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1 58th Annual Progressive National Baptist Convention Meets in ATL
2 Progressive National Baptist Convention opens | News |
3 Progressive National Baptist Convention seeks return of moral values and civil rights during the 57th Annual Session in Philadelphia Aug. 6-10
4 Baptist convention to encourage political action | Religion
5 Despite Racial Tensions, Black Southern Baptist Churches Still on the Rise | News & Reporting
6 Progressive National Baptist Convention to hold a march and press conference during 57th annual session in Philadelphia to protest the administration's tactics that hurt communities of color
7 The Progressive National Baptist Convention will discuss Trump, Black Lives Matter during Virginia Beach meeting
8 Jesse Jackson blasts racist rhetoric at Progressive National Baptist Convention
9 OKC pastor who presides over southwest Progressive Baptists cancels national convention in response to coronavirus
10 Progressive National Baptist Convention to hold a press conference condemning the rhetoric of the Christian right and calling for the return of moral leadership in America
11 After Dorian, Baptist leader and Bahamas native sees devastation, resilience
12 MLK, Nannie Helen Burroughs and 'God's School on the Hill'
13 Black clergy vow to forge their own path
14 DC Baptist Convention Elects New Leader
15 Most conservative colleges in America
16 Biden quotes Bible at Black church meeting, while Trump says his rival is 'against God'
17 Trump Refuses to Commit to ‘A Peaceful Transfer of All Power’ After Election
18 Religion is a key dimension of this US presidential election
19 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine to address Progressive National Baptist Convention during annual session in New Orleans
20 The Latina Progressive Who Faced Down Texas Republicans
21 Biden Quotes Bible at Baptist Meeting, While Trump Says Biden is 'Against God'
22 John Lewis, Preaching Politician & Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 80
23 Honoring the passing of legends | Letters To The Editor
24 Many Churches Hesitant to Follow State Reopening Calls
25 Black Baptists Say Coronavirus Exposes Preexisting Inequalities
26 Black Pastors Urge White Evangelicals to Admit Systemic Racism
27 The Evangelical Vote : Throughline
28 Baptist pastor running for Senate – as a Democrat
29 Catherine I. Godboldte, author and trailblazer in religious and business communities, dies at 86
30 'More than individual sin' — Black pastors urge evangelicals to admit systemic racism
31 CT Vivian, Baptist Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 95
32 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The continuing legacy and call to conscience
33 Black Church, Civil Rights Leaders Urge Churchgoers to Continue to 'Tele-Worship'
34 Black church leaders urge churchgoers to continue to 'tele-worship'
35 'Dynamic' pastor from Detroit taking over at First Baptist Church in Tarentum
36 Church bells, shofars to sound in honor of John Lewis during his funeral
37 William Phillip Diggs
38 Churches may reopen, but many services won't have singing
39 Column: Those liberal Southern Baptists
40 Black Baptist Groups Denounce White Liberals and Conservatives as Equally Problematic, Vow to Forge Their Own Path to Address Race Issues
41 Republicans evoke socialist bogeyman to scare voters | Columnists
42 One on One: Rev. Maurice Watson, the new pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church
43 Clergy note COVID-19 prevalence among African Americans
44 Angela Project Sparks Baptist Reflections on Slavery and Repair
45 Baptist groups host leader from Bahamas, plan relief efforts
46 Singing pastor is reaping rewards, gets nod from the state
47 Chicago's Historic Liberty Baptist Church Inaugurates New Pastor | The Crusader Newspaper Group
48 Where the Black Church Is in the Black Lives Matt...
49 A son builds on legacy of legendary Detroit pastor's work
50 Trump couldn't be more wrong about Biden's faith
51 PNBC ready to mobilize
52 Southern Baptists’ Midlife Crisis
53 Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Longbranch to honor long-term pastor
54 ‘Enough is enough.’ Black faith leaders call on officials to change Lexington policies.
56 Hutchinson area to note MLK Day with events
57 Southern Baptists poised to sever remaining ties with D.C. Baptist Convention
58 2013 Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) mid-winter board meeting to be held in The Bahamas
60 NIH's All of Us Journey Comes to Progressive Baptist Church
61 Liberal Baptists unite to change conservative image
62 "Stay At Home" is Message to Blacks in States Where Orders Are Being Lifted | The Crusader Newspaper Group
63 Chicago Pastor Otis Moss III to Deliver 2016 William L. Self Preaching Lectures at McAfee School of Theology
64 Favored nationally, Joe Biden remains a muted presence in Minnesota
65 Baptist Pastors Among US COVID-19 Dead
66 At critical time for race relations, coronavirus attacks Detroit's Black church leadership
67 `To Paul, For whom I wish a great future.' King lives on in 1964 message to Paul Booth
68 John Lewis mourned as "founding father" of better America
69 Rev. Tyrone S. Byrd
70 African American leaders call for Southern Baptists to stand together in unity
71 Dr. Lofton led with faith, dignity and grace till his death
72 'Good Trouble' National Call with Congressman John Lewis and Faith Leaders
73 Alliances, civil rights causes brought King to Cincinnati many times
74 Cincinnati remembers the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
75 Civil rights leader, friend of MLK and iconic preacher Gardner C. Taylor has died
76 Southern Baptist Convention in collapse
77 Can Christian focus on race move from reconciliation to justice?
78 Democrats Plan a Virtual Gathering
79 Trump's 2020 religious attack on Biden harks back to 1800
80 City honors life, legacy of Rev. Dr. C. Mackey Daniels
81 Megachurch Pastor: Abortion 'Is Consistent with' Christianity and 'I Will Fight' to Keep it Legal
82 25 Black Theologians Who Have Grown Our Faith
83 Southern Baptist Membership Single-Year Drop Largest in More Than a Century
84 Southern Baptist Leaders Issue Joint Statement on the Death of George Floyd
85 The Walls of the Church Couldn’t Keep the Trump Era Out
86 USC experts discuss the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage
87 Mississippi Baptist Convention supports new state flag
88 Death of Baptist Cooperation?
89 Noted Baptist Pastor Charles Adams retires after 50 years in Detroit
90 Collaboration is the strategy for a hopeful religious future
91 Group that supports Gardner condemns St. Louis police union spokesman
92 SBC EC to host conversation 'On Race in America' • Biblical Recorder
93 Rev. Cessar L. Scott Sr., longtime head of the Baptist General Convention of Virginia, dies at 74
94 Democratic revolution, from one abolition to the next
95 5 facts about blacks and religion in America
96 Jesse Jackson speaks at North Philadelphia church
97 Rumors linking Soros to Evangelical Immigration Table disputed
98 HCHS grad speaks on Unite the Right violence
99 Sidney Locks
100 Baptist preachers address the need for gun control