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1 NYCLU Calls Rochester Police Response to Protests “Inhumane”
2 NYS Lawmakers Push Driver's License Suspension Reform Act
3 How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got Her Start at the ACLU
4 Mayor Bill de Blasio orders mask compliance task force as coronavirus cases rise in Brooklyn and Queens
5 Civil rights groups accuse real estate firm of preying on poor homeowners
6 Mayor Promises Police Reforms Following Daniel Prude's Death
7 Are There Data, Privacy Risks With Legal Research Platforms? | Legaltech News
8 Thousands of NYPD discipline records published by New York Civil Liberties Union after court order is lifted
9 Grand Rapids breweries partnering to celebrate civil liberties
10 Top House Democrat to join Dana Balter for conversation with CNY Black community leaders
11 Syracuse Common Council delays vote on key police reform legislation
12 Top Rochester Cops Retire After Protests Following Daniel Prude's Death
13 Town Justice race up for vote in November: Two candidates on ballot to be on bench
14 Supreme Court Speeds Case on Excluding Undocumented Immigrants in Redistricting
15 What We're Reading: Top State Stories 10/1
16 Not sure about voting? Find out how, where
17 Systemic Police Brutality and Its Costs in the United States
18 NYCLU to appeal court decision to block release of NYPD misconduct records
19 Back to the drawing board for SEPTA advertising guidelines | Editorial
20 In Florida, voting rights restored, then snatched back – Center for Public Integrity
21 NY Civil Liberties Union Argues Blanket Ban on Internet Access for Sex Offenders Is Unconstitutional | New York Law Journal
22 States with the most felony disenfranchised voters | News
23 Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Solitary Confinement ‘Overhaul’ Delayed Until 2023
24 This year, metal detectors in NYC schools are even more impractical
25 CNY professor’s obit altered by New York Times due to fascism reference
26 New York Civil Liberties Union files lawsuit over Lockport facial recognition system
27 local BRIEFS
28 Attys Urged To Step Up Encryption To Foil Hacking Attempts
29 Split 9th Circ. Blocks Feds From Stopping Census
30 Ashley Gantt’s organizing principles
31 Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933–2020
32 Obituary: Raymond Terry, Bay Shore Native, Dies At 84
33 Police transparency hinges on legal battle
34 NYCLU sues Cuomo, NYC for limited allowance on public gatherings
35 Real estate firm accused of preying on low-income homeowners
36 Gov. Whitmer orders flags to full staff following burial of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
37 How #MAPOLI reacted to Trump-Biden DEBATE – BAKER's new REOPENING rules – WARREN won't meet with SCOTUS nominee
38 NYCLU requests to intervene in Buffalo police misconduct suit
39 Cornell professor's obituary was altered by the New York Times. Was that fair?
40 NYCLU Challenges Judge's Order Blocking Them From Releasing Database Of NYPD Disciplinary Records
41 A Girl Wanted to Try Out for Boys’ Tennis. Ginsburg Helped Make It Happen.
42 Police, protest, pandemic and the end of the 9/11 era
43 In 2020 Election, Florida Felon Voting Limits Could Sway State Outcome
44 NY Civil Liberties Union: release at-risk inmates at Sullivan County Jail
45 Ginsburg & Marshall Legal Lions and Their Forward Charting Paths | The Crusader Newspaper Group
46 Court blocks Trump order to exclude undocumented immigrants from census count
47 Breonna Taylor protest in Syracuse draws over 100 people
48 Emmy-nominated 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi joins bbcon 2020 Virtual lineup
49 Brooklyn, Queens Neighborhoods Approach Deadline To Lower COVID-19 Rates Or Face Restrictions
50 New York Civil Liberties Union doesn’t want history repeating itself with possible I-81 reconstruction
51 Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul helps kick off start of redevelopment project on Main St. in Batavia
52 Former Tennessean Editor, Columnist Lewis to Co-Chair Policing Policy Commission
53 New podcast details public school system's race-oriented issues
54 Civil Liberties Union: Release Of NYPD Misconduct Records 'Historic'
55 Twitter Partner’s Alerts Highlight Divide Over Surveillance
56 Amid the Outpouring for Ginsburg, a Hint of Backlash
57 Former NFL star Michael Vick working to clear way for Fla. ex-felons to vote
58 Judge Lifts Ban on NYCLU Releasing Police Discipline Records
59 Groups Demand More Time for New Yorkers to Register to Vote
60 Breonna Taylor updates: Sit-in on Brooklyn Bridge; Protests in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Philly; Demonstrators clash with Louisville police
61 State civil liberties union trying to put a stop to facial recognition system in Lockport
62 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court’s Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87
63 School reopening troubles — How Cuomo's tight control slowed pandemic response — Homeless move has citywide ripples
64 Intervention Motion Filed in NY Disciplinary Records Case
65 Trump Won’t Commit to ‘Peaceful’ Post-Election Transfer of Power
66 Facial Recognition Should Stay Out of Schools, NYCLU Says
67 Similar name, different person: Mixed-up Pasco deputies sent wrong people to jail
68 Civil Rights Groups Sue ICE Over NY Detention Facility's Alleged Failure at Social Distancing
69 New York Civil Liberties Union urging lawmakers to support civil rights legislation
70 Are Contact-Tracing Apps Worth the Privacy Risk?
71 'His Judicial Philosophy Is Mine': Amy Barrett Touts Scalia in Remarks From Rose Garden | National Law Journal
72 Voting Alone
73 NYCLU celebrates Black History Month by remembering the 15th ward and surviving I-81
74 Liberties Union Sues New York Schools over Facial Recognition
75 NYCLU blasts 'premature' approval for school facial recognition system
76 Battle Over Cops' Disciplinary Records Continues in Courts
77 $20 Million Settlement Reached in Officer's Fatal Shooting of William Green
78 UK Tells Workers to Stay at Home
79 NYCLU sues for release of 'medically vulnerable' Sullivan County Jail inmates
80 'The Female Scalia': Five Things To Know About Judge Amy Coney Barrett
81 Cuomo Softens COVID-19 Anti-Gathering Rule Amid NYCLU Lawsuit | New York Law Journal
82 Bloomberg in 2013: Civil libertarians and teachers union are like NRA ‘extremists’
83 Spotlight on facial recognition: Civil Liberties Union hosts a 'town hall' in Lockport
84 As More Protesters Are Arrested, NYCLU and Others Threaten to Sue Over Curfew
85 Ivy Bauer, Seattle music manager and promoter, dies at 72
86 Who are the third party candidates running for president?
87 New York arm of ACLU inks sublease at Rudin’s One Whitehall
88 NYCLU report says state reforms on solitary confinement fall short
89 NYCLU reaches settlement with ICE over COVID-19 protections at Batavia detention center
90 New York state passes multiple police reform laws
91 NYCLU files suit to get federal records in immigrant teens' detention
92 A.C.L.U. Accuses Clearview AI of Privacy ‘Nightmare Scenario’
93 CBS2 Weather Headlines: Chance For Rain This Evening; Foggy, Mild, Damp Overnight
94 N.Y. Reports Fewer Than 100 Virus Deaths for First Time Since March
95 New York State pauses use of facial recognition systems in schools
96 The Time Has Come to Repeal Section 50-A of New York's Civil Rights Law
97 New York Lawsuit Over School Facial Recognition Use Grows
98 Bloomberg's Civil-Liberties Record Is Disqualifying
99 AOC, ACLU demand answers after NYC protester arrested and thrown into unmarked van
100 Stop and Frisks Plummeted Under New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, but Racial Disparities Haven't Budged