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1 Trump-appointed Ninth Circuit judges in emphatic dissent on gun ownership by ex-mental patients
2 The Roundtable Joins “Chorus of Unified Voices” in the Ninth Circuit
3 9th Circuit Allows End of TPS Immigration Program
4 Did the Ninth Circuit Create a New Fourth Amendment Notice Requirement for Surveillance Practices?
5 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal Rules that Excess Insurer Cannot Challenge Exhaustion of Underlying Insurance on Coverage Grounds
6 Ninth Circuit Issues Class-Action Detainer Opinion
7 Ninth Circuit Overturns Injunction Halting TPS Designations
8 9th Circuit Limits Amount Recoverable in CERCLA Claims
9 Ninth Circuit Hears Arguments on Public Charge Immigration Rule
10 9th Circuit Rules in Favor of California Employers
11 Ninth Circuit Overturns Federal Judge’s Ban on Immigration Holds in California
12 Appeals court OKs Trump plan to end protected immigration status for 4 countries
13 'Axon' Challenges FTC's Preclusion of Constitutional Claims in Ninth Circuit Appeal | New York Law Journal
14 Ninth Circuit on Standing of Direct Listing Purchasers
15 Ninth Circuit Holds that Jersey Boys Did Not Infringe 'Protected Expressive Elements' of Autobiographical Book
16 ADA Litigants Don't Have to Download App to Sue Uber, Ninth Circuit Rules | The Recorder
17 ViSalus likely headed to 9th Circuit over $925 million damages verdict
18 Oakland Can Pursue Claims Against Wells Fargo for Discriminatory Lending, 9th Circuit Rules | The Recorder
19 9th Circuit: Apple Employees Must be Paid for Exit Searches
20 Ninth Circuit Doesn’t Require Uber to Litigate Driver’s Data Security Breach Putative Class Action
21 Ninth Circuit Is Urged to Keep Historic Gay Marriage Trial Video Under Seal | The Recorder
22 Ninth Circuit: Under the “Asserted Truth Doctrine”
23 Senator Gill Statement on Ninth Circuit Decision Threatening Temporary Protected Status
24 Metadata Collection Violated FISA, Ninth Circuit Rules
25 Ninth Circuit Affirms That Temporary Protected Status is Temporary and Subject to the Unreviewable Discretion of DHS, Says FAIR
26 Ninth Circuit Upholds Planned Pentagon Buildup on Guam
27 No Download, No Problem: 9th Circuit Holds Plaintiffs Without Uber App Have Standing to Sue Under ADA
28 US Ninth Circuit rules mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was unlawful
29 Is the Ninth Circuit Court More Conservative and Constitutional Than the Supreme Court?
30 AB5's effects on trucking industry argued in Ninth Circuit
31 Ninth Circuit Tosses Claims of Anti-Hindu Bias in California Schools
32 INSIGHT: Takeaways from the Ninth Circuit's Recent CERCLA Contribution Ruling
33 California's Electoral Selection Process Upheld by Ninth Circuit
34 Consumer class actions – Ninth Circuit holds that federal and not state law controls the award of equitable restitution under California’s UCL and CLRA
35 Ninth Circuit backs Trump move to bar 300,000 immigrants from staying in US
36 New PatentlyO Law Journal Essay: Two Errors in the Ninth Circuit's Qualcomm Opinion
37 Ninth Circuit Holds that Class Action Fairness Act Does Not Override Narrower Jurisdictional Requirements for Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Claims
38 NLRB Ban on Secondary Picketing Won't Get Full 9th Circuit Look
39 Full Ninth Circuit to Take Up Vacated Assault Conviction
40 9th Circuit upholds $50 million order in FTC action against publisher
41 Ninth Circuit Resuscitates Apple Store Employee Bag Search Class Action | The Recorder
42 Cozen O'Connor Taps Ninth Circuit Clerk to Lead Las Vegas Office | The Legal Intelligencer
43 “No License, No Problem” – Is Qualcomm's Ninth Circuit Antitrust Victory a Patent Exhaustion Defeat?
