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1 NSO Astronomers to play key role in two new spacecraft mission concept studies
2 Europe's largest Solar Telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the Sun
3 Sunspot Cycle Is Stabilizing, According to Experts Worldwide
4 Awe-Inspiring Magnetic Details of the Sun Revealed by Europe’s Largest Solar Telescope
5 NSF's newest solar telescope produces first images | NSF
6 Our sun begins a new solar cycle, experts say
7 The surface of the Sun (Credit: National Solar Observatory)
8 Australia's national science agency to buy solar power under 10-year PPA
9 Update: Remote solar observatory reopens after mysterious evacuation
10 Dr. Thomas Rimmele, Director of NSF's Inouye Solar Telescope, Named One of Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business
11 Radical Discovery Suggests The Solar System Has Two Planes of Orbital Alignment
12 Shutdown Of New Mexico Observatory Was Tied To Investigation Into Child Pornography
13 A year after Sunspot Solar Observatory saga, life is nearly back to normal
14 The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope: Getting a close-up look at our sun
15 After Mysterious Closure, Solar Observatory In New Mexico Reopens
16 Here's how a massive new telescope will revolutionize our view of the sun
17 Observatories Around the Solar System Team Up to Study Sun's Influence
18 Research at Rochester: Flint leads the frontier of spectropolarimetry
19 Mysterious 'security issue' forces a solar observatory to be evacuated
20 What Will Solar Cycle 25 Look Like?
21 NASA awards SwRI contract to develop mission to image the Sun's poles
22 How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence
23 New Observations Show Planet-forming Disc Torn Apart By Its Three Central Stars
24 New Radio Telescope Is Going to Fly to the Far Side of the Moon to Listen to the Signals From the Early Universe
25 Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun. Experts From NASA and NOAA Explain What It Means
26 History at stake as fire threatens Mt. Wilson Observatory
27 “Wobbling” –Black Hole the Size of Our Solar System Unveils Movie of the Observable Universe
28 Mysteriously shuttered New Mexico solar observatory set to reopen, although some questions remain
29 First study with CHEOPS data describes one of the most extreme planets in the universe
30 Can ripples on the sun help predict solar flares? Scientists analyze sunquakes to pinpoint flare energy source, perhaps predict flare severity
31 UH-built upgrade to Maunakea telescope to help detect exoplanets
32 National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM, had long history before mysterious closure
33 Mystery Solved? FBI Reveals Why It Shut Down the New Mexico Solar Observatory
34 Flagstaff couple helps create world’s largest solar telescope
35 Travel
36 Frank Hill Retires from the NSO
37 A Visit To The Most Important Survey Telescope Ever Built
38 “A Non-Story” –SETI Chief Astronomer on the National Solar Observatory Shutdown & Alien Conspiracy Theories
39 I'm Definitely Not Saying It's Aliens
40 A year after Sunspot saga, life is nearly back to normal
41 4000th Comet Discovered by ESA & NASA Solar Observatory
42 Inside the world's largest sun-spotting telescope
43 MSU, Montana Learning Center to offer free courses for teachers on use of remote, robotic telescope
44 NOAA Taps Xplore for Commercial Solar Observatory Feasibility Study
45 NASA, SpaceX team up to study Solar System’s mysterious magnetic shield
46 CSUN Team to Tap into Power of Inouye Telescope to Study Sun's Atmosphere
47 Solar observatory sheds light on security issue that forced evacuations
48 A 'bucket full of photons' may yield clues about the Sun's magnetic fields
49 Jersey Skies: World's largest solar telescope, new spacecraft will provide unprecedented views of the sun this year
50 Close-Up Video Shows Turbulent Gas Covering the Sun's Surface in New Detail
51 Xplore wins NOAA contract to study commercial solar observatory
52 Briton who swapped call centre job for astronomy now chasing the aurora
53 Huge New Solar Telescope Shares Science Excitement with Neighboring Schools
54 CSIRO signs up for 100 per cent solar power with Garnaut’s Zen Energy
55 Citizen scientists help improve space weather forecasts
56 NASA sent a map to space to help aliens find Earth. Now it needs an update.
57 Images from NJIT's Big Bear Solar Observatory peel away layers of a stellar mystery
58 National Solar Observatory predicts shape of solar corona for august eclipse
59 STEM education resources to aid virtual learning
60 Greenland Melting Faster Than Any Time in Last 12,000 Years
61 Celebrate Sunspot Solar Observatory's 50 year anniversary Oct. 12-13
62 Our sun will never look the same again thanks to two solar probes and one giant telescope
63 Apache Point Observatory to host open house and public view night
64 This solar telescope just released its first close-up video of the Sun — and it’s stunning
65 NASA Missions Spy First Possible 'Survivor' Planet Hugging White Dwarf
66 Salty Stars: Astronomers Discover Pair of Massive Stars Wrapped in Salt and Water Vapour Clouds
67 “There’s Something We’re Missing About the Universe”
68 Everything Scientists Know So Far about the First Interstellar Objects Ever Detected
69 Sun setting on solar telescope at Kitt Peak, southwest of Tucson
70 More fire weather has arrived for California, thanks to the jet stream
71 Canadian astronomers contend with issue of Indigenous consent over Hawaiian telescope project
72 Observatories around the solar system team up to study sun's influence
73 Pair of massive baby stars swaddled in salty water vapor
74 Space News: 4000th comet discovered by ESA and NASA Solar Observatory
75 NASA's Webb Solar Array Reconnects to the Telescope
76 Sunspot Observatory closed due to security issue
77 writer talks about why the National Solar Observatory (NSO) was mysteriously shut down
78 Reconciling resource uses: Assessment of the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in the North Western Sahara Aquifer System: Part A
79 NSO molding the future of solar physics research thanks to new NSF funding
80 See the sun in dazzling detail
81 National Solar Observatory headquarters headed for Boulder, Colorado
82 Watch a 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA's SDO
83 Sun Looks Like Corn
84 How the world's largest solar telescope rose on Maui while nearby protests derailed a larger scope
85 The largest solar telescope in the world is using a mirror substrate made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR® from SCHOTT
86 New telescope reveals sun's surface in closest detail yet
87 New Mexico observatory closed for security reasons to reopen
88 A new telescope expands Big Bear Solar Observatory's view of the Sun
89 Have We Got Dust All Wrong?
90 Vail high school students get a glimpse of creative telescope project
91 The shutdown could soon block telescopes’ view of the heavens
92 Apache Point Observatory hosts rare open house
93 How Three New Tools Will Revolutionize Our Understanding of the Sun
94 Fiske exhibits let you visit the sun without burning your feet
95 Could the Sahara ever be green again?
96 Why the sun’s mysteries could soon be revealed
97 L.A. landmarks: Beginner's guide to Griffith Park
98 Sunspot telescope assisting NASA’s Parker Solar Probe
99 New comet discovered by ESA and NASA solar observatory
100 The sun may kick off a new solar weather cycle this month