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Result Content Idea Research
1 Global diversity of microbial communities in marine sediment
2 Two molecular handshakes for hearing
3 Early termination of the Shiga toxin transcript generates a regulatory small RNA
4 Favipiravir at high doses has potent antiviral activity in SARS-CoV-2−infected hamsters, whereas hydroxychloroquine lacks activity
5 How some single-cell organisms control microbiomes: This discovery paves the way for future research into climate change and understanding of evolution
6 UB researchers develop new molecular ferroelectric metamaterials
7 Elections, politics can raise blood pressure. Heres what you can do to protect your health.
8 Study finds no crime increase in cities that adopted ‘sanctuary’ policies, despite Trump claims
9 Reports & Events Monthly Calendar
10 Immune protein orchestrates daily rhythm of squid-bacteria symbiotic relationship
11 Study discovers potential target for treating aggressive cancer cells
12 Artificial Intelligence Program Provides Rapid, Accurate... : Neurology Today
13 One Big Reason Women May Be Less Prone to COVID-19
14 Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differently: Brain scans reveal the vocabulary that drives neural polarization
15 The pandemic’s real toll in the U.S.? 300,000 deaths, and it’s not just from the coronavirus.
16 Opinion: Envisioning a biodiversity science for sustaining human well-being
17 Scientists find medieval plague outbreaks picked up speed over 300 years
18 PNAS paper: Climate-driving Atlantic sea-surface temps are the warmest they've been for 3 millennia
19 Heating deltamethrin may help it kill pesticide-resistant mosquitoes
20 Tiny beetles a bellwether of ecological disruption by climate change
21 What we're reading: Obama campaigns for Biden, University of Michigan imposes a stay-at-home order
22 Author Landing
23 New study of Medeival plagues offers insight into spread of COVID-19, researchers say
24 Microbial Diversity Below The Seafloor Is As Rich As On Earth's Surface
25 A Third Coronavirus Surge Has Taken Root in the U.S.
26 Scientists record broad spectra with close to one hundred thousand colors in almost complete darkness
27 Turning diamond into metal: Normally an insulator, diamond becomes a metallic conductor when subjected to large strain in a new theoretical model
28 How Data Science Can Win the Debate on Police Reform
29 NYU Abu Dhabi study discovers how some single-cell organisms control microbiomes
30 High levels of ultraviolet light ‘most strongly’ associated with reduced growth of Covid-19
31 Climate at the National Academies
32 Researchers discover neuroprotective treatment for chronic traumatic brain injury
33 Sanctuary policies protect immigrants but don't threaten public safety
34 Study of chess player performance over many years suggests brain peaks at age 35
35 Universal vote-by-mail doesn't favor any party, at least in normal times: study
36 Start-up Receives up to $15 M to Develop Nanoparticle Therapy for Sepsis Licensed from UC San Diego
37 Submitting Your Manuscript
38 Pain rising among younger Americans with less education
39 Vertebrates on the brink as indicators of biological annihilation and the sixth mass extinction
40 Opinion: Use science to stop sexual harassment in higher education
41 Uncovering a Novel Mechanism for Disposing of Misfolded Proteins
42 The road to uncovering a novel mechanism for disposing of misfolded proteins
43 US science academy can now kick out harassers. So why hasn't it?
44 Scientists uncover a novel cellular mechanism for disposing of misfolded proteins
45 Applications of Gas Chromatography
46 An objective Bayesian analysis of life's early start and our late arrival
47 Measuring the predictability of life outcomes with a scientific mass collaboration
48 Throwing a warm sheet over our understanding of ice and climate
49 Contact Us
50 Predicting mortality from 57 economic, behavioral, social, and psychological factors
51 Penn Medicine scientists engineer bacteria-killing molecules from wasp venom
52 Scientists predict potential spread, habitat of invasive Asian giant hornet
53 A regional nuclear conflict would compromise global food security
54 Opinion: We need better data about the environmental persistence of plastic goods
55 2016 Presidential Election Associated with Increase in Heart Attacks, HSPH Study Finds | News
56 A new Covid-19 study on cats and dogs has good news for their owners
57 New study may reveal link to lipids playing a key role in Parkinson's disease
58 Publications
59 Airborne bacteria confirm the pristine nature of the Southern Ocean boundary layer
60 Recent responses to climate change reveal the drivers of species extinction and survival
61 Sitting, squatting, and the evolutionary biology of human inactivity
62 Opinion: Midwater ecosystems must be considered when evaluating environmental risks of deep-sea mining
63 Racial disparities in automated speech recognition
64 COVID-19 shapes political approval ratings
65 The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission
66 Solving the strange storms on Jupiter
67 Opinion: Cultural and linguistic diversities are underappreciated pillars of biodiversity
68 News Scan for Oct 19, 2020 | CIDRAP
69 Agricultural intensification and the evolution of host specialism in the enteric pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
70 Opinion: Priorities for governing large-scale infrastructure in the tropics
71 Study: 'Murder Hornets' could reach Oregon in 10 years
72 COVID-19 Resources
73 Scientists honing new ways to measure a city's carbon footprint
74 A cnidarian parasite of salmon (Myxozoa: Henneguya) lacks a mitochondrial genome
75 Four Princeton professors elected to National Academy of Sciences
76 Nutrient dilution and climate cycles underlie declines in a dominant insect herbivore
77 Evidence for sodium-rich alkaline water in the Tagish Lake parent body and implications for amino acid synthesis and racemization
78 Satellite observations reveal extreme methane leakage from a natural gas well blowout
79 Extraterrestrial ribose and other sugars in primitive meteorites
80 Prevention and treatment of SHIVAD8 infection in rhesus macaques by a potent d-peptide HIV entry inhibitor
81 Paper Published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Reports Significant Advances and Cost and Environmental Advantages for Vertimass Technology
82 Media Contacts
83 The evolutionary history of extinct and living lions
84 QnAs with Bin Yu
85 NAS Annual Meeting
86 A molecular mechanism for probabilistic bet hedging and its role in viral latency
87 Scientists find neurochemicals have unexpectedly profound roles in the human brain: Dopamine, serotonin involved in sub-second perception, cognition
88 High productivity in hybrid-poplar plantations without isoprene emission to the atmosphere
89 Lessons from a cooling climate
90 Declines in an abundant aquatic insect, the burrowing mayfly, across major North American waterways
91 Ostrich eggshell bead strontium isotopes reveal persistent macroscale social networking across late Quaternary southern Africa
92 Opinion: The unintended consequences of antiflaring policies—and measures for mitigation
93 Opinion: At a Crossroads: Reimagining science, engineering, and medicine—and its practitioners
94 Statement on Diversity and Inclusion
95 Genomic determinants of pathogenicity in SARS-CoV-2 and other human coronaviruses
96 Unique reproductive strategy in the swamp wallaby
97 Geyman '19 has thesis research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal
98 Biphasic chemotaxis of Escherichia coli to the microbiota metabolite indole
99 Information for Sponsors
100 To understand the machinery of life, this scientist breaks it on purpose