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1 Alaska transportation department impounding roadside signs | Politics
2 FSU's new Institute of Politics will serve as hub for promoting citizen engagement
3 Politics this week
4 The Justice Dept. vs. Google
5 'Thinly disguised political research' fed into Morrison government's pandemic ads
6 Social Media and US Politics: A Tool for Change
7 Google Antitrust Lawsuit Is Heavy on the Politics, Weak on the Merits
8 Am I What You’re Looking For?
9 'Riding a tiger': William Barr's politically charged tenure puts DOJ on ballot with Trump
10 DOJ Reaches $8 Billion Settlement With OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma
11 Why doesn't UMD's government and politics department care about teaching race?
12 Trump and Biden meet for final debate before Election Day
13 SFC awards bid for fire suppression system at jail
14 Third Justice Dept. Prosecutor Publicly Denounces Barr
15 DOJ says Trump acted in his official capacity when denying E. Jean Carroll's rape allegation
16 Maroney claims latest allegations against him are part of political ploy; Glen Dale Police Dept. disagrees
17 Trump has changed America by making everything about politics, and politics all about himself
18 Longtime incumbent Williamson County coroner faces challenge from emergency department nurse
19 U.S. Charges Russian Intelligence Officers in Major Cyberattacks
20 Justice Dept.: 127 suspected MS-13 members charged this year
21 Pompeo accused of mixing politics and diplomacy as election nears
22 Judge considering DOJ request to represent Trump in rape defamation lawsuit
23 Watergate Led to Reforms. Now, Would-Be Reformers Believe, So Will Trump.
24 Meet the candidates vying to protect taxpayer funds as NC's state auditor
25 Bochenski vetoes council decision on department head classification
26 Another FBI director finds himself in a political vise
27 Trump Promised Seniors Drug Discount Cards. They May Be Illegal.
28 Pandemic shapes North Dakota gubernatorial candidates' plans for office
29 The politics of the COVID-19 pandemic in El Paso
30 POLITICS: Ex-EPA aide's suit claims retaliation over Pruitt scandals
31 Nebraska Dept. of Transportation head leaving for new job
32 Dismissal
33 The past 48 hours of Justice Department political shenanigans, explained
34 Utah Health Department unveils COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan
35 Voters in Two States Report Threatening ‘Vote for Trump’ Emails
36 Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration
37 FBI in possession of Hunter Biden's purported laptop, sources say
38 A US antitrust suit might break up Google. Good – it's the Standard Oil of our day
39 U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks
40 Trump Lashes Out at His Cabinet With Calls to Indict Political Rivals
41 Watchdogs Examine Pompeo's Election-Year Politics For Law Breaking
42 Pandemic Politics May Divide A Three-County Health Department In Colorado
43 Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats and criticizes Barr
44 Justice Dept. Eases Election Fraud Inquiry Constraints as Trump Promotes False Narrative
45 The politics of smear
46 Georgia police department warns residents not to call 911 over politics
47 Trump Pushed False Claims of Voter Fraud as Justice Dept. Moved to Investigate Matter
48 POLITICS: Who would run Biden's DOE? -- Monday, October 5, 2020
49 Pompeo says he will release Clinton emails following Trump criticism
50 DPS Commissioner Sean Tindell talks first 120 days in office
51 Sauk County Health Officer announces resignation, cites frustration with leadership
52 How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapsed
53 ‘We Need to Take Away Children,’ Jeff Sessions Said
54 Justice Department cancels diversity training, including for immigration judges
55 Trump's politics of sickness boomerangs back
56 VOA White House Reporter Investigated For Anti-Trump Bias By Political Appointees
57 6 Topics Announced for First Presidential Debates
58 Justice Department sues author over book about her relationship with Melania Trump
59 1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election
60 Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden
61 Barr’s Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump
62 White House touts unusual Justice Department announcement about 'discarded' Trump ballots in Pennsylvania
63 New York Times: Prosecutor tapped by Barr to investigate Russia probe is now looking into Clinton Foundation
64 Internal document shows Trump officials were told to make comments sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse
65 Trump unleashes avalanche of repeat lies at first presidential debate
66 13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
67 Boris's Brexit and Covid incompetence spreads to infect asylum policy
68 Justice Dept. Documents Highlight Criticisms of Mueller Inquiry
69 Federal judge wants to see more evidence on Justice Department's handling of Strzok, Page texts
70 Georgia Department of Public Safety Announces New Leadership Team
71 How Much Is Politics Influencing The Justice Department?
72 AG Barr: DOJ had been drawn into 'political maelstrom'; department used as 'political weapon'
73 Selective politics programs announce major acceptances
74 School reopening plans linked to politics rather than public health
75 Bill Barr’s Argument for a Political DOJ Is Very Convenient for Bill Barr
76 Ignoring Office Politics Could Easily Be The Downfall Of Ambitious Women
77 Newcastle University has terminated the contracts of 8 Politics staff members
78 Politics Influenced Justice Department In Roger Stone Case, DOJ Lawyer Tells Hill
79 Longtime political scientist, scholar on African politics M. Crawford Young dies at 88
80 Barr accuses Justice Department of headhunting and meddling with politics
81 Justice Dept. Officials Outline Claims of Politicization Under Barr
82 Report: NC gets a "D" for participation of women in politics and government
83 'A giant in the field of American Politics'
84 Political Appointees Meddled in C.D.C.’s ‘Holiest of the Holy’ Health Reports
85 House Democrats Inquire About Political Interference at the Justice Dept.
86 “The Post Office Has Always Been Political” – Mother Jones
87 New podcast explores pressing policy issues through data and research—not punditry
88 The Birth of the USPS and the Politics of Postal Reform
89 Pompeo, who will address GOP convention, warned diplomats not to 'improperly' take part in politics
90 Here's why the Post Office is the most important story in politics right now
91 How The Post Office Became A Political Football
92 Top Homeland Security Ethics Officer Warns DHS Employees to Avoid Politics
93 'We run the department, the county does not.' The politics behind St. Louis County's police review
94 At U.S.A.I.D., Juggling Political Priorities and Pandemic Response
95 'So Much More': Students share why they left their politics major
96 'Unbiased' Department of Education just got caught playing rank politics
97 Last Week In Politics: Trump Ousts State Department IG
98 Scientists Worry About Political Influence Over Coronavirus Vaccine Project
99 Ten faculty members transfer to emeritus status
100 The politics at the heart of Chief Carmen Best's resignation