Coronavirus: Spain imposes state of emergency on Madrid
96 COVID-19 Is a Severe Test for Germany's Postwar Constitution
97 The streetwear trademark "boy London" declared invalid because it is contrary to the accepted principles of morality.
98 Experts Warn The Threat of Violence From Far-Right Groups Can Impact Racial Progress
99 The Nazis' Neighborhood
100 Trump Again Claims He’s Bringing Down Drug Prices, But Details of How Are Skimpy