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Result Content Idea Research
1 The end of the affair: how Tory MPs are falling out of love with Boris Johnson
2 Letter of the Week: Postcard from Nicaragua
3 Boris Johnson's fate rests with Rishi Sunak – a sign the Prime Minister has already failed
4 To save American democracy, Democrats must learn from Republican ruthlessness
5 Rich people can't accept poverty – like the ex who couldn't believe I had really run out of money
6 “I'm not contemplating loss”: Richard Leonard fights back
7 The New Statesman is hiring a graduate trainee
8 What we learned when Boris Johnson faced Keir Starmer at PMQs
9 Poverty by algorithm: The Universal Credit design flaw that leaves people penniless
10 Why Charles Moore and Paul Dacre would be disastrous for the BBC
11 What would victory for Joe Biden in the US presidential election mean for Brexit?
12 Why the Lib Dems and Labour must cooperate to defeat this Conservative government
13 Why Boris Johnson's government is failing on both Covid-19 and the economy
14 Why Boris Johnson's voters will learn to despise him
15 Why Corbynism failed
16 Most people support restrictions over Christmas – so why won't they quarantine?
17 Palantir IPO: why the secretive data giant is cosying up to Donald Trump
18 Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living in “anti-intellectual times”
19 Boris Johnson's autumn of discontent
20 Polling: Public wants Keir Starmer to focus on policy ideas over government scrutiny
21 Why some Conservatives are nervous about making the next election a culture war
22 The new age of misogyny
23 Why the Tory rebels can't win a vote to end Covid-19 lockdowns
24 Susanna Clarke's Piranesi is a fantasy of exceptional beauty
25 Sasha Swire's diaries reveal the crass elitism of the Cameron government
26 The twilight of the Union
27 Ed Davey used his Lib Dem conference speech to introduce himself – but not to the people you think
28 Why Goodreads is bad for books
29 When Chinese influence fails
30 Sofia Coppola's On the Rocks is sweet but lightweight
31 Noam Chomsky: The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history
32 Covid-19 is now rising proportionally faster in student areas – these are the worst-hit cities in England
33 How NatWest is supporting businesses through the Covid-19 crisis
34 Melanie C's new, self-titled album: emotionally mature electro-pop
35 What Keir Starmer's Labour conference speech means for the party's left
36 To understand Germany's successes, we must concentrate less on Angela Merkel
37 Donald Trump refuses to condemn the far right – what happened in last night's US debate
38 First Thoughts: The right's long march on Britain's institutions
39 The anarchist: How David Graeber became the left's most influential thinker
40 The political consequences of China's net-zero climate aim
41 Moving house is proving horribly stressful. How, for example, does one buy a bed?
42 Boris Johnson's repellent style of government has angered even those close to him
43 The two faces of Extinction Rebellion
44 Class of 2020: Inside the chaos of a lost freshers' week
45 The struggle for a democratic Ukraine goes on, 20 years after my father's abduction
46 The government's shambolic approach to Covid-19 is endangering the public
47 The rise of the “Polo mint” economy: Has Covid-19 revived Britain's local high streets?
48 Donald Trump's taxes: will the $750 revelation matter?
49 Justin Welby exposes a fundamental contradiction of Boris Johnson's government
50 The world according to Wagner
51 Editor's Note: Sensible Starmer and the unanswered question at the core of Labour
52 Commons Confidential: No 10's beleaguered tenant
53 In lockdown, I finally stopped experiencing everyday sexism. But on TV, misogyny is everywhere
54 Why Lebanon is too important to fail
55 Five must-read stories from the intersection of tech, business and politics
56 Books to look out for this autumn
57 Why Armenia and Azerbaijan are clashing over Nagorno-Karabakh
58 Why the West may never recover from its current crises
59 Rishi Sunak's popularity gives him real power. But what happens when the spending stops?
60 Amazon's new Tottenham documentary reveals just how dull life as a top footballer can be
61 US 2020 election update: Both a Trump win and Biden landslide are within the margin of error
62 Keir Starmer's quest to reshape Labour
63 US democracy in peril: the crisis facing the US media
64 NS Recommends: new books from John Mullan, Marilynne Robinson, Sebastian Strangio, and Clive James
65 Inside the creation of NHS England's Your Covid Recovery service for long-term symptoms
66 Why the Conservatives are prepared to break the law over Brexit
67 How the Brexit virus is turning the UK into a rogue state
68 Why thinking as a team is more important than ever
69 More than two-thirds of young Scots now back independence
70 British devolution isn't built for a crisis like Covid-19
71 Would Biden or Trump end America's forever wars?
72 How the rich and famous stole OnlyFans from sex workers
73 The rise of the “long haulers”: how long does Covid-19 last in patients?
74 Forced abortion and secret sterilistation: how China has abused Uighur women for decades
75 How a new alliance of democracies could counter Russia and China
76 The universities crisis exposes the government's failures on Covid-19
77 My empty nest didn't stay empty for long – but it's time to prepare for absence again
78 Why I can't stomach ITV's Des
79 The return of American fascism
80 Owen Jones: “I begged John McDonnell to stand for Labour leader”
81 What facial recognition technology means
82 Dumplings unwrapped: what Georgia's national dish reveals about the country
83 This England: Unattended luggage
84 Commons Confidential: The Downing Street guppy
85 A time for caution?
86 Why football is still the great escape, even without the fans
87 Breonna Taylor, Donald Trump and determining justice in the US
88 Donald Trump has shown how he plans to use far-right violence to try to retain power
89 Why Scottish Home Rule is no longer a viable alternative to independence
90 Regulate tech to realise the benefits
91 Will the Conservative rebellion over Brexit defeat the government?
92 Reducing TCO: How a small team halved its cyber security workload
93 Personal Story: My failed music career
94 The lesson of the antibiotics race: science must be ethical, not perverse
95 New skills and diversity can transform the future of work
96 7 essential vulnerability management questions answered
97 Munira Mirza: the former radical leftist advising Boris Johnson
98 The ‘real’ oversight board: ‘it’s about increasing pressure on Facebook to act’
99 The QAnon conspiracy theory is absurd but dangerous. Politicians must confront it
100 Who is Judith Butler? Gender theorist goes viral on Twitter following New Statesman interview!