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1 Brazil, ravaged by the coronavirus, becomes key testing ground for vaccine
2 Itaú and Fiocruz Set Up Centers to Run 25000 Coronavirus Tests
3 Covid-19 Vaccine Could Be Produced in Rio by December, Says Fiocruz
4 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro becomes 'poster boy' for unproven virus treatment
5 Bolsonaro Now 'Poster Boy' for Dubious COVID-19 Treatment
6 Brazil ignored the warnings. Now, while other countries fret over a second coronavirus wave, it can’t get past its first.
7 AstraZeneca reaches supply deal with Brazilian government to produce millions of doses of COVID-19 shot
8 Brazil expected to surpass US COVID-19 cases and deaths by end of July
9 Brazil tops 1 million COVID-19 cases, joining only US
10 Brazil could break the record for coronavirus cases in a week
11 Brazil’s Coronavirus Response Has Been An Embarrassment
12 Brazil strikes US$127 million deal to produce Covid-19 test vaccine
13 Bolsonaro Administration Pushes Hard to Reduce Official Transparency
14 LatAm Daily Briefing: Argentina's Economic Output Down by 26% in April; Chile's Unemployment Rate Hits 11.2%; Former Pemex CEO t
15 What Went Wrong in Brazil? | Elemental
16 COVID-19 in Brazil: A Pandemic Amid Pandemonium
17 Fiocruz will be producing 11 million molecular tests for COVID-19
18 Brazil's favelas organize to fight Covid-19 | United Nations
19 Coronavirus: First Brazil death 'earlier than thought'
20 The moment the coronavirus infects a healthy cell captured in pictures
21 Moment coronavirus infects a healthy cell captured under microscope
22 Future Fiocruz Industrial Complex to Provide Vaccine Self-Sufficiency to Brazil
23 Some Brazilian cities reopen, while others go on lockdown
24 Chembio Diagnostics Receives $4 Million Purchase Order from Bio-Manguinhos for Production of DPP COVID-19 IgM/IgG System in Brazil
25 ENGIE : reports an increase of 10.9% in net revenue in the 1st quarter of 2020
26 Brazil opens 'spectacular' Antarctic research base, but will it have the cash to fulfill its potential?
27 Rio de Janeiro’s temple to health sciences! Amid Covid-19 pandemic, Brazil marks 120 years of its premier health research centre
28 Sterile Injectable Drugs Market Size : Technological Advancement and Growth Analysis with Forecast to 2024
29 Novartis partners with Brazil's Fiocruz on neglected diseases
30 For Brazil's Indigenous communities, pandemic revives memories of earlier plagues
31 Fiocruz to resume yellow fever vaccine exports
32 PR
33 Scientist Capture Exact Moment Coronavirus Infects Cell On Powerful Electron Microscope
34 Brazil to begin chloroquine tests with mild Covid-19 patients
35 Amazon fires drive spike in child breathing problems in Brazil: study
36 PAHO providing technical cooperation to countries on novel Coronavirus
37 Latin America's prisons get uglier with coronavirus | Columnists
38 Brazil COVID-19 outbreak: 621 cases, 6 deaths; Lab testing
39 Health Ministry receives BRL 5.5 billion to fight the Covid-19 pandemic
40 Mosquitoes and Covid-19 are a ticking time bomb for Latin America | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
41 Brazilian shopping malls begin reopening
42 'The Mosquito': Cataloging A History Of Devastation By 'Our Deadliest Predator'
43 The Heat: Coronavirus pandemic
44 Covid-19 spreads to small towns, where patients are far from care
45 Following São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro also extends quarantine
46 Brazil's COVID-19 death toll tops 23,000 after 807 fatalities in a day
47 Mologic starts validation of point-of-need coronavirus test
48 Coronavirus overshadows another dangerous viral outbreak
49 Bolsonaro’s War on the War on the Coronavirus
50 World Health Organization suspends chloroquine trials
51 The Amazon wildfires are causing a spike in children’s breathing problems
