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1 Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered at Perdigões' Complex Portugal
2 Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered in Portugal
3 “Woodhenge” Discovered in the Iberian Peninsula
4 Biggest prehistoric monument in UK discovered just a stone's throw away from Stonehenge
5 Vast neolithic circle of deep shafts found near Stonehenge
6 Stonehenge bombshell: Mystery of ancient monument deepens after DNA anomaly pinpointed
7 Archaeologists Uncover an Iron Age Murder & Circular Timber Monument
8 Stonehenge-Like 'Timber Circles' Found in Portugal | Smart News
9 4,500-year-old 'timber circles' discovered in Portugal
10 Archeologists Just Discovered the UK’s Largest Ceremonial Site Buried Right Next to Stonehenge. Call It ‘Holehenge’
11 Durrington Shafts: Is Britain's Largest Prehistoric Monument a Sonic Temple?
12 Archaeologists Discover 'Wooden Stonehenge' in Portugal Used for Rituals and Religious Purposes
13 Origin of Stonehenge's Sarsen Stones is Finally Pinpointed
14 Monumental discovery at Durrington Walls
15 Yorkshire Archaeologists Discover Ancient 'Woodhenge'
16 Mysterious Timber Circles Discovered in Portugal Older than Stonehenge
17 Massive Ring of Prehistoric Shafts Near Stonehenge Investigated
18 Mystery fills the air at an ancient circle of life
19 Pömmelte Ring Sanctuary Finds May Eclipse Stonehenge
20 Planning the future of a prehistoric find
21 Rare Photo Reveals Ingenious Stonehenge Engineering Secrets
22 There Are a Lot of Quirky Henges Around the United States
23 4300-Year-Old Woodhenge in Germany Revealed to the Public for First Time
24 4500-year-old 'Timber Stonehenge' unearthed in Portugal
25 Yorkshire's First Woodhenge May have Served as an Ancient Sauna
26 7000-Year-Old Ritual Site Unearthed in Poland
27 4000-year-old woodhenge discovered in Yorkshire might have been a sauna
28 'New Stonehenge' was made of WOOD
29 Germany's "Stonehenge" Reveals Evidence of Human Sacrifice | Smart News
30 Stonehenge Builders Were Immigrants From What is Now Turkey
31 “Superhenge” Excavation Reveals Big Surprise
32 Outside the Circle: The Ancient Stonehenge Landscape – A Wider Perspective
33 Mysterious 4,000-year-old ‘woodhenge’ found in Yorkshire
34 Massive Wooden Fire Monument Is Older Than Stonehenge
35 Woodhenge: Is this one of the greatest discoveries of archaeology...or a simple farmer's fence?
36 Iron Age Murder Victim Discovered at Ceremonial Monument
37 We may have cracked the mystery of Stonehenge
38 The Stonehenge Landscape – Interactive Map
39 Prehistoric Britons Brought Pigs From As Far As Scotland For Stonehenge Feasts
40 Grisly Remains Discovered at German 'Stonehenge' Suggest Ritual Sacrifices
41 Ancient henge discovered in Yorkshire
42 Major Discovery: 4500-year-old megalithic super-henge found buried one mile from Stonehenge
43 The Stone Age: The First 99 Percent of Human History
44 Druids prepare for virtual solstice as Stonehenge asks people to stay away
45 Rituals performed at this German 'Stonehenge' may link mysterious monument to its U.K. counterpart
46 Evidence Suggests Stonehenge May Have Been Built Using Pig Fat
47 5600-Year-Old Ceremonial Center Found Near Stonehenge, Built 1000 Years Before Stone Circle was Erected
48 Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry
49 Woodhenge – Wiltshire, England
50 Five of the most remarkable Neolithic, Iron Age and Tudor finds in Yorkshire in the last five years
51 The Where, When and How of Quarrying Stonehenge 'Bluestones' Is Revealed in New Report
52 Architect presents radical new theory that Stonehenge was a two-storey, wooden feasting and performance hall
53 Henge Monument and Mysterious Burials Uncovered in England
54 Who Built Stonehenge?
55 Marking the winter solstice, from Neolithic times to today | Penn Today
56 A Missing Piece of Stonehenge Is Returned and Could Answer Big Questions
57 Archaeologists stumble on Neolithic ritual site in Suffolk
58 Was Orion the Heavenly Overlord of Stonehenge?
59 The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles
60 Prehistoric Calendar Revealed at Stonehenge
61 Stonehenge twin, a wood henge, is found nearby
62 How Stonehenge Worked | HowStuffWorks
63 Mysterious wooden circles in Avebury older than Stonehenge
64 In Ireland, Drought And A Drone Revealed The Outline Of An Ancient Henge
65 Social Ties in Stone Age South Africa: Experts Find Stone Tools Connected Far Away Communities
66 Aubrey Burl obituary
67 Mysterious Monument in Stonehenge Landscape Suggests Fire Rituals 5800 Years Ago
68 Elevated Origins: Radical new theory suggests Stonehenge was base of an above-ground celestial altar
69 Archaeologists Uncover 9000-Year-Old Underwater Stone Age Settlement
70 Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England
71 Aliens? Nope. Houston Museum of Natural Sciences Brings Stonehenge down to earth
72 Stonehenge star exhibits: A silicon-enhanced Neolithic man, toolkits and cow jawbones
73 Second Anglo-Saxon cemetery with fascinating grave goods unearthed near Stonehenge
74 Moonhenge in Cambridgeshire dedicated and blessed
75 Stonehenge and the battle over a $3 billion tunnel under one of the world's most famous prehistoric sites
76 The world's most mysterious stone circles
77 Remnants of Gigantic Wooden Henge Found Two Miles from Stonehenge
78 Stonehenge Reconstructions Show Brits Have Always Been Houseproud
79 Massive Stone-Cutting Tools Shed New Light into the Building of Stonehenge
80 The First Wave Of COVID-19 Is Still Surging
81 Mystery over wooden circles found near Stonehenge
82 Writing Covid-19: Inequalities in cultural strategies adopted to curb its spread
83 Recreated Neolithic Homes at Stonehenge Show How Ancient Britons Lived
84 Stonehenge visitor guide: advice, tickets, parking and tours
85 Review-The Old Stones-A guide to the Megalithic sites of Britain and Ireland
86 Massive Monumental Cemetery in Eastern Africa Challenges Ideas of Monumentality
87 Stone Age Text Links Australia to Europe: Initial Evidence for Worldwide Travel by an Ancient Stone Age Civilization
88 Durrington Walls, Wiltshire: Walk of the week
89 Did the people buried at Stonehenge come from Wales?
90 Summer Solstice 2018: How the Longest Day of the Year Relates to Stonehenge
91 Setting Stonehenge
92 Uncovering the Past: Heliopolis, Stonehenge ceremonies and megaliths | Culture, News, Paganism, TWH Features, Uncovering the Past, Witchcraft, World
93 Will Self: has English Heritage ruined Stonehenge?
94 Stonehenge Was An Ancient Burial Ground For the Rich: Study
95 Wooden Stonehenge found – and it could be a 4,000 years old SAUNA
96 Cheese was food of the gods in Stone Age Britain
97 The Pythagorean Theorem Was Probably Already Used by Stonehenge Before Its Discovery
98 10 Enchanting Places That Align with the Vernal Equinox
99 Romancing the Stones
100 Was Stonehenge built beside a lake?