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Result Content Idea Research
1 Silverii: The Republican Party has no platform, and the Colorado GOP is just as adrift
2 The longer Trump stays in office, the crazier the GOP becomes
3 This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving
4 How Trump Has Changed The Republican Party
5 Opinion: The Republican Party has a tough choice to make
6 The 2020 Republican Party platform: “L’etat, c’est moi”
7 GOP failed to heed decline of California Republican Party
8 RNC 2020: The Republican Party now the Party of Trump
9 Ex-Republican Party chairman Michael Steele rips Trump supporters: 'Yeah, I'm with stupid'
10 Why the G.O.P. Punted on a New Party Platform for the 2020 R.N.C.
11 The Republican Party announces that it stands for nothing
12 Generation Z In The GOP: Young Republicans Reflect On The Future Of Their Party
13 Trump was supposed to change the GOP. But the Republican Party changed him.
14 The Threat of the Republican Party Goes Deeper Than Trump
15 Westmoreland sheriff: 'I have not left the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party has left me'
16 The Normalcy of Trump’s Republican Party
17 Where Is the Republican Party Heading?
18 The GOP Won't Introduce A New Party Platform For 2020. So What Does It Stand For?
19 The GOP Is No Longer the Pro-Business Party
20 Jim Hightower: Where did the Republican Party go?
21 Reports of the Republican Party's death are not greatly exaggerated
22 Yes, Republicans freed the slaves. They were NOT these Republicans.
23 Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Why won’t any of his peers speak up?
24 As Republicans Wrap Up Their Convention, One Thing Defines the Party More Than Any Ideology or Policy: Donald Trump
25 ‘A blatant and unfounded attack’: Ohio’s chief justice, a Republican, blasts state GOP for accusing judge of political bias
26 Guest opinion: A Trump loss may allow Republican Party to repair itself
27 Some of the problems with the Republican Party
28 'They capitulated to Trump': Michael Steele on the fight for the Republican party's soul
29 8 facts about Catholics and politics in the U.S.
30 The Platform the GOP Is Too Scared to Publish
31 The Future of the G.O.P. After Trump
32 Why There Are So Few Moderate Republicans Left
33 Green Party's legal team has ties to GOP and also represents counties that don't want party added to ballot
34 The Republican Party in Congress could become even more male
35 Virginia Republican Party headquarters damaged overnight, chairman says
36 The Republican Party has become a smash-and-grab operation
37 The Republican Party Must Be Saved From the Conservative Movement
38 GOP leader: 'There is no place for QAnon in the Republican Party' | TheHill
39 No, the Democrats Haven’t Gone Over the Edge
40 Meet The New Head of the Republican Party in Framingham
41 The Republican Party is more united than the Democratic Party
42 GOP Senate candidates turn to their families to deflect Democratic attacks on health care
43 Republicans Make Historic Move by Not Releasing New Platform
44 Black Republicans, Donald Trump, and America’s “George Floyd moment”
45 RNC 2020: The speakers and schedule for day four
46 Trump Is Waging A Multistate, Multimillion-Dollar Legal Battle Against Mail-In Voting During The Pandemic
47 As he leaves SC politics, GOP lawmaker wonders if his party can — or should — be saved
48 Gen Z conservatives build new groups for anti-Trump Republicans
49 US election: a divided Republican party questions Trump legacy
50 GOP Senators Hitch Fortunes to Trump Even as His Popularity Sags
51 Franklin GOP makes county commissioner endorsement. But not for Republican incumbent
52 When the Republican Party Was Sane
53 Cash-strapped Trump campaign awaits a bailout from big donors
54 The North Carolina Republicans Who Are Defecting from Trump
55 A Bipartisan Moment in DC in 2021?
56 Olivia Troye and other former Trump administration officials back Biden, saying it is time to put ‘country over party.’
57 G.O.P. Women in Arizona Could Decide an Unexpected 2020 Battle
58 College Republicans hold Q&A with Sen. Bill Cassidy on Republican Party, 2020 election
59 Why I dropped ‘conservative’ from my Twitter profile
60 Republicans Are Ripping Out ‘the Very Heart and Soul’ of Their Party
61 How Asian Americans Are Thinking About The 2020 Election
62 Indiana schools chief draws GOP ire by backing Democrat
63 Why California Republican Chad Mayes Left the Party
64 Wyoming Republican Party censures member for PAC support
65 Trump and the RNC abandoned the Republican platform and the legacy of Ronald Reagan
66 It’s a different type of GOP convention, but California Republicans say it’s working
67 GOP election sabotage scheme using Wisconsin Green Party stalls
68 Eisenhower Memorial is a testament to a GOP that no longer exists
69 Trump has officially turned the GOP into the QAnon Party
70 Eastern Connecticut's growing importance to the state Republican party
71 How the G.O.P. Stretched Hard to Defend Trump on Race and Gender
72 Tracing The Path Of The Modern GOP, From Reagan To Trump
73 How the Republican Party is trying to sell America on Trump’s coronavirus response
74 Sheriff Dave Wedding pledges allegiance to Republican Party, rips Democrats on way out
75 Is QAnon the Future of the Republican Party?
76 Trump's Republican Party Is Erasing Reagan's Memory
77 What Happens If Democrats Win the Senate and the White House?
78 When Republicans and Unions Got Along
79 So Trump is the Republican party's platform? | Letters
80 Opinion/Letter: A Republican Party is now a Trump Party
81 Indiana voters surprised Republicans are encouraging mail-in voting
82 Seven reasons to vote every Republican out of office
83 Key takeaways as President Trump formally accepts Republican Party's nomination
84 'He's Destroyed Conservatism': The Republican Case Against Trump's GOP
85 Why Only the Republicans Are Talking About Abortion
86 Letter: Republican Party will rise again once president is defeated
87 Baker, long averse to national GOP politics, backs Susan Collins in Maine Senate race
88 Oregon judge says Republican party didn’t miss voter guide deadline; secretary of state to appeal ruling
89 Rick Perlstein on the Republican Party, From Reagan to Trump
90 How Trump Has Changed the Republicans
91 Baker was asked about the Republican Party a day after the RNC kicked off. Here’s what he said
92 David Brooks: No, the Democrats haven't gone over the edge
93 How Trump's unconventional presidency reshaped the GOP
94 “I’ll Never Question 1938 in Germany Again”: An Ex-Republican Strategist Surveys the Wreckage of Trump’s GOP
95 Allen County Republican Party announces upcoming "Runnin' for Trump" ride
96 Trump 2020 campaign signs vandalized; Democratic and Republican parties say 'it's a crime'
97 Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner a one-two punch for Illinois Republican Party already on the ropes — but GOP no…
98 President Trump Is Pitching 4 More Years Of A Similar Agenda
99 How Paxton backed GOP, opposed Democrats in legal fight over minor party candidates
100 My Turn: The Republican Party has become a sham