52 Bolsonaro’s Pandemic Blackout Won’t Fool Anyone
53 Tax exemptions on pesticides in Brazil add up to US$ 2.2 billion per year
54 The Brazilian Covid-19 fight is a women 's struggle
55 When Mosquitoes Brought Yellow Fever to the Caribbean, They Also Spread Slavery
56 Emerging parasitic disease mimics the symptoms of visceral leishmaniasis in people
57 Limits on coronavirus testing in Brazil are hiding the true dimensions of Latin America’s largest outbreak
58 The Amazon isn’t on fire, Brazil’s Bolsonaro tells the U.N. General Assembly; it’s full of riches
59 Brazil reports 22 additional COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours, $ 144 million real for the construction of a Hospital Center in Rio
60 Nations bordering Brazil view it as threat due to virus
61 Bolsonaro's latest crisis threatens Brazil's virus response
62 Sanofi-Walter Reed Zika alliance brings in Brazilian vaccine institute Fiocruz
63 Long-acting injectable cabotegravir highly effective at preventing HIV infection
64 Brazil 'driving in the dark' on COVID-19 as data scandal ...
65 Exact moment coronavirus infects a healthy cell captured under microscope
66 Latin America had time to prepare for the coronavirus. It couldn’t stop the inevitable.
67 Executive Management
68 Indigenous Communities in Brazil Fear Pandemic's Impact
69 Novel schistosomiasis vaccine: New phase of clinical studies
70 Brazil has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases in Latin America. 'So what?' says President Bolsonaro
71 The Exact Moment Coronavirus Infects A Cell, As Seen Under A 2 Million X Magnification Microscope
72 Arthritis drug answer to pregnancy malaria, study finds
73 Stress on Brazil health system will peak in April-May
74 Brazilian government accused of suppressing data that would call its war on drugs into question
75 Mary Kay Supports Pandemic Relief
76 6th Favela Student Discussion Group: Rethinking the Relationship Between Universities and Favelas
77 Hauppauge-based Chembio Develops Rapid COVID-19 Test
78 The Epidemic Outbreak of the Zika Virus Was Bad – Something in the Water Made It Worse
79 Mary Kay Commits Millions To Global COVID-19 Support
80 Pesticides Linked to Deaths of Millions of Bees in Brazil
81 Mologic and Partners Begin Validation Process for COVID-19 Point-of-need Diagnostic Test
82 New coronavirus circulated in Brazil more than 20 days before the first confirmed case, says Fiocruz
83 High-fat diet-induced kidney alterations in rats with metabolic syndro | DMSO
84 WHO resumes trials with antimalarial drug chloroquine for Covid-19
85 Confusion in Brazil over coronavirus data discrepancies
86 Brazil’s chloroquine battles: ‘They were saying they were going to kill me’ | Free to read
87 Chembio Diagnostics Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire Orangelife
88 How will the new coronavirus end? Here’s a look at how past outbreaks played out
89 Findings Shed New Light On Why Zika Causes Birth Defects In Some Pregnancies
90 Emerging Leishmania-Like Infection Found in Brazil
91 Weekly dengue cases remain 'high'; total deaths this year rise to 7: NEA
92 Researchers at Yale School of Public Health, GHLI Receive Funding from Gates Foundation for Global Projects
93 LI HIV test-maker to buy Brazilian company
94 Research Shows Regression of Damage in Babies Exposed to the Zika Virus
95 Chembio, Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz to Co-Develop POC Zika Diagnostic Tests for Brazil
96 Jesem Douglas Yamall Orellana
97 Action needed to ensure research is carried out ethically in global health emergencies
98 Visceral leishmaniasis diagnostic tests
99 Fiocruz study reveals that the new coronavirus was already circulating in Brazil before the carnival
100 Dengue infections dive where Wolbachia established in mosquitoes in parts of Asia, Australia, and Brazil