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1 Gov. Bill Lee's proposal to push state's rainy day fund to record level sparks debate over savings amid the pandemic
2 Michigan budget proposal could start refilling the drying rainy day fund
3 Budget Director Says Revenues Suggest Rainy Day Fund May Not Be Tapped After All
4 Republican budget proposal would drain the rainy day fund and avoid new taxes
5 Menendez says the state's rainy day fund should bail out taxpayers from high utility bills
6 Governor Baker shows his true colors in eyeing rainy day fund to balance budget
7 Whose money is it? Rainy Day Fund expansion
8 Other Papers Say: Use rainy day fund for economy
9 State of the States: Are rainy days here again? In four charts, the pandemic's pain
10 State budget released, provisions for replenishing the state rainy day fund included
11 Startup Sunny Day Fund helps you save for life's unexpected 'rainy days'
12 GOP state budget proposal cuts programs, uses rainy-day fund
13 Republican State Budget Proposal Cuts Programs, Uses Rainy-Day Fund
14 Richmond City Council approves $9 million withdrawal from city's rainy day fund
15 Face the Facts: Governor Lamont's Budget Proposal, Future of Rainy Day Fund
16 We need a better state plan to help the people of NC | The Progressive Pulse
17 Personal View: Don't bail out ships that aren't sinking
18 COVID-19 hit Kansas City’s budget hard. What happens when rainy day money is gone?
19 Use CARES dollars to fund rainy day umbrella
20 With the state's revenue streams being tested, Wyoming legislators must find a way to fund its schools
21 Rainy day fund used to finance deficit
22 Meet Yash Jain: The Engineer Who Turned His Rainy Day Fund Into a Fitness App for Gamers
23 How NSSF could morph from a rainy-day fund into a huge burden for the govt
24 Big variables cloud upcoming CT budget debate
25 More Americans Focused On Building Back Up their Rainy Day Fund | NewsRadio 740 KTRH
26 Sununu Says $70M Can Be Added To Budget To Fund Eliminated Programs
27 Anne Arundel County maintains bond rating scores one year into the COVID pandemic
28 Legislature report: Republican budget proposal cuts programs, uses rainy-day fund
29 What is a rainy day fund? (And why you need one)
30 Georgia House Passes $27.2 Billion State Budget
31 Preparing the Texas grid for the next polar vortex will be expensive. Next up: How to pay for it.
32 Coronavirus in Massachusetts: Gov. Charlie Baker leans on 'rainy day' fund in new budget proposal
33 Texas legislators won't use rainy day fund until January
34 San Bernardino expects to add $22.4 million to savings account
35 State Rules Can Complicate Rainy Day Fund Withdrawals
36 Budget Talks Loom During Final Days Of Session
37 Maryland should tap into Rainy Day Fund to help businesses: Letter
38 Appeals made for Md. governor to release rainy day funds for COVID-19 relief
39 3 Ways to Effortlessly Boost Your Emergency Fund
40 Baltimore asks to withdraw $25 million from Rainy Day Fund to balance budget after coronavirus costs
41 How Healthy is Your State's Rainy Day Fund?
42 Hawaii's Fiscal Picture Is Looking Up. So Why Do Lawmakers Still Want To Raise Taxes?
43 GUEST VIEW: New approach is what is needed
44 State Rainy Day Funds and the COVID-19 Crisis
45 Rainy Day Funds Help States Weather Fiscal Downturns
46 Detroit Mayor Duggan unveils key priorities as city faces tight budget
47 How to Effectively Use State Rainy Day Funds
48 AZ Dems in Congress want to know if Governor Ducey balanced state budget with CARES Act funds
49 Voter Thinks Texas' Rainy Day Fund is Solution for Pandemic
50 Virtual rally calls on Governor Hogan to use rainy day funds to aid Marylanders
51 Vermont ranks in top 10 states with largest 'Rainy Day' funds
52 Red ink in state's future
53 Connecticut’s record-setting rainy day fund is running on borrowed time
54 R.I. House leaders plan to use much of rainy-day fund to help balance state budget
55 Idaho's rainy day funds at $600 million: 'It's the most we've had since its creation'
56 Carmel year-end balance topped $70 million for 2020
57 Keep hands off Massachusetts’ rainy day fund
58 How Using Rainy Day Funds Affects State Credit Ratings
59 More companies pushing employees to build a rainy day fund
60 Baltimore officials tap into Rainy Day Fund to balance city's budget
61 Maryland's comptroller wants to use state's rainy day fund for pandemic help
62 New amendments to school funding bill could reduce cuts to Teton County schools
63 Western States Have Healthiest Rainy Day Funds | Best States | US News
64 Connecticut's Rainy Day Fund Tops $3 Billion
65 A CLOSER LOOK: $4.5M of Washington County CARES Act funds still on the books
66 Fitch Rates Mississippi's $280 Million GO Bonds 'AA'; Outlook Stable
67 Voters support tapping ‘Rainy Day Fund’ for federally-declared disasters
68 COVID-19 Prompts States To Start Tapping Financial Reserves
69 Amendment 3 On The 2020 Louisiana Ballot: What To Know About The Rainy Day Fund
70 Community leaders call on Gov. Hogan to release rainy day funds
71 The Tax Man Cometh, Thanks to Price Jumps
72 Bullock Suggests Pulling From Rainy Day Fund To Avoid Cuts, Protect Services
73 California’s ‘rainy-day fund’ is ready for its close-up
74 Gov. Hogan Honors Those Who Lost Their Lives To COVID-19; Marks March 5 As Day Of Remembrance
75 McMaster proposes $500M for rainy day fund in new budget
76 California's Budget and Rainy Day Fund
77 Winter storm could cost Texas more than any disaster in state history
78 Advocates call for state to tap rainy day fund rather than cut social services, education
79 Rainy Day Fund: Dip in now or when the fiscal storm grows worse? | COMMENTARY
80 Gov. Mills presents budget to strengthen COVID-19 response, cover projected shortfalls, increase rainy day fund
81 Here's where to put your money after achieving your emergency fund goal
82 COVID-19: Mansfield may need to dip into 'rainy day fund' in 2021 due to revenue declines
83 State Senate president downplays outlook for new taxes
84 Massachusetts House unveils budget plan, would dig into rainy day fund
85 Nevada's budget woes to persist even after rainy day fund is drained
86 Other Voices: A better way to support states during downturns
87 Legislative panel drains Rainy Day Fund in party-line vote
88 Pandemic costs, lawsuit settlements create rocky, but navigable road for Michigan budget
89 Maryland Officials Plead For State to Release $1 Billion in Rainy Day Funds
90 Piece of Mind: Legislature Seeks Storm Solutions
91 Baker Proposes Mass. Budget That Pulls $1.35B From ‘Rainy Day' Fund Amid Pandemic
92 Flourish, a startup that aims to help banks engage and retain customers, raises $1.5M
93 Energy utilities and regulators detail financial fallout from winter storm in Texas Senate hearing
94 Letter: Iowa's 'rainy day' fund should be spent this year
95 Maine lawmakers deadlock on federal aid control, taxes with key budget vote looming
96 Ohio lawmakers eye rainy day fund as state budget reels from coronavirus crisis
97 State to tap 'rainy day' fund to trim deficit
98 Audit: Wisconsin deficit erased, rainy day fund larger
99 Nevada pulls $401 million from rainy day fund to plug gaping budget hole
100 Spartanburg County ends 2020 budget year with $16.7 million surplus