44 Qualcomm scores a win in the Ninth Circuit
45 The Ninth Circuit Doesn’t View Commonly Used Gun Magazines As Unusual
46 Ninth Circuit: two pro-defendant decisions clarify burdens regarding CAFA’s $5 million jurisdictional threshold
47 Additions to President Donald J. Trump's Supreme Court List
48 CFPB to Ninth Circuit: Enforce Seila CID | News by Edition
49 California law adds to AB5 exemption list
50 Arizona group asks 9th Circuit to let Idaho enforce trans sports law
51 Appeals court lifts order reining in feds in Portland
52 What's Next: TikTok's Uphill Challenge + Ninth Circuit Removes Arbitration Barrier for Some ADA Claims + Judge Mutes Attorney in Apple Antitrust Case
53 Ninth Circuit Held That FISA Wiretapping Violated FISA & Likely Violated Fourth Amendment
54 Ninth Circuit Reverses SEC Disgorgement Award and Remands in First Decision Post-Liu
55 Ninth Circuit Largely Upholds FCC Orders Designed to Promote 5G Network Deployment
56 Ninth Circuit OKs $6700-an-hour attorneys fees over furious dissent in class action
57 EPA Challenged Over San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Approvals
58 US Courts Annual Review: Ninth Circuit
59 Ninth Circuit Reverses District Court’s Ruling that Class Representative Had Standing to Sue Company with Whom It Had No Dealings and Decertifies Class, Vacating Judgment After $454 Million Verdict
60 Dissent Excoriates Ninth Circuit Refusal of en banc Rehearing of Second Amendment
61 Ninth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment in Fraudulent Omission Class Action Based on Plaintiffs’ Failure to Present Evidence of Safety Risk
62 Ninth Circuit Delivers A Defeat To The FTC And Holds That Technology Company's Licensing Practices Are Not Illegal
63 No License, No Chips, No Problem: Ninth Circuit Vacates Injunction in FTC v. Qualcomm
64 Appeals court suspends protections for journalists, legal observers covering protests
65 Federal Judge Rules Against City’s Cellphone Radiation Warning Law
66 This Day in Liberal Judicial Activism—September 18
67 Ninth Circuit Affirms Order Denying Uber’s Motion to Compel Arbitration of Claims Brought Under the ADA
68 9th Circuit Patent Licensing Doesn't Violate Antitrust Laws
69 Ninth Circuit Sides With ‘Jersey Boys’ Writers in Copyright Battle
70 Apple Says 9th Circ. Error Warrants Redo In Bag-Search Case
71 9th Circuit keeps certain Oakland claims against national bank alive
72 Who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Supreme Court? Here's Donald Trump's list
73 Jersey Boys Didn't Infringe on Ban Member's Autobiography Copyright
74 Amy Coney Barrett a favorite for Trump's Supreme Court pick
75 Arbitration Order in California Nurses Union Dispute Reversed
76 McConnell Says the Senate Will Vote on the President's Nominee for Ginsburg's Seat. Here's Who Trump Might Pick. | National Law Journal
77 The Names on Trump's List Of Potential Supreme Court Nominees
78 9th Circ. Says Credit Suisse Can Arbitrate Worker's $300M Suit
79 Could another Arizona woman be nominated to serve on the Supreme Court?
80 Conservative groups ask court to let Idaho enforce trans sports law
81 Calif. Tribe Takes Their Border Wall Fight To 9th Circ.
82 Ninth Circuit Rejects Challenges to FCC’s One-Touch Make-Ready, Small Cell Deployment, and Local Moratoria Orders
83 Court: Public Employees Who Leave Union Can't Recover Dues
84 An Extraordinary Smackdown of an Ordinary Sign Ordinance
85 Statement from the Press Secretary
86 Critics: Politicized process sped Justice Grosshans' rise
87 Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
88 Jones Day Lawyer Not Qualified for Federal Trial Court, ABA Says
89 9th Circuit Shuts Down Public Access to Courthouses | The Recorder
90 Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave'
91 Ballot-design challenge is latest in series of lawsuits against Alaska elections officials
92 TCPA Litigation: Government Sides with Facebook
93 Ginsburg Rebukes 9th Circuit Panel for 'Radical Transformation' of Appeal | National Law Journal
94 Credit Suisse Defeats Arbitration Appeal in Compensation Suit
95 Who is Bridget Bade, the Phoenix native on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court picks?
96 9th Circ. Told Weedkiller Ruling Ignores EPA's Bad Science
97 9th Circuit Upholds 2 Injunctions Blocking Trump Asylum Changes | The Recorder
98 With 10 Appointees on the Ninth Circuit, Trump Seeks to Tame His Nemesis
99 Rule 23(f) Petitions in the Ninth Circuit: A Data-Driven Analysis | The Recorder
100 Supreme Court To Hear Facebook ATDS Argument on December 8th