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1 Kicking off virtual fall teaching — with a little help from McGraw
2 To Make Fairer AI, Physicists Peer Inside Its Black Box
3 A new divide is brewing, and many students will be left behind the ‘velvet rope'
4 School of Science grows by 10
5 Small quake clusters can't hide from AI
6 Princeton awards over half-a-million dollars in funding for rapid, novel and actionable COVID-19 research projects
7 About this canvassing of experts
8 Twelve Princeton faculty elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
9 Funding the next big idea: New projects receive Dean for Research Innovation awards
10 New research deepens understanding of Earth's interaction with the solar wind
11 450 free Ivy League university courses you can take online
12 Princeton researchers listen in on the chemical conversation of the human microbiome
13 David Graves to Head New Research at PPPL for Plasma Applications in Industry and Quantum Information Science
14 New national facility will explore low-temperature plasma — a dynamic source of innovation for modern technologies
15 Humans in the Loop: The Design of Interactive AI Systems
16 New Understanding of Collision-Less Plasma Shock Waves, Earth’s Interaction With the Solar Wind
17 Princeton University research shows collective action works
18 Scientists explore the power of radio waves to help control fusion reactions
19 Of Minds and Machines | Princeton Alumni Weekly
20 UChicago joins new academic/industry consortium to accelerate AI innovation
21 Four win Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton's top graduate student honor
22 Researchers collaborated to create a software program to accelerate discovery and design of new materials for applications allowing for a far more comprehensive understanding of materials from atomistic to mesoscopic scale than ever before.
23 Mathematician Codá Marques named 2020 Simons Investigator
24 Discovery about the edge of fusion plasma could help realize fusion power
25 Engineering Research
26 Eighteen faculty members transfer to emeritus status
27 Research Areas and Labs
28 Baby and adult brains 'sync up' during play: It's not your imagination -- you and your baby really are on the same wavelength
29 Researchers devise approach to reduce biases in computer vision data sets
30 Schmidt DataX Fund supports research projects that harness data science to speed up discovery
31 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Welcomes Six New Research Fellows to Innovation Crossroads
32 World's largest computing society announces 2019 Fellows
33 Measuring the predictability of life outcomes with a scientific mass collaboration
34 Researchers at Argonne will share advances in offshore drilling safety and technology in the Eastern Mediterranean with a new five-year grant from the U.S.-Israel Energy Center.
35 “COVID-19 Probably Originated in a Wuhan Lab”—Professor Arthur Waldron
36 While birds chirp, plasma shouldn't: New insight could advance fusion energy
37 Collaborative Models for Understanding Influence Operations: Lessons From Defense Research
38 Three Princeton alumni awarded fellowships for outstanding new Americans
39 Lehigh University graduate student wins DOE award to conduct thesis research at PPPL
40 Hundreds of universities closing across the US in response to coronavirus threat
41 Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Expert Cliff Nass Dies at 55
42 In leap for quantum computing, silicon quantum bits establish a long-distance relationship
43 Can gut microbiome alter drug safety and efficacy? Princeton researchers catalog the intestinal microbial community's impact on oral medications
44 Listening in on chemical conversation of the human microbiome
45 Matthew Kunz, Princeton and PPPL astrophysicist, receives prestigious NSF dual-purpose award
46 5 computer science graduate students named 2020 Siebel Scholars
47 In its 15th year, INCITE advances open science with supercomputer grants to 47 projects
48 To Decode the Brain, Scientists Automate the Study of Behavior
49 Water-balloon physics is high-impact science
50 SMU receives NSF grant to research teaching computer science and computational thinking
51 ST Robotics Increases Laboratory Robotics Production to Meet Demand from COVID-19
52 The Secrets Within Genes | Princeton Alumni Weekly
53 New findings could help scientists tame damaging heat bursts in fusion reactors
54 An interview with Microsoft President Brad Smith
55 Programming biology with Dr. Andrew Phillips
56 Summer weather could help fight coronavirus spread but won’t halt the pandemic
57 Princeton IP accelerator funding awarded to seven promising technologies
58 Optimal Dynamics, Spun Off From Princeton, Gets $4 Million
59 Computer Scientists Tackle Bias in AI
60 Feeding fusion: Hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas
61 Untangling a key step in photosynthetic oxygen production
62 New cathode coating extends lithium-ion battery life, boosts safety
63 Long-standing mysteries about membrane protein structure
64 Aug. 2020 Science Snapshots
65 Particle Physicist Takes the Lead on Groundbreaking Electron Measurement
66 Rice lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash
67 Scientists discover a topological magnet that exhibits exotic quantum effects: Magnet's novel quantum effects extend to room temperature
68 Intel ISEF 2012 Special Award Winners
69 Five thousand eyes on the skies: Scientists choreograph robots to observe distant galaxies
70 A University of Utah lab is developing a video game to ease depression in older adults
71 Platinum-free catalysts could make cheaper hydrogen fuel cells
72 Physicists unveil new simplified ventilator for COVID-19 patients
73 A tale of two cultures
74 A new weapon against bone metastasis? Princeton lab develops antibody to fight cancer
75 Artificial intelligence detects a new class of mutations behind autism
76 Twenty-two faculty receive named, distinguished service professorships | University of Chicago news
77 New material has highest electron mobility among known layered magnetic materials
78 New tools catch and release molecules at the flip of a light switch
79 Why Mike Franklin left Berkeley for University of Chicago
80 Digital Transformation Institute Announces COVID-19 Awards
81 New engineering faculty for 2016-2017
82 Innovative model of the dynamic magnetic field that surrounds Mercury
83 Horizon31 startup licenses ORNL global communication system for drones
84 When laser beams meet plasma: New data addresses gap in fusion research
85 Optical Neural Networks
86 Artificial neural networks are more similar to the brain than they get credit for
87 Scientists use pressure to make liquid magnetism breakthrough
88 Meet the psychologist exploring unconscious bias—and its tragic consequences for society
89 Content-based features predict social media influence operations
90 Mammoths, mastodons and the fruit they left behind at Fermilab
91 Coming together to solve the many scientific mysteries of COVID-19
92 Human cytomegalovirus protein pUL36: A dual cell death pathway inhibitor
93 Translating the 'language of behavior' with artificially intelligent motion capture
94 Being Exceptional in Higher Dimensions
95 Readying for research: Classes bring cutting-edge equipment into the hands of undergrads
96 Wayne State receives DOE grant to develop catalysts for renewable energy generation
97 Princeton senior Samvida Venkatesh awarded Rhodes Scholarship for India
98 Making Smart Machines Fair | Princeton Alumni Weekly
99 $2.4 million from ARPA-E for transformational energy technology
100 Students sue universities for tuition and fee refunds