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1 Discover the Old City of Sanaa, Yemen – Middle East Monitor
2 UNESCO expresses concern while monitoring flash floods in the Old City of Sana'a
3 Yemen's UNESCO-listed Old Sanaa houses collapse in heavy rains
4 Historic houses in Sanaa's Old City on brink of collapse after heavy rains
5 Saudi-led coalition strikes Yemen's Sanaa after foiling drone attacks | Daily Sabah
6 Saudi-led coalition destroys five Houthi drones: Saudi TV
7 UNESCO project aims to save Sanaa's historic mud brick towers
8 Yemen rebels appeal to save Sanaa from rains
9 Yemen calls on UNESCO to save Old City of Sanaa
10 Yemen's oldest cities at risk of complete collapse
11 Torrential rain and floods batter the glorious ancient quarter of Yemen’s capital
12 Yemen's Old City of Sana'a and Old Walled City of Shibam added to List of World Heritage in Danger
13 View of Sanaa Old City in Sanaa, Yemen
14 'Protect Old City of Sana'a'
15 Yemen's ancient architecture threatened by war
16 In pics: historic buildings in Old City of Sanaa destroyed in civil war
17 Unesco-listed Old Sana'a houses collapse as heavy rains hit Yemen
18 UNESCO Mobilizes Funds and Expertise to Safeguard Yemen's Cultural Heritage
19 Yemen: Sanaa's Old City at Risk
20 Saudi-led coalition in Yemen moves troops to Marib to repel Houthi assault
21 Workers remove rubbles in Old City of Sanaa, Yemen
22 I am a young person growing up in Yemen's civil war. This is my story.
23 The Director General of UNESCO condemns the destruction of historic buildings in the Old City of Sana'a, Yemen
24 US decision will provide 'profound relief' to millions in war-torn Yemen: UN spokesperson
25 Protesters again took to the streets in defiance of military leaders in Myanmar
26 Yemen: Sanaa's Old City Sleeps in Fear
27 UNESCO mobilising to raise funds to protect Yemen heritage sites
28 In Pictures: Yemen’s ‘Manhattan of the Desert’ risks collapse
29 Daily life in Sanaa, Yemen
30 Saudi raids destroy Yemen World Heritage sites – Middle East Monitor
31 UNESCO Director-General calls on all parties to protect Yemen's cultural heritage
32 Devastation in Yemen: historic district of Sana'a before and after – in pictures
33 At least 8 dead in fire at Yemen migrant facility: IOM
34 Yemeni architect renovates historic building in Old City of Sanaa
35 Coronavirus: Yemen in denial about COVID-19
36 Yemen: Displaced in Sanaa’s Old City
37 Yemeni Christian priest detained, tortured by Houthis for four years
38 Greenland's capital city of Nuuk looks idyllic during winter
39 Yemen's COVID-19 Fight: 'We've Only Just Begun'
40 Why war crimes charges now extend to the destruction of ancient monuments
41 Yemen war: Mud-brick Seiyun Palace 'at risk of collapse'
42 Yemen Activists Want to Preserve Country's Beauty Beyond War
43 Netanyahu says he expects Biden will phone him soon: 'Our alliance is strong'
44 Biden promised to end a devastating war. He must act — today.
45 Houthis Accused of Smuggling 14000 Historical Yemeni Manuscripts
46 Sanaa's Old City through a centenarian's eyes
47 UNESCO launches plan to safeguard Yemen's cultural heritage sites
48 Rain threatens Yemen's Old Sanaa houses | Guardian News | Nambucca Heads, NSW
49 Aden and Sanaa: A tale of two Yemeni cities
50 UNESCO threatens to axe old Sanaa from world heritage list
51 At least 172 killed in Yemen flash floods this month
52 Renovation launched for UNESCO heritage site in Yemen
53 The threat to Yemen's heritage
54 International plea to save storm-hit Yemeni mud city from collapse
55 Sana'a play offers relief from Houthis' oppressive rules | | AW
56 World heritage sites attacked in Yemen’s Sanaa
57 Ten years after the Arab spring, Yemen has little hope left
58 Yemen’s Threatened Cultural Heritage
59 Experts fear Yemen could suffer one of the world's worst coronavirus outbreaks
60 Virus affects global cocaine trade, Yemen could see worst outbreak & other Covid news
61 An insider's guide to Sana'a: 'We live in a prolonged war zone'
62 Feature: War puts industry of Yemeni traditional Qamaria window at risk
63 The Story Of 1-Year-Old Abdullah Is The Story Of Yemen
64 Old City of Sana'a threatened with collapse
65 Yemen's ancient 'Manhattan of the Desert' risks collapse
66 Houthis protest in Sanaa over US terrorist designation
67 Fresh airstrikes hit Yemeni capital
68 Houthi Negligence Threatens Dams, Historical Monuments in Sanaa
69 Photos show what Shibam in Yemen is like as the city crumbles
70 The Yemen war’s forgotten victim: education
71 Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed
72 War in Yemen | Global Conflict Tracker
73 ‘Airlift of hope’: Hundreds freed on day 2 of Yemen prisoner swap
74 Designating Al Houthis as terror group will help end Yemen conflict
75 Report details damage to ancient Yemeni archaeological sites
76 'Manhattan of the desert': civil war puts Yemen's ancient skyscrapers at risk
77 IOM: nearly 600 Yemeni families displaced by floods in one week
78 English Channel migrants: Where they're from and what they're escaping
79 The week in news – Tate to make almost half of its commercial staff redundant
80 Yemen demands extension of arms embargo against Iran
81 Tearing the Historic Fabric: The Destruction of Yemen's Cultural Heritage
82 UNHCR saddened by civilian casualties in Sana'a, Yemen
83 Yemen's medical air bridge offers rare glimpse of hope
84 Who will rebuild Yemen’s destroyed historical sites?
85 ‘Countdown to catastrophe’ in Yemen as UN again warns of famine
86 The ancient treasure of Sanaa in Yemen: One of the world's most beautiful cities is being bombed
87 Yemen: Houthis force Sanaa merchants to pay zakat to them instead of the poor
88 Yemen's mud-brick palace 'at risk of collapse'
89 Life Persists in Ancient City as Yemeni Homes Turn to Rubble
90 UN envoy, Yemeni President meet over plan for Yemen's peace
91 A War on ‘Collective Memory’: A Sober Report Reveals the Extent of the Damage to War-Torn Cultural Sites in Yemen
92 Photographing the Cost of War in Yemen
93 A pragmatic view on Yemen’s Houthis
94 Bombed and looted: Yemen battles to save its heritage
95 Yemen: Four dead in Sanaa hotel collapse
96 Yemen: Heightened anxiety in Sanaa as Houthis tighten grip
97 Exclusive
98 Yemen's Houthis slammed for 'Descent From Prophet' tax
99 Houthis use national monumental sites as fighting bases, smuggle artefacts
100 Hundreds of Schools in Yemen Attacked by Warring Parties