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1 Commentary: China Unveils Draft Personal Information Protection Law for Public Consultation
2 Chinese Draft Law and Personal Information Protection
3 A Further Step Forward: China Releases Draft Personal Information Protection Law for Public Comment
4 CIPL Submits Response to China's Personal Information Protection Law
5 China Releases Draft Personal Information Protection Law
6 Bill C-11: Canada proposes new data privacy legislation
7 Personal Data Protection Standards in US Law Changing
8 The "Chinese GDPR" At A Glance: Draft Personal Information Protection Law
9 Canadian Data Privacy Laws Are Changing. Is Your Business Ready To Keep Up?
10 New Privacy Law for Canada: Government Tables the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020
11 How Will Bill C-11 Change The Way Organizations Process Personal Information?
12 And then it grew teeth: Canada's privacy law gets ‎enforcement-laden overhaul
13 China tries to rein in Big Tech with new law on user data
14 China's draft Personal Information Protection Law: what businesses should know
15 Understanding the Draft Consumer Privacy Protection Act: A Summary of the Key Changes Proposed
16 The 2020 Amendment to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan
17 Proposed Canada Privacy Bill with Significant Fines and Enforcement Authority
18 Privacy Law For The Digital Economy: The New Digital Charter Implementation Act
19 China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: What you need to know about China's draft Personal Information Protection Law
20 Proposed Canadian Privacy Bill Introduces Fines and New Requirements for Private Organizations
21 Another Leap Forward For Canadian Privacy Laws
22 Canada Re-enters the International Ring with Bold New Privacy Law Including Significant Fines
23 Federal Government proposes sweeping changes to Federal
24 Texas Drivers, Your Personal Information May Have Been Exposed
25 Privacy Law & Data Protection
26 The fight over China's law to protect personal data
27 Jones Day Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Update | Vol. 26
28 Companies could face hefty fines under new Canadian privacy law
29 China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Monthly Update
30 South Korean Regulator Fines Facebook for Privacy Violations; Social Media Giant Shared Personal Data Without User Consent
31 Passage of California privacy act could spur similar new regulations in other states
32 China steps up efforts to protect user data | WARC
33 China Data Protection Update and Deep Dive (4): Accountability and breach notifications
34 Government agencies never send texts seeking payment, personal info
35 Proposed new federal privacy law steers middle course
36 Personal data protection is essential to fully capitalise on the benefits of India's digital revolution: Cyble
37 China Unveils Draft Personal Information Protection Law
38 Repackaging PIPEDA For A GDPR World
39 Best identity theft protection services of December 2020
40 National | Canada's privacy gamble
41 Autonomous Vehicles And Big Data: Managing The Personal Information Deluge
42 China: Personal Information Protection Law Draft Issued
43 Hello CPPA & PIDPT: The Federal Government Proposes Dramatic Evolution of PIPEDA
44 Many cities act to prevent abuse of face recognition systems
45 Federal Government Proposes Sweeping Changes To Federal Privacy Law
46 Crooks targeting Michigan seniors with Medicare scam. Here's what to know
47 Cybersecurity Laws And Regulations 2021
48 Buying or selling a home online? Take care to guard your personal information
49 What The HIC?: Preventing And Responding To Privacy Breaches In Health Care Organizations
50 Georgia Democratic senator receives death threats after election hearing
51 China's New Data Protection Law Won't Rein in State Surveillance
52 Chinese cities latest to tighten rules on how firms can use personal data
53 China Releases First Draft of Personal Information Protection Law
54 Overview of the revised personal Information Protection Act of Japan
55 Big Tech Compliance Tracker: Facebook Faces $6.06 Million Fine From South Korea; Big Tech Tax Becomes Due In France
56 South Korean watchdog fines Facebook $6.1 million for sharing user info without consent
57 Coffee Briefing, November 13, 2020 – MFA tips from Microsoft, news from OVHcloud and Google, and a new privacy bill
58 CCPA 2.0? California Adopts Sweeping New Data Privacy Protections
59 I Peace, Inc. Obtains IRB Approval for Production of Clinical and Research-Grade iPSCs for Commercial Use
60 Facebook fined $6.1M in South Korea for sharing user data without consent
61 The Worldwide Application Security Industry is Expected to Grow to $13.2 Billion by 2025
62 Facebook Fined $6 Mn For Sharing Users' Personal Information To Other Companies Without Consent
63 Text message scammers impersonating state and federal agencies
64 Korea data regulator fines Facebook KRW 6.8 billion (over USD 6 million) for data privacy violations starting in 2012, including data sharing surrounding 2016 US Presidential election; refers case for criminal investigation
65 By passing Proposition 24, California voters up the ante on federal privacy law
66 British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioner calls for changes to Personal Information Protection Act
67 COVID-19 Employee Privacy Issues
68 Personal information protection law a milestone
69 Q&A: the data protection legal framework in Canada
70 Fraser Health announces new online contact tracing option | News
71 What Is PIPEDA? And How Does It Protect You and Your Privacy?
72 POPIA, GDPR or both?
73 Self-sovereign identity in the context of data protection and privacy
74 Absa says credit analyst sold personal info of 200,000 clients
75 NYS Office of Mental Health issues RFP to continue work of Project Teach
76 Will regulators pop Chinese tech's fintech bubble?
77 Information dilemma: China tries to balance convenience, personal privacy
78 China's Draft Personal Information Protection Law
79 Inside China Tech: ‘Sky Eye’ stays focused on space after Arecibo collapse
80 Cybersecurity Canada 2021
81 South Africa Privacy Law POPIA Effective July 1, 2020
82 Personal data protection under newly issued Civil Code
83 Personal Information Protection Commission
84 Privacy & Cybersecurity Update
85 PRIMER: China's new personal information security specification
86 Amendment of Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information
87 China: New draft national, harmonised data protection law for Mainland China
88 Govt. to remove phone numbers from visitor registrations to protect personal info
89 Dell customer seeks compensation for years of scam calls after personal data leaked
90 NEC facial recognition adopted by Star Alliance Biometrics platform
91 Strengthening protection of data rights and personal information security
92 China to accelerate domestic steps for RCEP implementation
93 Stealth Secures Exclusive Partnership With Unbound | News |
94 Protecting your personal information and your money when shopping online
95 Key Chinese Civil Code Privacy protections
96 Opinion: Privacy safeguards will protect Albertans who choose usage based insurance
97 China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: China updates its own GDPR
98 Auth0 Supports Subaru Corporation with Digital Transformation Shift
99 Act on the Protection of Personal Information amended
100 China regulatory and legal round-up | October 2020