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Result Content Idea Research
1 Mind it: Mental health and the pandemic
2 The WTO Crisis: Exploring Interim Solutions for India’s Trade Disputes
3 Central and Eastern Europe’s emerging view of India
4 COVID19: Understanding the Latin American Scenario
5 Governing the Ganges and Brahmaputra: Beyond Reductionist Hydrology
6 India-Bangladesh Partnership in Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery
7 Regionalisation: A Better Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World?
8 After Male’s defence pact with US, India needs to check over-crowding of Indian Ocean strategic space
9 A very British Disaster (and Collective Denial)
10 South Asia Weekly Report | Volume XIII-38
11 Can Communal Violence Fuel an ISIS Threat in India? An Analysis of ‘Voice of Hind’
12 Retreating Glaciers and Water Flows in the Himalayas: Implications for Governance
13 With China as backdrop, New Delhi’s Moscow watch
14 Sino-Indian Border Deadlock: Time to rewrite India playbook
15 Will there be a single peak in India’s ‘Patchwork Pandemic’?
16 Energy News Monitor | Volume XVII; Issue 12
17 ‘Reasonable Explainability’ for Regulating AI in Health
18 Impact of COVID19 on International Development Assistance System
19 Mitigating COVID19 Impacts: Exploring Solutions for Caribbean Nations
20 South Asia Weekly Report | Volume XIII-37
21 Myanmar: Covid-19 second wave deadlier than the first?
22 State Responses to COVID19 and Implications for International Security
23 Does India benefit from a Sino-US trade conflict?
24 The Rohingya Crisis and its Impact on Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations
25 Disruptive technologies in the Indian military matrix
26 Between a Republic and an Emirate: The future of Afghanistan
27 Nawaz Sharif ready for war against the ‘selectors’
28 Sri Lanka: The way forward
29 Interpreting the unprecedented political transition in Sudan
30 Subregional Security Cooperation: An Exploratory Study of India’s Approach
31 The more things change, the more they stay the same
32 Mauritius oil spill reveals weakness of maritime security architecture in the Western Indian Ocean
33 The global race for COVID-19 vaccine
34 Future of Pharmaceutical industry in India
35 The Paradox of ‘Centralised Federalism’: An Analysis of the Challenges to India’s Federal Design
36 South Asia Weekly Report | Volume XIII-35
37 STEM and the digital economy for women
38 Environmental regulation in India: EIA and beyond
39 Countering terrorism and violent extremism at Facebook: Technology, expertise and partnerships
40 Rising Nationalism in Europe and Asia in the age of COVID19
41 Decoding Gendered Online Trolling in India
42 Tibet’s shadow looms over Himalayan stand-off
43 ‘Imperative for India, China to reach an accommodation’: External affairs minister S Jaishankar
44 South Asia Weekly Report | Volume XIII-36
45 The Allied forces in World War II: History, consequences and the 21st century world order
46 The Islamic State’s gendered recruitment tactics
47 Energy News Monitor | Volume XVII; Issue 11
48 Villagers help Indian troops face Chinese forces in Himalayas
49 Analysing the impact of the Taliban deal on jihadist violence in South Asia
50 What New Tension Between India and China Means for the World
51 An India-Australia-France Trilateral Dialogue Is Overdue
52 Challenges Remain Despite Deal in India-China Border Spat
53 Glacier retreat in Himalayas to cause water crisis: study
54 The Future of the World Order
55 Resisting Chinese encroachment
56 India digs deep to boost defences on crucial China frontier
57 US-India Partnership for a Green Future
58 State of the States: Two months of the pandemic
59 Heights of tension
60 Bangalore based start-up developing air launched drones with US Air Force Research labs
61 India puts relations with Japan back on the rails
62 Corona Communique; Knowledge Matters | ORF
63 Quad security dialogue likely to be held in Tokyo, instead of New Delhi, next month
64 World experts express grim views of US COVID-19 reaction
65 Prescriptions For E-Pharmacy
66 4th India Think Tank Forum
67 Update: Chinese, Indian defense ministers meet in Moscow
68 Sep 8 Iran Hosts Second Indian Minister in a Week
69 No more shelter
70 What China Wants in South Asia
71 Write For Us
72 Air Power in Joint Operations: A Game Changer in a Limited Conflict with China
73 Express Investigation Part-4: Foreign secy, Niti CEO on list; Facebook bans Zhenhua Data
74 India–Africa Partnership for Sustainability in a Post-Pandemic World
75 Technology, Governance Innovation and the Pandemic: Discussing Responses from South Asia and Africa
76 UN at 75: US Straining Multilateralism but China Not Reliable Leader Either, Say Analysts
77 Fellows Seminar Series | PLA joint exercises in Tibet: Implications for India
78 Most‒read longforms in 2019
79 Indigenous Technology as a strategic moat for India
80 All about Special Frontier Force, the secretive Indian unit in news after Ladakh clash
81 India and Counterforce: A Question of Evidence
82 Harnessing Indian Sea Power Post-Galwan: Considerations of Time, Space and Force
83 India-US Defence Trade Continuity Under Trump
84 Covid Corrections: How the Pandemic Reveals the Failures of India’s Growth Model
85 Regulating AI in Public Health: Systems Challenges and Perspectives
86 Debating the contours of a fiscal stimulus: Economic policy in the age of Corona| Jayant Sinha in conversation with Sunjoy Joshi
87 Tackling Insurgent Ideologies 2.0 — Rapporteurs’ report
88 India and Nepal’s Kalapani border dispute: An explainer
89 US and China: Decoupling in the era of COVID19
90 Deradicalisation as Counterterrorism Strategy: The Experience of Indian States
91 U.S-India Forum: Partners For Growth
92 Coronavirus Speeds up Push for Congestion Charge in Cities
93 Beyond Current Nuclear Doctrine Debates: Addressing India’s Two-Front Challenge
94 Regulatory Changes in India in the Time of COVID19: Lessons and Recommendations
95 Order at the gates: globalisation, techphobia and the world order
96 Covid-19 total lockdown: An economic and humanitarian disaster
97 Applications open for Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships 2021-22
98 The Australia-India-Japan-US Quadrilateral: Dissecting the China Factor
99 Where Does Indian Air Force Stand Against Pakistan After 55 Years Of Indo-Pak War?
100 Amidst global economic ruin, Indian story will be no different