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1 New report analyzes new and dangerous trends of disinformation in wake of U.S. Capitol attack
2 Effort to stem online extremism accidentally pushed people toward an anarchist
3 Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) Releases Comprehensive Study Identifying Online Dissemination of Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories
4 How these researchers track viral outbreaks of online hate that lead to violence
5 He abandoned neuroscience to track online hate | Video
6 One Republican’s Lonely Fight Against a Flood of Disinformation
7 Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine
8 QAnon pivots to spreading conspiracies about China and Jewish people | TheHill
9 Power Up: No Republicans have yet signed on to a bill targeting Asian hate crimes
10 Right-Wing Covid Vaccine Denialism Is as Big a Threat as QAnon
11 QAnon targets Chinese people amid rise in anti-Asian hate crimes
12 Who's watching Big Tech? The dangers of using algorithms to fight extremism | TheHill
13 What's Next for the Congressman Voted Out of Office After Officiating at Gay Wedding
14 Solar panels are contagious
15 QAnon pushes alarming conspiracy myths targeting China and Jewish people
16 Solar panels are contagious
17 Essential California: Orange on the horizon
18 QAnon now pushes alarming conspiracy myths targeting China and Jewish people
19 China seen bailing out Huarong while teaching investors a ‘hard’ lesson
20 We need a social media early warning center | TheHill
21 Wider Deployment of Solar Panels Could Replace Unsustainable Energy Generation
22 Coronavirus Today: It's spring, and we have good news
23 Security Tightens Amid Reports Extremists Aim To Breach Capitol Again
24 Q1 2021: A Real Upturn Paris Stock Exchange:IPS
25 They warned of ‘inevitable’ violence from extremists. No response. Now they emphasize an ‘existential’ threat
26 After Facebook, Twitter ban, Trump fans and extremists turn elsewhere
27 Yes, working from home makes you more productive, study finds
28 The Scariest COVID-19 Casualty You Can't Talk About Is Free Speech
29 Online anti-Semitism peaks during moments of national tension. And it's being partly driven by Russian trolls.
30 Rutgers Eagleton director breaks down new report on ideological motivations of Capitol riots
31 Violent memes and messages surging on far-left social media, a new report finds
32 USC Dornsife art historian named a Guggenheim Fellow > News > USC Dornsife
33 Fitch Affirms Burgan Bank at 'A+'; Negative Outlook
34 How to respond to the QAnon threat | Brookings
35 Blood type not a COVID-19 risk factor in US; inhaled asthma drug may keep mild illness from worsening
36 How Anti-Asian Activity Online Set the Stage for Real-World Violence
37 Automotive Fuel Cell Market to Surge at 53.5% CAGR till 2028; Japanese Government Announces Plans of Deploying 800,000 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles by 2030: Fortune Business Insights™
38 COVID-19 Pandemic Socioeconomic Crisis in Ethiopia | CEOR
39 Anti-Asian attacks rise along with online vitriol
40 Pzena Investment Management, Inc. to Host Earnings Call
41 With Trump gone, QAnon groups focus fury on attacking coronavirus vaccines
42 How QAnon's lies are hijacking the national conversation
43 Extremists made little secret of ambitions to 'occupy' Capitol in weeks before attack
44 Neoliberal State Failure Is Slowing Down Vaccine Distribution
45 How the Boogaloo movement is turning memes into violent action
46 The newest vehicle for the oldest hatred: OPINION
47 Covid-19: Testing Declines May Be Masking Real Spread of Virus in Parts of U.S.
48 Searching for the Next Viral Threat | Duke School of Medicine
49 Online antisemitism peaks in national tension, helped by Russian trolls
50 Claiming Censorship, Conservatives Head to Alternative Social Media Sites Post-Election
51 First Midwest Bancorp, Inc. (Illinois) to Host Earnings Call
52 EDITORIAL | Rage is out of control in America
53 In Trump's 'LIBERATE' tweets, extremists see a call to arms
54 With the spread of coronavirus came a surge in anti-Asian racism online, new research says
55 Threats of a QAnon-fueled March 4 attack create disruptions but little trouble. Researchers say police overreacted.
56 How Hate-Filled Groups Incite Violence From the Extreme Corners of the Internet
57 'Feels Good Man' Explores the Strange History of an Iconic Meme
58 Indian capital running out of medical oxygen as pandemic surges
59 What hunting Bigfoot taught a Republican congressman about politics
60 How extremist groups are using social media to spread their ideology, recruit and encourage violence
61 How are information, disease, and social evolution linked?
62 The early clues to homegrown terrorism and the few who followed them
63 Anti-Semitism seen in Capitol insurrection raises alarms
64 Riggleman speaks on riot at US Capitol
65 What is the 'boogaloo'? How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream
66 New Report Tracks Extremist Groups Tied To Violence At Protests
67 Report: Online anti-Semitism partly driven by Russian trolls
68 Officials predicted violence due to the election. It hasn't happened
69 As the coronavirus spreads, so does online racism targeting Asians, new research shows
70 The Technology 202: It's not just social media: Capitol violence spurs changes at Airbnb, GoFundMe and more
71 Philanthropists Across the Political Divide Must Work Together to Cure Extremism
72 Report: "Boogaloo" Extremist Movement Spreading Through Social Media Memes
73 Michigan terror plot: why rightwing extremists are thriving on Facebook
74 Calculating contagion: Researchers examine social aspect of pathogen spread
75 100 days of warning: inside the Boogaloo killings of US security personnel
76 Tactics employed by right-wing extremist groups are now being used by extremists on the left, report finds
77 Contagion Accounting
78 QAnon is an old form of antisemitism in a new package, experts say
79 How viral social media memes trigger real-world violence
80 Michigan kidnapping plot, like so many other extremist crimes, foreshadowed on social media
81 Opinion: Outgoing congressman condemns QAnon, an 'insidious digital virus'
82 The White Right: Facebook has become the platform of choice for domestic terrorists
83 Racism and anti-Semitism surged in corners of the Web after Trump’s election, analysis shows
84 Men wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying guns add a volatile new element to protests
85 The ambush shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles was a monstrous act of lawlessness
86 Three men connected to 'boogaloo' movement tried to provoke violence at protests, feds say
87 Extremists intensify calls for violence ahead of Inauguration Day
88 How QAnon uses satanic rhetoric to set up a narrative of 'good vs. evil' (COMMENTARY
89 Man with alleged 'Boogaloo' ties charged with sending threats to California health official
90 Pamela B. Paresky Ph.D.
91 QAnon reshaped Trump’s party and radicalized believers. The Capitol siege may just be the start.
92 ADL: White supremacist group on Staten Island has ‘small numbers’ but ‘definitely growing’ on borough
93 Biden and the West face the threat of far-right extremism
94 Interactions within larger social groups can cause tipping points in contagion flow
95 After Covid 19: Searching for the Next Viral Threat
96 The Capitol riot exposed US extremism on a broad scale. Pittsburgh is no stranger to white supremacist activity.
97 Analysis | The Technology 202: Activists are suing Thomson Reuters over its sale of personal data
98 Leaving Congress, Rep. Riggleman says 'there is no home for me in the Republican Party'
99 COVID SCIENCE-Blood type not a COVID-19 risk factor in U.S.; inhaled asthma drug may keep mild illness from worsening
100 Why Democrats must confront extreme left wing incitement to violence | TheHill